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  1. How an Obscure Rule Could Limit the GOP Convention to a Choice of Trump or CruzRule 40(b),” adopted prior to the 2012 convention to keep Ron Paul from causing a ruckus, could end up closing off any other options in Cleveland. 
  2. Why Rand Paul Went Nowhere FastHis non-interventionism and strategies for expanding the GOP base never caught on — and now he’s dropping out. 
  3. Ron Paul Admits Donald Trump, Not His Son, Will Probably Be the GOP NomineeHey, the former congressman’s been there.
  4. How Rand Paul Tried to Distance Himself From His DadTheir relationship is fine, but the senator has grown increasingly agitated by talk of his “daddy issues.”
  5. Paul’s GOP Hostile Takeover Gets More HostileAn audacious, heretofore successful plot meets its first resistance.
  6. Ron Paul Expecting the Spanish InquisitionHis chief weapon was surprise.
  7. Is Ron Paul Hurting Rand’s Chances in ’16?Dad, you’re embarrassing me.
  8. Racists Love Ron and Rand Paul for Some ReasonIt’s the weirdest thing because they are so incredibly anti-racist
  9. Ron Paul Suggests Edward Snowden Might Be Killed in a Drone StrikeNot likely.
  10. Ron Paul Sues Supporters for Control of RonPaul.comThe circus continues.
  11. Ron Paul: If America Loves the States, It Should Set Them FreeIf they come back, we’re truly a union.
  12. Ron Paul Tampa Rally Highlights Lingering Rift in GOPRomney still has a pretty serious Ron Paul problem on his hands.
  13. Romney Nomination Moved to Avoid Storm, Angry Ron Paul SupportersRoll call: still more entertaining than Hawaii Five-O reruns.
  14. Ron Paul Reaches Delegate Deal With RepublicansSadly, Romney and Paul didn’t resort to arm wrestling for delegates.
  15. Ron Paul to Make Use of Leftover Campaign CashHe has his own plans for the RNC.
  16. Ron Paul Could Force the GOP to Give Him a Fifteen-Minute Convention SpeechIt all comes down to Nebraska.
  17. Rick Santorum Ready for Ron Paul Convention ShowdownAlso, he’s open to running for vice-president.
  18. Rand Paul Endorses Romney, Says Father Was First PickSorry, Dad.
  19. Gastro-politics
    The Vote Is Out on The Ron Paul Family CookbookWho likes Cool Whip?
  20. Ron Paul: The Way He WasA video remembrance.
  21. Ron Paul Is ‘Partially Suspending’ His CampaignWe really never thought this day would come!
  22. Ron Paul Wins Majority of Maine DelegatesPaul wins.
  23. Rick Santorum Wins Big in Louisiana But the victory still doesn’t mean much. 
  24. Ron Paul on Leno: Code Names and a Brokered ConventionRon Paul chats with Jay Leno about his potential Secret Service name and a brokered convention.
  25. Ron Paul ‘Endorses’ the ‘Stache ActSee what he looks like with facial hair.
  26. Mitt Romney’s Double-Digit Win in the Washington Caucuses Last NightFourth straight win in a row.
  27. Video: The Best, Worst, and Craziest Moments of the GOP Presidential Primary DebatesWe watched 50-something hours of debates, so you don’t have to.
  28. What You Missed in the Twentieth GOP DebateThe highs and lows of a night that will live in our hearts forever. 
  29. Video Recap: The Twentieth (and Possibly Final?) GOP Debate in Three MinutesEverybody take a seat.
  30. Mitt Romney Has His Own Billionaire Guardian AngelsThey ponied up $500,000 each just last month. 
  31. Romney’s Supposed Victory in Maine Caucuses in JeopardyWhen is a win not a win?
  32. Mitt Romney Wins in Maine, But Ron Paul Thinks He’ll Still Take the DelegatesLoses to Romney by 194 votes.
  33. Giddy Ron Paul Thrilled to Finish Second in MinnesotaYeahhh!”
  34. all that glitters
    Ron Paul Was Glitter Bombed in Minnesota Last NightWhat was it about this time?
  35. Everyone Agrees, Romney’s Going to Dominate in Nevada Tonight [Updated]And early caucus results seem to be bearing that out.
  36. Ron Paul’s Long GameMitt Romney probably won’t put him in charge of his newsletter.
  37. John Heilemann on Morning Joe: Gingrich’s StrategyStep one: Stay mad.
  38. Video Recap: The 19th Republican Presidential Debate in 3 MinutesRon Paul challenged the group to a 25-mile bike ride!
  39. Video Recap: The Romney-Gingrich Debate in 3 MinutesPlus, those two other guys!
  40. Newt Evades and Mitt Stops Making SenseThe participants came off more like a sober think-tank panel than a pack of crazed, fearmongering gladiators.
  41. Ron Paul Suggests He Might Be Willing to Support Gingrich as the NomineePressed by Brian Williams, Paul commented about Gingrich as a nominee.
  42. Ron Paul Returns From Four-Day Absence Touting Endorsement From State SenatorPaul got thumbs-up from Tom Davis.
  43. Ron Paul’s Giant on the Unique Talents He Brings to the CampaignHe’s pretty big, but he’s not really sure whether or not he qualifies as a giant.
  44. music
    No Doubt Didn’t Mean to Endorse Ron PaulNeither did Nicole Scherzinger and Rise Against.
  45. Video: The New Hampshire Speeches in 60 Seconds, From Worst to FirstPerry was in a Palmetto State of Mind, Newt Gingrich was channeling Reagan, and Jon Huntsman talked about … you guessed it! China!
  46. Romney Wins New Hampshire, Paul Second, Huntsman Third [Updated]Mitt is projected to finish with a double-digit victory.
  47. rupaul
    See RuPaul Visit New Hampshire to Announce He’s Not Running for PresidentPresident RuPaul 2012? Not a thing, sadly.
  48. Huntsman’s Fans Like to Read Ron PaulPaul’s The Revolution is top book among Huntsman’s Facebook supporters.
  49. Video Recap: The Double-Debate WeekendTwo for the price of one.
  50. RuPaul in New Hampshire: ‘I’m Not Running for President’Famous drag queen reminds voters that he is not Ron Paul.
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