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Nick Offerman on His Friendship with Sam Elliott

"Getting to meet him was incredibly surreal because he’s someone I admire greatly, and to discover that he was a fan of the show and therefore excited to meet us and work with us was really a bizarre sensation. To me, it would be like Teddy [...]

By Bradford Evans

Ron Swanson Is Full of Emotions

The Ron Swanson we all know and love is a man of intense emotions. All two, maybe three of them. In honor of the new season of Parks and Recreation, NBC put together this supercut of Ron Swanson's vast emotional range. Below, some preview clips [...]

By Elise Czajkowski

Sam Elliott to Play Ron Swanson’s Rival on ‘Parks and Rec’

The list of guest stars for Parks and Recreation's upcoming sixth season continues to grow. TV Line reports that mustachioed character actor Sam Elliott has signed on to play a rival/counterpart to Ron Swanson who does his same job in Pawnee's [...]

By Bradford Evans

Nick Offerman Reveals the Secrets of Ron Swanson’s Mustache

"Two weeks is a passable mustache. It’s like, 'Yeah, that’s a mustache.' But it takes longer for the upper nasal labial whiskers to reach the top lip. To grow the full ’stache is five to six weeks. Fun fact: facial hair is the provenance of the [...]

By Bradford Evans

How Fate Created Duke Silver

"To my knowledge, they came up with the idea and the whole rounded personality of Duke Silver...completely unaware that I spent my entire youth as a jazz saxophone player...It was a beautiful marriage of their imaginations and my real life. [...]

By Jesse David Fox