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Ron Swanson and Lucy Lawless Sitting In a Tree

Well, at least they'll sit in that tree until Swanson cuts it down and turns it into a canoe, which he'll in turn give to Lucy Lawless. Lawless is set for a multiple episode arc on Parks and Recreation as a single mother who turns to the parks [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Nick Offerman Likes Woodworking A Lot

Nick Offerman wrote about his love of woodworking for the Huffington Post. He writes (make sure to read it in a Ron Swanson voice):

By Jesse David Fox

Nick Offerman Is Hollywood’s New Blonde Bombshell

The Man who Makes Offers, Nick Offerman has been seen around town with bleached blonde hair and beard. When Entertainment Weekly asked him about it, he responded, “Although I am changing my look drastically for a couple of roles this summer, I [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Report from the Frontlines of Nick Offerman’s College Tour

Nick Offerman just loves playing with the Ron Swanson iconography projected upon him; though, if you could be seen as badass as the Son of Swans, you undoubtedly would too. He just finished a college tour, which involved storytelling, song [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Parks and Rec Recap: ‘The Debate’

As Parks and Recreation barrels towards the Election Day finish line of its fourth season, the show’s approaching a potential plot shift that would be the biggest change it has ever faced. Parks showrunner and co-creator Michael Schur told the [...]

By Bradford Evans

A Love Letter to Ron Swanson

"He wears slacks, not skinny jeans or even pants, and his sweaters are collared. He is comfortable with firearms. He can fix things that are broken and solve really tough riddles. He is quietly rude and quite often chivalrous. He plays the [...]

By Adam Frucci