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  1. 2020 elections
    Trump Better Get Used to a Democratic HouseThe odds of Republicans regaining the House in 2020 even if Trump is reelected aren’t great.
  2. the u.n.
    Heather Nauert Won’t Be in Trump’s Cabinet Because She Has No CloutThe new U.N. ambassador won’t be in the Cabinet because she doesn’t have the résumé. The practice predates Trump.
  3. past is prologue
    1982’s Democratic Wins Were Similar to 2018’s. Then Came Reagan’s Landslide.After a battle to rein in the “Reagan Revolution,” the Democratic Party made House gains in the midterms. Today’s Democrats won’t like what came next.
  4. Nobody’s Neutral About Trump’s Job PerformanceTrump’s approval ratings are normally high among Republicans and abnormally low among Democrats, with hardly anyone being unsure about him.
  5. Why the Rock Isn’t Going to Run for President. At Least, Not in 2020.Dwayne Johnson is only 46, though, so his future political prospects look bright if he can only find time on his schedule.
  6. the national interest
    Poll: Barack Obama Was the Greatest President of Our LifetimeWhy haven’t Democrats exploited the popularity of their recent presidents, and the unpopularity of Republican ones?
  7. Trump Is the Most Substantively Anti-Abortion President EverOther Republican presidents have talked a good game against abortion. But Trump has delivered.
  8. the americans
    Everything You Need to Know About the Pivotal Summit From The AmericansWednesday’s “The Summit” takes place during Mikhail Gorbachev’s visit to the U.S. in December 1987.
  9. Trump Wants to Pull Federal Funds From Organizations That Talk About AbortionThe new rule would ban facilities receiving Title X family-planning funds for low-income women to provide or even discuss abortion services.
  10. Trump Can Win in 2020. But History Tells Us It Won’t Be Easy.Yes, incumbents usually have an advantage. They usually are more popular than Donald J. Trump though.
  11. rude
    Reagan Reportedly Turned Off His Hearing Aids During Dinner With His WifeAccording to Sheila Tate’s new book about Nancy Reagan.
  12. A Democratic Wave in the Midterms Could Expose Trump to a 2020 Primary ChallengeTrump stands athwart the GOP like a colossus right now. But like him, his party doesn’t like losers.
  13. The Resistance to ‘the Resistance,’ in Orange CountyFamously right-wing Orange County, California, is changing rapidly — but not so rapidly that its county government isn’t fighting back.
  14. Here’s a 2020 Biden Strategy: Stay Home, Joe!Joe Biden’s mulling a lot of unusual strategies for 2020. He might just want to stay home and hope for a draft.
  15. Trump Now Trails Only Reagan Among Recent Presidents in GOP EsteemIt’s Trump’s party now for sure.
  16. Reagan’s Mental-Health Concerns Handled Very Differently Than Trump’sThe 40th president got the benefit of the doubt thanks to different times and his steady temperament.
  17. the national interest
    Why Republicans Love Dumb PresidentsDonald Trump and the politics of anti-intellectualism.
  18. RIP John Anderson, the Last Liberal RepublicanHe began running for president as a Republican in 1980. Four years later, he had left the party.
  19. tv
    Ronald Reagan Limited Series Is Happening at USA (USA! USA!)His daughter Patti Davis is helping develop it.
  20. November 8, 2016: A Hard Day’s Night and Then a Year of Helter-SkelterI didn’t have time to freak out over Trump’s election. But it hits me now and then, without warning.
  21. Bannon’s Populist ‘New Right’ Pretty Similar to the 1970s New RightThere were right-wing nationalist/populist culture warriors battling the Republican Establishment in the ’70s, too. Some of them are still around.
  22. Endangered California Republicans Feuding Over IdeologyHaving fallen to a historic low point, California Republicans are still fighting over conservative purity and loyalty to an unpopular president.
  23. Forget ‘Tax Reform.’ Republicans Will Settle for Tax Cuts for the Rich.For all the talk of “tax reform,” Republicans would prefer to offset tax cuts with spending cuts, and in the end won’t insist on offsets at all.
  24. There’s the Strategic Leaking of Secrets — and Then There’s TrumpHe seems to be heedless about dangers that trip up even cautious public servants.
  25. The Best of Don Rickles’s Roast Jokes▶️ “I tell you out there, America, our governor is dumb!”
  26. abortion
    The Many Stealth Questions About Abortion in Neil Gorsuch’s Confirmation HearingIn addition to being grilled on Roe v. Wade, Trump’s SCOTUS nominee fields queries on “litmus tests,” the weight of precedent, and more.
  27. The Many Stealth Questions About Abortion in Neil Gorsuch’s Confirmation HearingIn addition to being grilled on Roe v. Wade, Trump’s SCOTUS nominee fields queries on “litmus tests,” the weight of precedent, and more.
  28. The Man Who Shot Reagan Is Out of the Mental Hospital and Living With His MotherCan someone who tried to murder a president be rehabilitated?
  29. Trump Budget a Blast From the Conservative PastTrump’s budget outline is a very conventionally conservative document wrapped in bristling “America First” packaging, but not a very serious proposal.
  30. Trump’s Budget Director Playing Key Role in Obamacare Replacement DramaFor Mick Mulvaney, this is part of the big project of privatizing Social Security and Medicare.
  31. Trump Offers Conservatives the World — in Exchange for Their PrinciplesIs the mainstream right ready to replace its traditional values with pure nationalism?
  32. San Francisco Brings Back Free CollegeFunds from a new tax on pricey real-estate sales are being used to eliminate tuition for city residents at the City College of San Francisco.
  33. Kentucky Anti-Union Drive a Harbinger of What We Will See in WashingtonIt’s not getting a lot of attention, but an anti-union drive, reflecting a radicalization of the GOP, is likely in Washington, as shown in the states.
  34. Trump’s Pick for Trade Representative Is Yet Another Free-Trade SkepticThe president-elect is loading up on them.
  35. 3 Presidential Nominees Who Gambled Like Trump and WonJFK confronted religious fears; Carter changed the map; Reagan softened an extremist image and made the election about his opponent.
  36. Pence Touts Trump As ‘New Reagan,’ Despite Trump Not Being Much Like ReaganIn seeking to compare his running mate to the revered conservative president, Pence perhaps went too far by calling him honest and humble.
  37. Obama’s Popularity Much Like Reagan’s in 1988Instead of having to run away from the incumbent president, Hillary Clinton now has a wind at her back.
  38. Ronald Reagan’s Son: My Dad Wouldn’t Support TrumpHe won’t be voting for Trump in tomorrow’s California primary, either.
  39. reaganomics
    Adam McKay Was ‘Taken Aback’ By Reagan Backlash“The press is a beast.”
  40. No, Clinton’s Late-Primary Struggles Don’t Portend November DefeatLest we forget, Obama — and also earlier presidents — didn’t do so well in late primaries.
  41. Inside the Will Ferrell ‘Reagan’ Script That People Criticized Before They […]Earlier today, news broke that Will Ferrell decided to back out of producing and starring in a film about President Ronald Reagan after getting […]
  42. ronald reagan
    Will Ferrell Pulls Out of Reagan Movie“While it is by no means [an] ‘Alzheimer’s comedy’ as has been suggested, Mr. Ferrell is not pursuing this project.” 
  43. Will Ferrell Backs Out of ‘Reagan’ Movie After ComplaintsWell, that was fast. Two days after Will Ferrell signed on to play President Ronald Reagan in a movie, Page Six reports that he’s pulled out of […]
  44. Reagan’s Daughter Pens Letter to Will Ferrell“Perhaps you have managed to retain some ignorance about Alzheimer’s and other versions of dementia.”
  45. casting couch
    Will Ferrell to Play Ronald Reagan in New Movie Aptly Titled ReaganIt’s a Black List script.
  46. Will Ferrell to Play President Ronald Reagan in an Upcoming MovieWill Ferrell has another presidential impersonation up his sleeve. According to Variety, Ferrell has signed on to play President Ronald Reagan […]
  47. Reagan and Cruz As InsidersTed Cruz’s strange speech last night indicates how poorly he’s adjusting to being a party-unity figure.
  48. Expect Platform Fights at Both Conventions This SummerIt’s a weapon used by underdogs, and often the winning candidates just cave. 
  49. Veep Could Be Key Bargaining Chip in ClevelandIn the last contested convention, Reagan tried to use a preemptive running-mate choice to shake loose delegates. It could happen again.
  50. Former First Lady Nancy Reagan Has DiedShe was 94.
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