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  1. mueller time
    The Last Mueller Report Speculation You’ll Ever Have to ReadAn ongoing collection of the latest speculation about the new report that no one has seen but everyone still has an opinion about.
  2. roundup
    How Screwed Is Trump? Collected Commentary on the Cohen and Manafort MemosThe president thinks he’s been cleared, but pundits and experts who actually understand the Cohen and Manafort sentencing memos beg to differ.
  3. sealed with a kiss
    The 8 Best Lipsticks Under $30Cool lips, full wallets, can’t lose.
  4. best of beauty
    The 10 Best Korean Skin Care Products of 2018According to K-Beauty curator, Soko Glam.
  5. anniversaries
    All the Sex and the City Anniversary Stories You Need to ReadFrom the significance of Carrie’s tutu, to reviewing the Sex and the City bus tour.
  6. explainers
    Beyond Russia: Understanding the New Trump Campaign Collusion StoryEverything we know about the newly revealed Trump Tower meeting, the alleged collusion offer from a Gulf State emissary, and what it all might mean.
  7. everything guide
    The Best Mascaras We’ve Ever Written AboutAll 73 of them.
  8. Joy Reid’s Missed OpportunityHer apology for having once held homophobic views was both incomplete and instructive.
  9. The Starbucks Arrests and the Toll of Routine BiasWhat we know about the arrests of two black men in a Philadelphia Starbucks, and what the response to the viral story is revealing.
  10. let's makeup
    11 Japanese Drugstore Products Loved by a Makeup ArtistWhat Fiona Stiles had to buy on her last trip to Tokyo.
  11. The Real Damage of the Nunes MemoThe integrity of the U.S. law enforcement system is under attack, and Trump may already be winning the battle.
  12. What the Hell Is Happening in Iran?Two people have been killed and some social media is being blocked as widespread protests continue.
  13. select all
    The Best Wireless Chargers for iPhone 8 and iPhone XWelcome to the world of wireless charging, iPhone users.
  14. Reports: Trump Considering Staff Shakeup at Demoralized White HouseThe president knows who’s to blame for the fallout over Comey, and it’s definitely not himself.
  15. lawsuits
    Did Monsanto Hire Online Trolls to Attack Critics?A pending lawsuit makes the allegation.
  16. What Pundits Are Saying About the French ElectionEmmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen are headed into a historic race.
  17. Reports: Fragile Peace Accord Reached in Bannon-Kushner WarAll quiet on the West Wing front?
  18. U.S. Acknowledges Mosul Air Strike That May Have Killed HundredsAs many as 200 civilians may have been killed when three houses collapsed after a coalition attack on ISIS militants in the area.
  19. Reports: Trump’s ‘Art’ Didn’t Work on Failed AHCA DealWhite House and GOP insiders have been leaking their stories following the demise of Trumpcare.
  20. Trump Asks Congress to Investigate His Unsubstantiated Obama Wiretap Claims“I will be proven right,” Trump has reportedly said, but the White House, unwilling or unable to provide evidence, is passing the buck to Congress.
  21. Sweden Confused After Trump Cites Nonexistent Terrorist IncidentTrump’s fake Swedish news reflects a misleading right-wing narrative about refugee-perpetrated crime.
  22. Will Trump Stand by Michael Flynn?The embattled national-security adviser could become the administration’s first sacrifice to the realities of political turmoil.
  23. The Year in News2016 was an absolute nightmare, but thankfully comedy was there to keep us somewhat sane. From the world of television to movies, podcasts, web […]
  24. Reports: Trump Will Pick Exxon CEO With Close Russia Ties for Secretary of StateRex Tillerson’s close relationship with Putin may make his nomination a target for Russia-wary Republicans.
  25. Intentional or Accidental, Trump’s Taiwan Call Risks a Diplomatic DisasterChina has lodged a complaint about the call, while Trump lodges a complaint against foreign-policy experts who are wondering if he’s in over his head.
  26. What Happens If Trump Supporters Believe His ‘Rigged Election’ Hype?The ugliness of this campaign could get worse on Election Day.
  27. How Will Voters Separate Fact From Fiction at the Debates?This campaign is not like the others. Will the debate moderators adapt?
  28. roundup
    Hillary Clinton Says Half of Trump Supporters Are ‘Deplorable’The Trump campaign has gone into full outrage mode over the remark, but is Clinton wrong?
  29. No, the Brexit Doesn’t Mean Trump Will Win, But It’s Still an Important WarningThe U.S. and U.K. electorates have been primed by many of the same anxieties, and the anti-Trump elite better pay attention.
  30. As Profile of Orlando Shooter Develops, Questions About His Motives RemainWas Omar Mateen an ISIS-inspired terrorist, a self-loathing closet case, a mentally ill mass-murderer, or any or all of the above?
  31. Muhammad Ali’s Declaration of IndependenceLooking at how many are remembering Ali, it’s clear that America badly needed one.
  32. Ted Cruz Snags More Delegates, If That Even Matters AnymoreTrump is still on track to win the nomination, though how much “evolving” he’ll be able to do for a win in November remains an open question.
  33. Rubio Wins Puerto Rico, But Does It Even Matter?At this point, Rubio’s continued presence in the race is tantamount to supporting Trump.
  34. Health Concerns
    The FDA Will Finally Test Food for Traces of the Weed Killer RoundupIt’s considered “probably carcinogenic to humans” by the WHO.
  35. Is Bernie Sanders’s ‘Political Revolution’ Fading?So far, the new-voter turnout Bernie needs doesn’t seem to be materializing.
  36. How the Republican Plan to Replace Justice Scalia Could BackfireWhether they obstruct Obama’s nominee or not, there are a lot of ways for the GOP to lose this fight.
  37. The Critics Are Not Being Kind to Fox’s ‘Mulaney’ John Mulaney’s sitcom premieres this Sunday, and while fans and critics across the board agree that Mulaney himself is a talented and likable […]
  38. This Week in Comedy: Chris Lilley Brings Back Ja’mie and Bob Odenkirk’s […]-Chris Lilley will return as Ja’mie from Summer Heights High in a new series called Ja’mie: Private School Girl, premiering on HBO November […]
  39. A Hiatus-Filled Week in Comedy- Community and Louie are both taking hiatuses. Commmunity’s is because of NBC’s wishes, Louie’s is because of C.K.’s. Also, Whitney is on […]
  40. A Podcasty Week in Comedy-We launched the Splitsider Podcast Network! -Chris Gethard wrote about how liberating it is to fail. -Humorist David Rakoff died, and we […]
  41. A Fairly Horrifying Week in Comedy- NBC dropped Community from its midseason lineup! We despaired (can network comedies with long-term jokes even survive?), we bargained (we […]
  42. A Hard-Working Week in Comedy-We watched the over-the-top Big Lebowski porn parody. -We looked at the arc of George Carlin’s standup career. -Outgoing UCB Theatre […]
  43. roundup
    Explore a Bounty of Harry Potter–Related Supporting MaterialsReviews! Slideshows! Supercuts! Harry!
  44. roundup
    Which of This Week’s Eleven New Reality Shows Is Right for You?The one about cheerleaders? Or taxidermists? Or country singers?
  45. Roundup
    Memoirs, Sketches, and Escoffier: Your Daily Grant Achatz RoundupAchatz was in the news a lot today.
  46. Holiday Week News Roundup and Christmas Comedy Video ExtravaganzaMerry Christmas, everybody! It’s Christmas Eve, so I’m peeling off early today. Before I do, here’s a list of the stories you missed while you […]
  47. Everything Interesting That Happened In the World of Comedy This WeekBusy week, right? You probably missed some stuff that happened in the world of comedy! No worries, it happens. Lemme help catch you up, because […]
  48. Everything Interesting That Happened in the World of Comedy This WeekHey, it’s Friday! That means it is the end of the week, so it’s time to make sure you didn’t miss anything while you were doing whatever it is […]
  49. The Week in Comedy: The End of Classic Simpsons WeekIt’s been a pretty fun week here at Splitsider as we wrap up our very first theme week. We tackled what is my personal favorite TV show of all […]
  50. Everything Worthwhile That Happened in Comedy This WeekHappy Friday, gang! It’s the end of another long, soul-crushing week, but cheer up! Next week is a short week. Although you’ll be forced to […]
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