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Ruben Diaz

  1. Scott Stringer Is Positioning Himself to Run Against Mayor de BlasioThere’s a growing body of evidence the comptroller might launch a primary challenge.
  2. Ruben Diaz Won’t Attend His Gay Granddaughter’s NuptialsBut he “will still love her.”
  3. With Gay-Marriage Argument, ‘Government Takeover’ Jumps the SharkMarriage equality is the opposite of a “government takeover.”
  4. Pastor at Ruben Diaz/NOM Anti-Gay-Marriage Rally: ‘Those Who Practice Such Things Are Worthy of Death’But “this is not about hate.”
  5. State Senate Rejects Ruben Diaz Bill Requiring You to Train Your DogBad state senator, bad!
  6. Espada Lashes Out at Cuomo As Democrats Push for His Removal [Updated]State senator calls the effort “ill-timed, in bad taste, and un-American.”
  7. N.Y. Leaders Optimistic About Avoiding ShutdownPaterson isn’t exactly confident, though.
  8. apocalypse new york
    Get Ready to Fight Your Neighbor to the DeathGovernor Paterson warns of “anarchy, literally, in the streets” if an emergency spending bill isn’t passed on Monday.
  9. Espada and Diaz Back Down After Paterson Says He Won’t Respond to ‘Threats’Bronx Dems backtrack on previous threats.
  10. oh albany!
    Pedro Espada to Shut Down the Government Again?He makes his announcement on the one-year anniversary of the Albany coup.
  11. equal rites
    Watch the Gay-Marriage Debate Unfold LiveThey’re voting today! Probably!
  12. Nonwhite People Agree: Monserrate Should Go AwayRacial tensions enter the debate over the future of Hiram Monserrate.
  13. Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell: I Still Believe Marriage Equality Is ComingEven though the landscape of Albany has been dramatically upheaved, one advocate at least still sees hope.
  14. Sheldon Silver and State Assembly Kill Congestion PricingShelly didn’t even give the matter a public vote. Will Bloomberg seek retribution? Will it involve a flying H3 aimed at Silver’s midsection? One can only hope.