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  1. russia investigation
    CNN: Trump Signed a Letter of Intent to Build Trump Tower MoscowOn Sunday, Rudy Giuliani said “no one signed” the letter.
  2. the national interest
    Giuliani Almost Admits Trump Colluded and Committed a CrimeRudy gives an extremely revealing answer to George Stephanopoulos.
  3. the national interest
    Giuliani: The Dog Ate My Counter-Report to MuellerGiuliani promised a devastating response to Mueller. A timeline of his “progress.”
  4. rudy giuliani
    Rudy Giuliani Doesn’t Seem to Know How the Internet WorksDid Twitter allow someone to “invade” Giuliani’s tweet? No.
  5. the national interest
    Trump Lied About His Very Legal and Very Cool Russia Deals for No ReasonIt’s possible some of his other claims are also false.
  6. the law
    What Would a Joint Defense Agreement Between Manafort and Trump Mean?Unpacking the implications of an arrangement Rudy Giuliani seemed to tease.
  7. okay
    Giuliani: Trump Never Said I’m a ‘Baby Who Needed to Be Changed’Thanks for clearing that up.
  8. couples
    Judith Giuliani on the Rudy She Married, and the Rudy She’s DivorcingHow she diagnoses her ex’s new “dissembling” condition.
  9. Rudy: Trump Not Implicated by Crime He Definitely CommittedCohen only admitted to helping “Individual 1,” a mystery man he represented as a lawyer, and then who became president of the United States.
  10. Rudy Giuliani Clarifies That He Didn’t Mean to Go Full OrwellHe didn’t say what you think he said, he says.
  11. Lawyers’ Loud Steakhouse Chatter May Be Root of Trump’s McGahn ProblemMcGahn decided he had to protect himself after a reporter overheard Trump’s attorneys gossiping about him at a D.C. restaurant last fall.
  12. Bolton, Giuliani Attack John Brennan as Unprincipled Lover of IslamA nice, meaty, Sunday-afternoon stew of hypocrisy and prejudice.
  13. rudy giuliani
    Giuliani Goes Full Orwell: ‘Truth Is Not Truth’War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Trump is innocent.
  14. Trump’s ‘Perjury Trap’: Confessing to Obstruction of Justice or Lying About ItThe president’s lawyers don’t want their client to answer questions about his obvious crime.
  15. Rudy Giuliani Accidentally Invites Twitter to ‘Hate Me’Though Trump is said to be losing patience, Giuliani couldn’t keep himself from churning out silly gaffes and contradictory explanations.
  16. Trump Believes Giuliani’s Claim That Mueller Has Nothing on Him: ReportRudy Giuliani’s PR blitz in defense of President Trump is apparently working — on President Trump.
  17. Rudy: Trump Is Innocent Because He Did Not Personally Hack Democratic EmailsWatch the goalposts retreat over the horizon.
  18. Giuliani: Trump Won’t Sit Down for Mueller Interview Without a FightLawyers for the president want to make things difficult for the special counsel as they wage a war of public opinion.
  19. Giuliani: Trump Might Need to ‘Clean Up’ Mueller Probe With PardonsHours after Paul Manafort went to jail — and reports that Michael Cohen might flip went public — Trump’s lawyer suggests loyalty will be rewarded.
  20. investigations
    What’s Going on With All This Bizarre Giuliani-Affair Drama?I’m so tired of having to imagine him doing it!
  21. Republicans Want to Shut Mueller Down Over IG Report That Isn’t Even About HimFBI bias didn’t affect the Clinton probe … so according to Giuliani and other Trump allies, Mueller must be “suspended” immediately.
  22. Not That Long Ago, New York Really Was Governed From a Smoke-filled BackroomAs late as 1989, an undemocratic entity called the Board of Estimate made the city’s key decisions. When it was banned, a new political era was born.
  23. What 22 Trump Staffers Looked Like in High SchoolWho would have thought they’d one day work for the 45th president of the United States?
  24. affairs
    Rudy Giuliani’s Wife Says He Had an Affair With a Married Woman“My husband’s denial of the affair … is as false as his claim that we were separated when he took up with her.”
  25. misogyny
    Giuliani Says Stormy Daniels Doesn’t Have Any Credibility As She’s a Porn Star“I don’t respect a porn star the way I respect a career woman or a woman of substance or a woman who has great respect for herself.”
  26. Why Congress Wouldn’t Impeach Trump for Shooting James Comey“If he shot James Comey, he’d be impeached the next day,” Giuliani said. But would he?
  27. Giuliani’s New Tactic: Arguing Trump Can Literally Get Away With MurderOnce you’ve entertained the possibility that Trump couldn’t be indicted if he “shot James Comey,” what’s a little obstruction of justice?
  28. Giuliani’s Three Most Guilty-Sounding Statements From Sunday MorningAmong other things, he said that President Trump could pardon himself if he feels like it.
  29. Giuliani on Yankees Fans: ‘They Boo You When They Love You’Giuliani on Yankees fans: “They boo you when they love you.” Yankees fans on Rudy Giuliani: “Screw that guy.”
  30. the national interest
    President Trump Is Taking Control of the Mueller Probe in SlicesHow “salami tactics” are relentlessly whittling down the independence of the Justice Department and the rule of law.
  31. great moments in disapproval
    The Song of the Summer Is Rudy Giuliani Getting Booed at a Yankees GameA deafening chorus of boos greeted the former NYC mayor on his birthday.
  32. Giuliani Admits ‘Spygate’ Is PR in Anticipation of ImpeachmentTrump’s newest lawyer now says that the Mueller investigation is illegitimate, while also calling the legitimacy of such criticism into question.
  33. Rudy: Trump Might Commit Perjury Because ‘Truth Is Relative’Trump’s legal defense turns postmodern.
  34. last night on late night
    SNL Sends Donald Trump Off, Sopranos Finale StyleThey even got Journey song rights!
  35. Giuliani Invents Brilliant Maneuver to Deflect Incriminating Video ClipWhy sit there like a sucker and watch a reporter prove you’re a hypocrite?
  36. Bannon Is Still Advising Trump Allies on Their War With MuellerTrump seemed to reject the half-baked plan Bannon was pushing a month ago, and he may not know that his confidants are talking with his ex-strategist.
  37. Giuliani Opens His Mouth Again, Says Trump Denied AT&T-Time Warner MergerWill he casually admit to the veracity of the pee tape next?
  38. the national interest
    Giuliani’s Law Firm Explains Law Doesn’t Work the Way Giuliani SaysNow it’s his ex–law firm.
  39. Following the Money in Trumpland Leads Ugly PlacesMichael Avenatti is doing what Woodward and Bernstein did — and revealing unvarnished bribery and collusion.
  40. Trump Worried Aging, Loudmouth New Yorker Can’t Stay on MessageTrump is starting to wonder if a narcissistic New York celebrity can be trusted with a job as vital as lawyer to the president of the United States.
  41. last night on late night
    Late Night Tries to Make Sense of Rudy Giuliani’s Recent Trump-Defense Tour“Trump’s going to be the first client who pleads insanity on behalf of his lawyer.”
  42. last night on late night
    John Oliver Realizes the Secret to Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani’s Friendship“Think about it.”
  43. Rudy Giuliani Says Trump May Take the FifthAnd other highlights from another eventful interview.
  44. Giuliani Walks Back Confusing Comments on Trump, Comey — Creates More ConfusionTrump’s new lead lawyer tried to undo some of the damage he did to his client in earlier comments, but left a lot of questions unresolved.
  45. Trump: Ignore Rudy’s Shocking Confession About Stormy Daniels, He Just StartedSo much for the notion Giuliani had a clever plan all along.
  46. The Supreme Court Will Make Trump Talk to Mueller If It Has ToIf Mueller’s effort to make Trump testify winds up before the court, expect SCOTUS to stick to the precedent set by United States v. Nixon.
  47. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers Also Can’t Believe That Sean Hannity Can Do Journalism“Hannity can’t believe he accidentally made news on his show.”
  48. Giuliani Helps Trump Break Free — From His Own White House StaffGiuliani didn’t tell anyone about the strategy he plotted with the president, and now staffers fear they’re subject to the whims of two Trumps.
  49. Giuliani’s FBI ‘Stormtroopers’ Smear Is the Key to Trump’s Authoritarian MindsetHow Republicans can both fear the law as an instrument of terror while coveting it for the same purpose.
  50. Giuliani Accidentally Confirms That Stormy Payment Was IllegalRudy argues that the hush payment couldn’t have been a campaign finance violation because it wasn’t politically motivated; then, reveals that it was.
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