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Ruh Roh

  1. ruh-roh
    Oops, Wrong Kind of Enthusiasm About Women in SportsThe “Come On Our Girls” soccer banner did make us laugh, though.
  2. ruh-roh
    Chlamydia Hits High School With Abstinence-Only Sex-Ed PolicyImmaculate infection.
  3. trickle up style
    Versace Duplicates an American Apparel TeeWith a $650 price tag, natch.
  4. ruh-roh
    Ratings: The Mad Men Season Premiere Was the Least Watched Since 2008Zou Bisou Bis-d’oh!
  5. batman
    Tom Hardy Apparently Unintelligible in The Dark Knight RisesAre there no speech pathologists in Gotham?
  6. web wedgies
    Paul Krugman Challenges Andrew Ross Sorkin’s Reporting“Andrew Ross Sorkin owes several people an apology” for his column this morning, his fellow ‘Times’ man writes. Ruh-roh.