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Karl Lagerfeld's ‘iPod Nanny’

The beginning of any career starts with a certain amount of grunt work. But in the fashion industry each newbie must decide at which point said grunt work equals a loss of dignity...

Breaking: ‘Project Runway’ Moves From Bravo to Lifetime

We've just received word that come this November, Project Runway will move from Bravo to Lifetime, the "No. 1 network for women" and made-for-television movies starring Meredith Baxter Birney. Please note the adjustment on your DVRs!

Rihanna Has Clothing Line on Her Agenda Enda Enda

Full disclosure: We never got what the big deal was about "Umbrella." Sure, sure, it was the "song of the summer" last year or whatever. But does that give Rihanna the right to get all fashionista?

‘Awesome Possum’ Fur Enters the Eco Fray

The brushtail possum was introduced to New Zealand from Australia in the 1800s to jump-start a fur trade. Now they're destroying forests in New Zealand, justifying marketing their pelts as "eco-fur."

Why Designers Aren't Safe These Days

Over the past two years, major fashion houses have chewed through head designers like a small order of fries. One minute you're hot, and the next minute you're, well, gone.

Louis Vuitton Makes Its Brooklyn Debut, Street-Vendor Style

As a courageous statement against counterfeit handbags, real Louis Vuitton handbags and the new Monogramoflauge canvases will be sold on ten tables outside the Brooklyn Museum at the opening of the Takashi Murakami–Louis Vuitton exhibit tonight.