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  1. common behavior
    We Are All Ruth Madoff During a BreakupPot and Funyuns-fueled days, wine-soaked nights.
  2. Ruth Madoff Dons Hoodie, Tugs TrashWelcome back!
  3. Ruth Madoff Is Back in the Greater New York AreaAnd has been for months.
  4. Ruth Madoff Says It ‘Would Have Been Easier’ If Bernie Hadn’t Lived Through Their Suicide AttemptShe gives a lengthy interview to the ‘Times’.
  5. made-off
    Despite Wife’s Claim, Madoff Insisted: ‘I Never Thought of Taking My Life’“It’s just not the way I am.”
  6. Ruth Madoff Says She and Bernie Tried to Commit SuicideBut they didn’t try super-hard.
  7. Ruth Madoff Turned Away From Son’s Memorial ServiceThe consequences of standing by your man.
  8. Bernie Madoff ‘Went Into a Self-Imposed Exile’ After News of His Son’s SuicideSays a recently released inmate.
  9. No Funeral Will Be Held for Mark MadoffHe’s set to be cremated.
  10. Bernie Madoff Will Not Attend His Son’s FuneralMaybe he just can’t even face his family right now.
  11. Ruth Madoff Blames Her Husband; Son’s Suicide Won’t Stop the LawsuitsFamily friends say Ruth Madoff is “totally disgusted with [Bernie] and blames him for her son’s death.”
  12. Mark Madoff Hadn’t Spoken to His Parents in Two YearsHe often asked people how a father could do this to his sons.”
  13. Bernie Madoff’s Debts Have Fallen Even Further Down the Family TreeFive Madoff grandchildren are named in lawsuits to recover funds for Ponzi scheme victims.
  14. Woman Buys Ruth Madoff a Present at Auction of Her StuffBuyer of Ruth’s bed plans to return it to her, “if she wants it.”
  15. Ruth Madoff’s Engagement Ring Sold to a Stranger for $550,000And some man now has Bernie’s monogrammed boxers.
  16. Now You Can Own Bernie Madoff’s Old CrapShirts, shoes, kitchenware, and also a huge-ass diamond are up for auction.
  17. Ruth Madoff Now Delivers Meals to the Disabled in FloridaRedemption.
  18. People Willing to Pay a Lot of Money for Junk Because it Belonged to the MadoffsLike $14,500 for a Mets jacket.
  19. Put Yourself in Ruth Madoff’s ShoesLiterally!
  20. Former Madoff Employees’ Suffering Can Be Compared to Only One ThingDecember 11 is a day Bernie’s former employees will Never Forget.
  21. Shocking: Bernie Madoff Cheated On His WifeA new book reveals “intimate descriptions” of the Ponzi-schemer.
  22. Ruth Madoff: 100 Pounds of Rage?Or loving, wonderful mother? After reading ‘Vanity Fair”s take, we still don’t know.
  23. Ruth Madoff Can’t Spend $100 Without Talking to Trustee Irving PicardIf Ruth wants to buy a nice pair of shoes or hire a “handyman,” she has to check in with the trustee first.
  24. Irving Picard Attempts to Sue the Pants Off Ruth MadoffToo bad she doesn’t really have much left to take.
  25. Bernie Madoff Opens Up About His Feelings in Jailhouse InterviewAmong the revelations: “He cares about Ruth, but he doesn’t give a (expletive) about his two sons, Mark and Andrew.”
  26. Killoren Bensimon Shows Andre Balazs Around Planet KellyThe ‘Real Housewife’ reportedly hooked up with the hotelier in Miami.
  27. Bernie Madoff Will Probably Be Hazed in Prison Over This PhotoWhen you are in there and around a group of people, they will say things like, ‘Hey, I hear Ruth is a real hot babe.’ Things like that.”
  28. Bernie Madoff Heads to Prison in Butner, North CarolinaConjugal visits are forbidden” in Bernie’s new digs, CNBC helpfully reports.
  29. Mediavore
    Mediavore: Northwest Illinois Wine Country; Rights for CrabsPlus: Ruth Madoff wants to use coupons, Film, Inc. makes bank at the box office
  30. Mediavore
    Cook Stabbed at Flames; Weymouth Men Get SweetPlus: Atlantic Sea Pride burns, and Ruth Madoff clips coupons, all in our morning news roundup.
  31. Mediavore
    Bars Fined for Cheap Booze; Ruth Madoff Clips Coupons at CPKPlus: New York’s annual herring festival, and Spike Mendelsohn checks out the New York pizza scene, all in our morning news roundup.
  32. Ruth Madoff’s New LifeIt’s like her old life, only poorer.
  33. We Are All Ruth MadoffWhy does no one want to believe Ruth is innocent?
  34. Ruth Madoff Is ‘Embarrassed and Ashamed,’ ‘Betrayed and Confused’The man who committed this horrible fraud is not the man whom I have known for all these years,” Bernie’s wife says in a long-awaited statement.
  35. Madoff’s Victims Get Their Day in CourtThe Ponzi schemer faces an angry mob of eight.
  36. Ruth Madoff Lashes Out at the Person Who ‘Ruined Her Life’And it wasn’t Bernie.
  37. Wait, So Why Hasn’t Ruth Madoff Been Questioned by Prosecutors?We ask the stupid questions, so you don’t have to Google them.
  38. White-collar Criminals Are Pansies, Says Dog the Bounty Hunter A criminal’s life has nothing but ups and downs, whereas a white-collar criminal has never seen the dark side, so when he enters that realm, he is lost.”
  39. Ruth Madoff Does Have Something to Say to ABC News, ActuallyBernie’s wife comes up with the perfect response to the camera crew’s question about her involvement in her husband’s Ponzi scheme.
  40. Bernie Madoff’s Cameltoe: More Evidence of WrongdoingThough of what nature we’re not even sure.
  41. Meghan McCain Has a Temper Just Like Her Father’sThe daughter of the presidential hopeful sulked outside the White House Correspondents’ Dinner the other night, and more in our daily gossip roundup.
  42. Ruth Madoff Got Advice From the Ethicist Without Even Having to Write InEverything’s easier when you are rich.
  43. Ruth Madoff Is One of the Little PeopleAt least, she looks like one.
  44. beauty marks
    Michelle Obama Hires Full-time Makeup Artist; Ruth Madoff Banned From Hair SalonAlso, there are 90 different uses for Botox.
  45. Bethenny Frankel and Alex Rodriguez Spotted on Another Date!This is very possibly a good or great thing for either him or her.
  46. Ruth Madoff Got $2 Million From British Account Weeks Before Bernie Was ArrestedBernie’s wife sure required a lot of walking-around money.
  47. Ruth Madoff’s Girls Have Her BackRuthie and friends shopped in Palm Beach recently.
  48. Paparazzi Prevent Ruth Madoff From Learning Important Life SkillsA swarm of photographers scared the felon’s wife out of a grocery store before she could even buy detergent!
  49. Ruth Madoff Hangs On To Palm Beach EstateFlorida law could stop creditors from seizing the mansion built with $9.4 million worth of other people’s money.
  50. With Madoff Taken Care Of, Attention Turns to His FamilyWill we get to find out which of Bernie’s family members knew what and when now? Probably not.
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