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Sally Field

  1. oscars 2019
    From ‘Thank You’ to ‘You Like Me’: We Pick the Oscars’ Most Memorable SpeechesIn a sea of generally pleasant, but rarely memorable speeches, the ones that stand out really stand out.
  2. tv review
    Maniac Is a Hell of a DrugThis trippy series starring Jonah Hill and Emma Stone is unlike anything else on Netflix.
  3. sexual abuse
    Sally Field Details Sexual Abuse by Her Stepfather in New MemoirHe was the actor and stuntman Jock Mahoney, who died in 1989.
  4. trailer mix
    Maniac Trailer: Emma Stone, Jonah Hill vs. Some ‘Multi-Reality Brain Magic Shit’*Eyes emoji*
  5. first looks
    Emma Stone and Jonah Hill Do Some Intense Staring in This First Look at ManiacThe two star in the new Cary Fukunaga Netflix series.
  6. hmm
    Burt Reynolds Creepily Says He Fell in Love With Sally Field When She Was 7“She was seven when I fell in love with her. She stayed seven for about 11 years.”
  7. Sally Field Joins Jonah Hill and Emma Stone in Netflix’s Dark Comedy […]Last year, Netflix ordered 10 episodes of a new half-hour dark comedy starring Jonah Hill and Emma Stone called Maniac, and today another big […]
  8. Theater Review: A Reimagined Glass Menagerie With Sally FieldPurists beware; everyone else take notice.
  9. vulture cover story
    At 70, Sally Field Gets Her Dream RoleThe actress has coveted the part of Amanda in The Glass Menagerie for years. As it turns out, she’s tackling it on Broadway at just the right moment.
  10. Rosario Dawson, Sally Field Named Ambassadors of Red Carpet Project #AskHerMoreEnvisioning a future where a woman on the red carpet is more than just her gown.
  11. twitter talk
    Bold Sally Field Joins Twitter Because Trump WonWelcome to troll country, Mama Gump.
  12. mansplaining
    6 Famous Women on How They Deal With MansplainersSamantha Bee’s advice: “I clamsplain right back.”
  13. hollywood signs
    Actresses Over 60 Are the New Box-Office PowerhousesMeryl Streep is no longer an outlier defying conventional wisdom about the box-office viability of an actress north of 50; she’s part of a trend.
  14. casting couch
    Sally Field Will Star in The Glass Menagerie on BroadwayTwo-time Tony winner Joe Mantello will also star.
  15. disses
    Sally Field Really Did Not Care for Spider-Man“It’s not my kind of movie.”
  16. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Looks Back on All His KissingLiving the dream, this man. 
  17. last night on late night
    Enjoy Stephen Colbert and Sally Field Making OutThere should be more comedic kissing bits.
  18. video
    Watch Sally Field and Max Greenfield Get AwkwardIn this exclusive clip from their upcoming film.
  19. we ship it
    Sally Field and Max Greenfield Made Out on EllenThey’re very committed.
  20. trailer mix
    Watch the Hello, My Name Is Doris TrailerThis is some A+ flirting.
  21. national medal of arts
    Stephen King to Receive National Medal of ArtsOther winners include Sally Field and Tobias Wolff.
  22. sxsw 2015
    SXSW: Max Greenfield on Kissing Sally Field“She might be the best kisser.”
  23. last night on late night
    Watch Sally Field and Julia Roberts Have a Cursing CompetitionGuess who wins? You’re probably correct.
  24. last night on late night
    Sarandon’s Bieber Theory, Disrupted By Dog FightPlus: Gwyneth Paltrow finds butch lesbian cards “so hot,” and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  25. frozen moments
    The Best Frozen Moments of the 2013 OscarsFrom Adele’s perfect face to the fantastic seating arrangement that had Jamie Foxx sitting behind Sally Field.
  26. the weight of it all
    Why Extra-Skinny (or Fat) Actresses Win OscarsJust like Anne Hathaway probably will this weekend.
  27. video
    Watch Oscar Nominees Repeat the Same StoriesWe get it, Hugh. You were on a water diet.
  28. oscars 2013
    Best Supporting Actress: If Not Anne Hathaway, Then Who?Could Sally Field be a sleeper?
  29. oscars
    See Part Two of the Oscar Edition of ‘Between Two Ferns’It’s Jessica Chastain and Sally Field’s turn to feel awkward. 
  30. oscars 2013
    Edelstein: Why I Hate the OscarsThere are few sadder things in the entertainment world than watching artists go into contortions over the value of awards.
  31. fashion yearbook
    Flame-Colored Dresses, Mesh-Covered Cleavage at Critics’ Choice AwardsBrave, brilliant looks from last night’s red carpet.
  32. oscars 2013
    Emma Stone Announces Oscar Nominees in Andrew GnWay to set the bar high for Oscar outfits.
  33. awards
    New York Film Critics Circle Awards AnnouncedMatthew McConaughey for Best Supporting Actor: all right, all right, all right.
  34. profile
    Sally Field Spent a Decade Getting Into Character for Lincoln“I’m not that bold, I’m not that tenacious. I certainly hadn’t been feeling that way for the last fifteen years of my life.”
  35. method acting
    Sally Field Just As Method As Daniel Day-Lewis, She Says“I always stay in character.”
  36. lol
    Daniel Day-Lewis Now Texting His Co-stars in CharacterLimericks, of course.
  37. lincoln
    Check Out New Stills From LincolnChin up, Sally!
  38. casting
    Sally Field Will Be Spielberg’s Mary Todd LincolnOpposite Daniel Day-Lewis.
  39. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Ice Cube, Dirty Harry Wannabe?Plus: Martin Sheen and Sally Field in the new ‘Spider-Man’ movie.
  40. on the red carpet
    Color Wins on the SAG Awards Red CarpetFrom Eva Longoria-Parker in peach to Freida Pinto rocking periwinkle, the rainbow ruled.
  41. golden globes
    Red-carpet Looks from the Golden GlobesA megaslideshow featuring all the red-carpet looks from the Golden Globes.
  42. gossipmonger
    Cameron Diaz to Invade ChelseaCameron Diaz is looking to buy an apartment in West Chelsea and also hooked up with Felicity’s Scott Speedman in the Bahamas. Samantha Stein-Wells, daughter of murdered real-estate broker Linda Stein, is turning her 35th birthday into a charity event in her mom’s name. Padma Lakshmi told Dave Zinczenko that she’d cover her body in chocolate if he put her on the cover of Men’s Health. Portfolio magazine named Newsweek fashion scribe Dana Thomas its European editor. Michelle Williams has pulled out of her upcoming movie with Ryan Gosling because she’s too beat up over Heath Ledger’s death. Maybe-pregnant Angelia Jolie went shopping at a baby boutique in Tribeca.
  43. the industry
    Will Ferrell to Run From Dinosaurs, Presumably in UnderpantsPlus: Industry news about N.W.A. and Chevy Chase!
  44. it just happened
    Bloomberg’s Got Mommy IssuesThe federal government filed a lawsuit today against Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s company, Bloomberg L.P., after receiving complaints from three senior-level executives at the company and finding “a pattern or practice of wrongful discrimination against females based on their sex and pregnancy by decreasing their pay, demoting them, diminishing their job duties and excluding them from other employment opportunities when they become pregnant and when they return from maternity leave.” According to a copy of the suit obtained by New York, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claims that after their pregnancies some of Bloomberg’s female employees were demoted, isolated from meetings and other employees without justification, and told, “You are not committed” and “You do not want to be here” by their superiors. When Bloomberg’s pregnant staffers complained, the lawsuit alleges, their complaints were dismissed. A Bloomberg spokeswoman could not be reached for immediate comment.—Geoffrey Gray Related: Baby Bust at Bloomberg? [NYM] Chairman Mike [NYM] UPDATE: From Bloomberg spokeswoman Judith Czelusniak: “We believe strongly that this lawsuit is without merit and we will defend the case vigorously.” (You can download a copy of the suit here)
  45. the early-evening news
    Sally Field to Reenact Worst-Ever Night at TheaterPlus: News about YouTube and Paul McCartney!
  46. kudos
    Correction: Sally Field Did Not Put Her Junk in a BoxVulture apologizes to Sally Field’s wang.
  47. kudos
    The Emmys: Who Got Censored and WhyIt may very well be the Season of the Wang, but that doesn’t mean Emmy winners can go around using swear words! So who fell victim to the show’s dreaded seven-second delay last night?
  48. NewsFeed
    The Most Iced-Out Cone You’ve Ever SeenWhat you see here is a replica of a cone of Bruster’s Real Ice Cream, made with eighteen-karat white and yellow gold and over 600 Lazare diamonds. After it goes on a national tour, it can be yours for $1 million (plus however much you end up spending on gold caps when you get high one day and try to bite into it). One has to wonder, is this ridiculous blingfest the ice-cream industry’s last-ditch effort to keep it crispy in the face of fro-yo mania? (Willie Nelson’s ice cream sure didn’t work.) And how long before Pinkberry counters with some ice of its own? Considering Pinkberry got the Lady Tigra for their bumpin’ jingle, they could probably bring Jacob the Jeweler out of retirement for a pimp cone.
  49. quote machine
    Sally Field Maintains a Healthy Body ImageJa Rule, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Sandra Bernhard!