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Platt and Nieporent Meet Again; Anna Nicole’s Refrigerator Speaks

This week’s magazine spans the world of food, from Anna Nicole’s refrigerator to Drew Neiporent’s latest big-box feeding hall, reviewed this week by Adam Platt. Rob and Robin write about one of the most buzzed-about openings of the season, and Gael Greene checks out Sam DeMarco’s Fireside. And to round it out, we take stock of what, if anything, the skinny types consumed during Fashion Week.

Cocktail Craze Finally Hits the Diaper Set

We thought we had seen the worst of cocktail misappropriation when Orbitz came out with a Mojito-flavored bubble gum. Now, however, we get a press release from Sam DeMarco’s new joint in the Omni Berkshire Hotel assuring us that “the cocktails will be one of the hottest parts of Fireside.” They’ve even made certain that the lil’ ones will be able to pound ’em. That’s right: The kids’ menu, along with tater tots and hot dogs, features “mocktails” like the Cherry Caiparinha [sic], for the 7-year-old who’s nostalgic for that bumpin’ baile funk he experienced last time he was in the Rio favelas. Then there’s the Mandarin Ginger Cosmo: “I learned it from Sex and the City, okay?” No word on whether the Fiji Fizz will be served in a bottle with a rubber nipple on it. —Daniel Maurer

Alan Yau Isn’t Coming After All; There’s Always the Bronx

Ian Schrager finally admits that Alan Yau isn't coming to New York after all: "The challenges of coordinating our preparations across three continents were ultimately out of sync with our timeline." [NYP] So it took the Poughkeepsie Journal to bring New York its first detailed feature on the current food culture of the Bronx. [Poughkeepsie Journal] A report on the convention of the world's leading molecular gastronomists in Milan. [LAT]