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  1. the industry
    Disney Eyes Another Oscar-Winning Director to Turn Pinocchio Live-ActionPinocchio will get his real-boy wish, probably with a side of Mendes’s ennui.
  2. film adaptations
    Sam Mendes Scraps His Gay Talese The Voyeur’s Motel FilmWe guess you can say … he checked out.
  3. in development
    Sam Mendes Is in Talks to Make a Live-Action James and the Giant PeachWith a screenplay by Nick Hornby.
  4. whoops
    Daniel Craig Maybe Almost Bankrupted SkyfallThe plot hole police are gonna love this one.
  5. the industry
    Mendes on Bond: ‘It Will Not Be What You Expect’He also announced he’s done with the franchise.
  6. james bond
    Sam Mendes Says He’s Probably Done With Bond“It feels like there’s a rightness to it, that I have finished a journey.”
  7. Theater Review: Can Emma Stone Do Cabaret?The eighteenth Sally Bowles since 1998.
  8. movies
    The Next James Bond Film Will Be Called SpectreAre we getting Blofeld?
  9. horror
    Penny Dreadful Trailer: Famous Literary Monsters Have SexAnd other gross stuff.
  10. i'm back
    Sam Mendes to Direct Next James Bond FilmIt’s set for a November 6, 2015 U.S. release.
  11. directorial chairs
    Director Sam Mendes Might Return for the Next Bond Movie After AllSounds like a pretty strong possibility.
  12. gigs
    Sam Mendes Won’t Direct the Next BondHe’s too busy making plays.
  13. movie review
    Edelstein on Skyfall: The Bond Myth Is Mightier Than EverSam Mendes sends 007 into a battle that’s not just Bondian — it’s Oedipal, it’s biblical. And it’s absolutely thrilling.
  14. in development
    Sam Mendes and Skyfall Writer John Logan Making a Vampire Hunter ShowYes, Van Helsing is a character.
  15. theater
    Sam Mendes to Direct Charlie and the Chocolate Factory MusicalIt’ll premiere in London.
  16. trailer mix
    Skyfall Teaser Trailer: James Bond in ReposeGet a look at the new Bond movie, directed by Sam Mendes.
  17. skyfall
    Skyfall’s Bond May Be Saltier Than UsualNever forget Ian Fleming’s “very conflicted character,” says director Sam Mendes.
  18. skyfall
    Lots of New Skyfall Details Emerge From SetSlashfilm scored an info mother lode.
  19. skyfall
    Watch Director Sam Mendes’s Video Blog From the Set of SkyfallHe’s wearing the newsboy cap, so you know he’s the real deal.
  20. stage dive
    Theater Review: Kevin Spacey Out-Psychos Himself in Richard III In this electric but flawed production, he’s a species apart from every other being onstage: Part imp, part satyr, part maniac.
  21. dream teams
    Sam Mendes and Kevin Spacey Are ReunitingThe ‘Beauty’ duo to tackle Shakespeare.
  22. movies
    See the Sam Mendes–Directed New Commercial for iPhoneYou’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll buy an iPhone.
  23. the industry
    Sam Mendes Has a Golden TicketBecause the mythical 23rd James Bond movie will likely never happen, Sam Mendes has lined up his next two projects.
  24. iphones
    Sam Mendes to Make Some iPhone CommercialsThe ads will likely debut on June 7, when Apple is expected to unveil a new app for overcoming the soul-crushing tedium of married life in the suburbs.
  25. beef
    Adam Shankman Battles Sam Mendes for Oz JobOn Team Shankman: Joel Madden and some sandwich-maker.
  26. Sam Mendes, Robert Downey Jr. Possibly Off to See the WizardHe might direct a ‘Wizard of Oz’ prequel, with Robert Downey Jr. as the Wizard.
  27. gossipmonger
    George Clooney Checked Jeff Bridges’s BoxThen he sent him a picture of it.
  28. breakups
    Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes SplitA U.K. law firm says the two broke up earlier this year.
  29. gossipmonger
    Taylor Momsen Doesn’t Want to Be Your Stinking Role Model“I smoke, so what? It’s not like I’m sitting there going, ‘Kids, you should go buy a pack of cigarettes.’”
  30. bond
    Sam Mendes Negotiating to Direct Next Bond MovieSam Mendes is reportedly in talks to direct the upcoming Peter Morgan–scripted 23rd James Bond movie.
  31. the industry
    Spike Lee and Robert De Niro Headed Down to AlphavillePlus: Gael García Bernal! LeBron James! Puppets!
  32. quote machine
    Anne Hathaway Stuffs Her ShortsAlso: Pink beefs with Kanye West.
  33. trailer mix
    Dave Eggers and Sam Mendes Team Up for Away We GoIt has a distinct Cameron Crowe by way of Fox Searchlight feel to it, which isn’t necessarily a cause for concern.
  34. gossipmonger
    Gwyneth and Chris Ditching Madonna for Beyoncé and Jay-Z?Man, who knew the clean-living types play on the same playground we do?
  35. penis-shaped balloons
    Are Americans Not Feeling Sam Mendes’s Phallic Balloons?“And also, please don’t spit the foreskin into the house.”
  36. kudos
    Sam Mendes Urges the Academy to Give Kate Winslet’s ‘Losing Face’ a BreakWe already know how she feels about it.
  37. epic snubs
    Getting to the Bottom of Kate Winslet’s Unprecedented Oscar SnubThis is the first time a Best Dramatic Actress winner at the Globes hasn’t received an Oscar nomination.
  38. actors
    Is Will Smith Really an Outlier?Smith is among the growing number of film-industry rainmakers using an argument from Malcolm Gladwell’s new best seller ‘Outliers’ to explain their massive success
  39. gossipmonger
    David Blaine’s Christmas Stunt Much More Heartwarming Than the UsualPlus, we prayed to the Christmas angel it’ll be a good, healthy year for Britney in 2009. In the merry little gossip roundup.
  40. the industry
    Samuel L. Jackson to Play Baddest Mofo Lowdown Around This TownAlso: Are you ready for ‘Cougar Town’?
  41. chat room
    Exclusive: Sam Mendes Tells His Best Paul Newman StoriesMendes, who worked with Newman on the Oscar-nominated gangster epic ‘Road to Perdition,’ had many memories of their time together, some funny, some inspirational, all moving.
  42. the industry
    Demetri Martin Will Make Love, Not War for Ang LeePlus: Maggie Gyllenhaal replaces Toni Collette in Sam Mendes’s Eggers-penned relationship comedy.
  43. the industry
    Replacements, World’s Last Broken-Up Band, to Reunite SoonPlus: Guns N’ Roses nowhere near releasing ‘Chinese Democracy,’ and Sam Mendes’s Dave Eggers comedy might actually be funny!
  44. the early-evening news
    David Simon Apologizes to BaltimorePlus: Sam Mendes to shoot Dave Eggers’s and Vendela Vida’s comedy.
  45. the industry
    Drew Carey: Come on Down!Plus industry news on Y: The Last Man, Hot Ghetto Mess, and BAM’s Bridge Project.
  46. the industry
    Almodóvar’s ‘All About My Mother’ Heads to the Old Vic
  47. the industry
    Michael Douglas Faces ‘Indifference’