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Sarah Huckabee Sanders

  1. on comedy
    Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Most Memorable Reactions From Correspondents’ DinnerSome people are … quite unhappy.
  2. on comedy
    Michelle Wolf Is Already Defending Her Sarah Huckabee Sanders JokesFrom the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.
  3. power
    Here Are the Best Pictures From the White House’s Take Your Kid to Work DayThe West Wing celebrates Take Your Kid to Work Day.
  4. White House: Trump Believes He Has the Power to Fire MuellerMost legal experts believe that only Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein can end the special counsel’s investigation. Trump thinks otherwise.
  5. Trump to Stay in and Wash His Hair Instead of Attending WHCDSarah Huckabee Sanders will attend the event in his place.
  6. The Least Inspiring MLK Tribute of All TimeIf you were moved by Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s flat, hurried quotation from King, you are easily moved.
  7. Trump Aides Galled by Criticism of Their Awful Rob Porter ResponseAs Sarah Huckabee Sanders refused to provide details on the alleged abuser’s exit, Kellyanne Conway quibbled over an essay by his ex-wife.
  8. Trump Picks Up Shutdown Threat Over Immigration After Democrats Drop ItLook who’s threatening to shut down the government now.
  9. Trump Didn’t Unify the FBI by Firing Comey. He Demoralized It.Newly released internal FBI emails cut against Trump’s characterization of the agency’s morale.
  10. power
    Sarah Huckabee Sanders Says America Would Be Better If Nancy Pelosi Smiled MoreThe Press Secretary was not pleased with the House Minority Leader’s sour expression during the State of the Union.
  11. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Has Definitely Been Saving This Dig at NBCWhat would Jimmy Fallon say?
  12. the white house
    Trump’s Communications Team Has a Full-Time Makeup ArtistAll thanks to the Mooch.
  13. the white house
    Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is Checking If Trump Believes in UFOsShe’ll circle back.
  14. last night on late night
    There’s No Love Lost Between SNL’s Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner“I’ll always remember the one time I heard him talk.”
  15. pettiness
    White House Press Secretary Posts Unhinged Tweets About Pie BakingThis comes after she was accused of posting a stock image of a pie and pretending she had made it.
  16. don't
    Please Don’t Publicly Ask Women Whether They’ve Been Sexually HarassedEven if it’s their job to lie to the press corps.
  17. power
    Access Hollywood Reminds Viewers Its Trump Tape Is ‘Very Real’The president reportedly suggested that the tape, which he had previously apologized for, was not authentic.
  18. power
    Access Hollywood Reminds Viewers Its Trump Tape Is ‘Very Real’Access Hollywood released a statement Monday night to clear up any confusion.
  19. piegate
    Sarah Sanders Is Mocked for Making Pecan Pie That Looks Like a Stock ImageThere is no visible watermark.
  20. politics v comedy
    The West Wing Cast Mocks Sarah Huckabee Sanders for Her Show ComparisonIt’s a battle of real and fictional press secretaries.
  21. media
    White House Press Secretary Makes Reporters Share What They’re Thankful For“Thank you participating in this very fun exercise.”
  22. Trump and Alabama GOP Stick With an Embattled Roy MooreThe state GOP could have kept Moore from getting any votes, and Trump could have possibly talked him into quitting. But neither is getting in his way.
  23. last night on late night
    SNL Lets Sarah Huckabee Sanders Blow Off Some Steam With a Sexy Music VideoGet Demi Lovato on the phone.
  24. White House Says ESPN Anchor Who Called Trump White Supremacist Should Be FiredSarah Huckabee Sanders called Jemele Hill’s comments “outrageous.”
  25. roll clip!
    Sarah Huckabee Sanders Finally Gets the Impersonation Treatment She Deserves“I like you because you’re the white one.”
  26. select all
    Sarah Huckabee Sanders Experiences the Perils of Wearing GreenVideo editors are on the lookout.
  27. politics
    The 9-Year-Old Boy Who Wrote Donald Trump a Fan Letter Is Reportedly RealDylan “Pickle” Harbin lives in Stockton, California, and loves Donald Trump.
  28. politics
    Sean Spicer Sure Sounds Happy to Be Done With His JobHe was described as “gleeful” and “bounding.”
  29. extended jokes
    Great, This is Going to Be a Running Gag Between Scaramucci and SandersLet the hair-and-makeup thing die.
  30. politics
    Scaramucci Suggests Sarah Huckabee Sanders Stick With His Hair and Makeup PersonIt’s definitely not a preference for who does Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s hair and makeup.
  31. Anthony Scaramucci Makes Debut, Names Sanders New Press Secretary“The Mooch” Offered Lots Of Praise For Trump
  32. jokes
    Mike Huckabee Says SNL’s Impression of His Daughter Was ‘Sexist’ & ‘Misogynist’The former Republican governor was none too thrilled with Aidy Bryant’s parody of Sarah Huckabee Sanders.
  33. Trump Is Making It Too Easy to Compare Him to NixonIt’s an accumulation of data points.
  34. oh pawlease
    A Huckabee Signs Up With the Pawlenty CampaignNot Mike. Mike’s daughter.