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  1. crime
    What We Know About the Two Sisters Found Dead in the Hudson RiverTala Farea, 16, and Rotana Farea, 22, were Saudi Arabian nationals.
  2. foreign policy
    The Trump Administration’s Call to End the Yemen War Is Too Little, Too LateEven if this policy shift isn’t self-serving, alleviating the crisis would require economic and diplomatic moves the U.S. probably won’t undertake.
  3. politics
    The U.S. Is Finally Pushing for an End to the War in YemenAfter helping Saudi Arabia create a humanitarian crisis, the U.S. now wants to end it.
  4. bernie sanders
    Sanders Makes a Strong Case Against the Saudis (and for Bernie 2020)Foreign policy gave Bernie Sanders’s last presidential campaign nothing but headaches. Now, it’s giving his next one a reason for being.
  5. technology
    Why Silicon Valley Finds It Hard to Say No to Saudi Arabian DollarsThere’s too much at stake for the tech industry to forswear the Kingdom’s money piles altogether.
  6. jamal khashoggi
    Trump Won’t Let Khashoggi’s Death Cost Working-Class Saudi Lobbyists Their JobsThe president says that the U.S. can’t afford to lose all the jobs that the Saudi alliance creates. But he really means “the swamp” can’t.
  7. foreign policy
    The U.S. Has Deep Ties to Saudi Arabia — But Disentangling Ourselves Is PossiblePulling away from Saudi Arabia over Khashoggi is a risky prospect. Trump clearly isn’t interested, but there are steps U.S. lawmakers could take.
  8. the national circus
    Frank Rich: What Saudi Arabia Now Knows About Bone SawsM.B.S. and company may have wrecked their comfortable spot in American politics by generating a murder mystery too lurid for the public to ignore.
  9. the national interest
    Jamal Khashoggi’s Murder Cover-up Is Another Reason to Turn Congress DemocraticThe Trump administration is helping Saudi Arabia cover up the murder, and Republicans are letting it.
  10. politics
    Pat Robertson Cares More About a Saudi Weapons Deal Than a Journalist’s MurderIn comments on Jamal Khashoggi’s apparent murder, the Christian-right warhorse revealed he can no longer distinguish God’s will from Donald Trump’s.
  11. the national interest
    Trump Calls the Saudis As Innocent As Brett Kavanaugh“Here we go again with you know you’re guilty until proven innocent,” Trump says. “We just went through that with Justice Kavanaugh.”
  12. jamal khashoggi
    Reports: Saudi Arabia Mulling ‘We Only Meant to Kidnap Khashoggi’ DefenseRiyadh plans to say that Saudi agents intended to abduct the journalist, but that his decapitation was a tragic mistake, according to CNN.
  13. international affairs
    Pressure Builds on Saudi Arabia, But Will Trump Continue to Get Played?Trump has vowed to severely punish the Saudis if they killed Jamal Khashoggi, but that punishment seems likely to include selling them more arms.
  14. foreign policy
    Trump’s Weak Khashoggi Response Tells Dictators They Can Get Away With MurderIf Trump fails to punish the Saudis for Jamal Khashoggi’s apparent murder, it will signal that money and flattery are worth more than U.S. morals.
  15. the national interest
    Trump Says Murders Shouldn’t Stop Saudi Weapon Sales Because ‘We Have Jobs’President Trump continues to elucidate his mafia doctrine of American foreign policy.
  16. international affairs
    Everything We Know About the Disappearance and Alleged Murder of Jamal KhashoggiTurkey has alleged that the Washington Post journalist was murdered by the Saudi regime, but it’s not yet clear what has happened.
  17. foreign policy
    Pompeo Prioritizes Arms Sales Over Civilian Lives in YemenAfter he was warned about jeopardizing weapons sales, the secretary of State overruled experts who said Saudi Arabia isn’t keeping civilians safe.
  18. foreign policy
    Pompeo: Saudis Are Definitely Trying to Commit Fewer Mass Murders in YemenPompeo’s certification clears the way for the U.S. to continue abetting a Saudi-led intervention, which has already killed thousands of civilians.
  19. The U.S. Has Blood on Its Hands in Yemen, and Can’t Wash It OffMattis’s threat to reduce support for Saudi-led bombings rings hollow in light of the Trump administration’s broader stance on Mideast arms sales.
  20. U.N. Says Saudi Bomb Kills 22 Children in YemenFor the second time in a matter of weeks, a military campaign backed by the United States takes an unimaginable toll.
  21. U.S.-Backed Coalition Bombs School Bus, Killing Dozens of Yemeni KidsA spokesman for the Saudi-led coalition called the bombing a “legitimate military action.”
  22. While Condemning Iran, the U.S. Contributes to Terrorism in the Middle East, TooAs Iran sanctions were restored, an investigation revealed that the U.S.-backed coalition fighting Yemen’s Houthis routinely cut deals with Al Qaeda.
  23. women's rights
    Women in Saudi Arabia Legally Get Behind the Wheel for the First Time EverOn June 24, the country officially lifted its decades-long ban on women driving.
  24. women's rights
    Saudi Arabia Issues First Drivers’ Licenses to WomenThis comes amid a crackdown on activists.
  25. Here’s More Evidence Broidy May Have Been Covering for Trump in Playmate AffairA bombshell AP report establishes that there was a highly suspicious meeting between the two men.
  26. Beyond Russia: Understanding the New Trump Campaign Collusion StoryEverything we know about the newly revealed Trump Tower meeting, the alleged collusion offer from a Gulf State emissary, and what it all might mean.
  27. l'amour
    Vanessa Trump’s Romance With Saudi Prince Reportedly Thwarted by 9/11Vanessa Trump’s past continues to read like a series of increasingly confusing Mad Libs.
  28. Saudi Crown Prince: Israel Has a Right to ExistMohammed Bin Salman went on to say that Iran’s supreme leader is “worse than Hitler.”
  29. Why the Saudi Crown Prince Might Think He Has Jared Kushner ‘In His Pocket’Kushner spent the last year wooing Mohammed Bin Salman, and during his U.S. visit this week Trump declared that relations are better than ever.
  30. Nikki Haley Says Iran Is Violating U.N. Rules and These Missile Parts Prove ItThe U.S. ambassador to the United Nations held a press conference with “indisputable” proof of Iran’s violations.
  31. cultural exchanges
    Saudi Arabia Just Hosted Its First-Ever Concert by a Female SingerThousands of women attended a performance by Lebanese singer Hiba Tawaji.
  32. cultural exchanges
    Nelly Will Play an All-Male Concert in Saudi ArabiaBut will “Hot In Herre” make the set list?
  33. Lebanese PM: I’m Not Being Held Captive by Saudi ArabiaThis is not likely to clear up people’s questions.
  34. women's rights
    Saudi Arabia Just Took Another Step Toward Gender EqualityStadiums in three cities will undergo renovations to accommodate so-called “family” sections.
  35. Bannon Speaks Out for the Forgotten People of the Saudi Royal FamilyThe right-wing populist advocates for the Saudi blockade of Qatar — while a company owned by his rich patron collects checks from the UAE government.
  36. With His Golden Escalator Stalled, Saudi King Forced to Descend Golden StaircaseTough times for King Salman.
  37. Don’t Be Fooled by Saudi Arabia’s Plan to Let Women DriveIt doesn’t go very far, and the main intent seems to be drumming up good press for an ambitious young Saudi prince.
  38. lives
    5 Saudi Women React to the End of the Driving Ban“The first thing I’ll do is take my family to a restaurant to celebrate.”
  39. women's rights
    Saudi Arabia Will Allow Women to Obtain Driver’s LicensesWomen are currently banned from driving in Saudi Arabia.
  40. lives
    The Real Lives of Young Women Living in Saudi ArabiaWhat it’s like to come of age in one of the strictest countries in the world.
  41. diplomacy
    All the Extravagant Gifts Trump Received in Saudi ArabiaIncluding 13 robes, to be exact.
  42. domestic violence
    Saudi Man Sentenced to Just 19 Months in Prison for Setting His Wife on FireShe’ll get no compensation for her costly surgeries.
  43. The United States Is Complicit in the Destruction of YemenThe U.S. is helping Saudi Arabia tear apart its poorest neighbor.
  44. saudi vision 2030
    Saudi Arabia Will Let Women Wear Bikinis, But Only at Ritzy New ResortThe Red Sea Project will have 125 miles of beaches and 50 islands.
  45. gender inequality
    A Saudi Women’s Rights Activist Was Freed From Detention Without a Male GuardianMaryam al-Otaibi’s release is being celebrated as a feminist victory.
  46. Trump Urged to Stop Saudi Arabia’s Beheading of Student Set to Study in U.S.Mujtaba al-Sweikat, accepted to Western Michigan University, was arrested for attending pro-democracy protests.
  47. Saudi Woman Arrested for Wearing a Miniskirt in Public Released Without ChargePolice in Saudi Arabia have released Model Khulood, who was arrested for wearing “immodest clothes.”
  48. Woman Wanted by Saudi Police for Posting Snapchat of Herself in a MiniskirtThe country’s Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice is looking for her.
  49. Report: UAE Orchestrated Qatar Feud by Spreading Fake NewsIn supporting the blockade of Qatar, the president appears to have fallen for a fraud perpetrated by hackers in the United Arab Emirates.
  50. gender inequality
    Saudi Arabia Will Now Let Girls Take Gym ClassThe change will come to public schools at the start of the next academic school year.
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