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School Shootings

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    South Carolina State Just the Latest School ShootingOne student was shot on campus today.
  2. guns
    Two Students Shot at Philadelphia High SchoolThree days later, America has a new most-recent school shooting.
  3. school shootings
    Two Kids Hurt in New Mexico Middle-School Shooting [Updated]A suspect is in custody.
  4. awful things
    Colorado High School Shooting Victim Has DiedClaire Davis was just 17 years old.
  5. One Injured, One Dead in Colorado School Shooting [Updated]The shooter killed himself inside.
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    Nevada School Shooter’s Parents May Be ChargedIf he got the gun from home.
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    Two Dead, Two Wounded in Nevada School ShootingThe gunman was reportedly a student.
  8. amazing things
    Antoinette Tuff’s Moving, Heroic 911 CallIt’s amazing.
  9. crimes and misdemeanors
    Georgia Elementary School Narrowly Avoided Another Sandy HookA 20-year-old with an AK-47 fired shots but injured no one.
  10. first person
    The School Shooting That Didn’t Change My Liberal, Pro-Gun ChildhoodA boy opened fire at my school dance, but my Democratic parents remained pro-gun.
  11. scary things
    Student in Texas Shooting Survived Virginia TechShe fainted, understandably.
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    California School Shooter Said He Was Targeting BulliesA hero teacher convinced the boy to put down his gun.
  13. scary things
    Shooting Reported at California High School [Updated]The suspect is reportedly in custody.
  14. newtown massacre
    Shooting at Connecticut Elementary SchoolThe Newtown school has been evacuated.
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    There Was a Shooting Near Auburn University Last NightMixed reports of between one and three fatalities.
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    At Least Six Dead in Oakland College ShootingA suspect is already in custody.
  17. sad things
    T.J. Lane Charged for School Shooting in OhioHe faces life with no parole.
  18. developing
    Virginia Tech on High Alert After Witnesses Report GunmanPolice have not yet found anyone matching the witnesses’ description.
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    Two Teenagers Shot at Colorado Middle SchoolLittleton middle school just three miles from Columbine.