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  1. high school
    Unpacking the Strangest Scene in Esquire’s Cover StoryWhat was up with those songs Ryan and his classmates sang?
  2. bans
    London Bans Fast-food Restaurants From Opening Near SchoolsMayor Sadiq Khan calls the city’s child-obesity epidemic a “ticking time bomb.”
  3. education
    Betsy DeVos Knew How to Wield Power in Michigan. It’s Not Working in D.C.Who is she? And how did she get to be head of our schools?
  4. transgender rights
    Trump Administration Revokes Guidelines Aimed at Protecting Transgender StudentsThe previous guidelines under the Obama administration ensured that transgender students had a right to use the bathroom of their choice.
  5. gender
    (Only) Men Earn Way More Money From Going to Fancy SchoolsWomen who went to the best schools earned as much as men who went to the worst schools.
  6. politics
    90 Percent of Teachers Say Trump’s Win Has Had a Negative Effect in ClassroomsVerbal harassment and use of slurs are on the rise in classrooms.
  7. Switching Detention for Meditation Seems to Really WorkTeach kids to process their emotions and their teachers won’t have to.
  8. classroom
    Laurene Powell Jobs’s $100 Million Mission to Disrupt American High School“We should have the best education system in the world! Of course we should!”
  9. the urbanist
    How Kids Around the World Get to SchoolFrom kayaks in Nepal to motorcycles in Bangkok.
  10. 5 Big Ways Kindergarten Has Changed Since the 1990sLess play. More math.
  11. No Child Left Behind Is Officially DoneObama signed “Every Student Succeeds,” a new bipartisan education bill that scraps the program by giving states more power to decide testing and teacher evaluations.
  12. Shameful
    A Colorado Lunch Lady Got Fired for Feeding Kids in NeedShe gave out free meals to students without lunch money.
  13. We’re Testing Children on the Wrong ThingsAre we measuring what we want to measure in education?
  14. conflicts of interest
    Orthodox-Controlled Schools Dodge State TakeoverBut the state isn’t thrilled with them.
  15. big brother
    Alabama Schools Hired Ex-FBI to Monitor StudentsFourteen were later expelled.
  16. body image
    Going to School With Older Kids Gives Girls Body-Image IssuesElementary school as a shield against societal nastiness.
  17. education
    De Blasio’s Teachers-Union Deal Could Be Historic, But the Details Are VagueIt’s unclear how the city will pay for teachers’ raises.
  18. crimes and misdemeanors
    Brooklyn High School Employees Allegedly ‘Shared’ Students to Sexually AssaultJust. Awful.
  19. Quote of the Day
    Marc Vetri Says Don’t Shortchange School LunchesThe chef believes that lunchrooms are just as important as classrooms.
  20. Booze News
    Liquor Store Privatization Plan Doesn’t Add Up For SchoolsWe knew it wouldn’t be long until the other shoe dropped in this latest chapter of the privatization saga.
  21. Booze News
    Now Liquor Store Privatization Will Generate $1 Billion for Public SchoolsThe latest plan calls for turning over money raised from auctioning off liquor licenses to public schools.
  22. sandy hook elementary school
    The Kids of Sandy Hook Started Classes Yesterday“The safest school in America.”
  23. hurricane sandy
    City Schools Are Clawing Back Sandy Vacation DaysThey’re coming out of winter break.
  24. hurricane sandy
    New York Students Can Now Attend Any SchoolDisplaced kids’ Sandy break is over.
  25. Lunchlady Land
    Boston Kids Get Free BreakfastsEvery child is now entitled to a free morning feast.
  26. Foodies With Benefits
    Latvian Students Get a Taste of Vetri’s EatiquetteThe program serves meals family style, and facilitates conversation amongst students.
  27. Mediavore
    Chester Shuts Down Troublesome Takeout Joint; Americans Don’t Know How to LosePlus: Wal-Mart eyes China for its next move; and the Obama administration considers healthy food standards for school vending machines, all in our morning news roundup.
  28. wow terrible
    Wow, Terrible: Queens Classroom EditionTeacher makes her students send holiday cards to an inmate once busted for child porn.
  29. guns
    Queens Teacher Uses Robbers and Guns to Instruct Spelling R-O-B-B-E-R.
  30. Politics
    City Council Proposes a Boozy Bailout For SchoolsA new plan calls for funding schools with revenue drawn from keeping bars open and extra hour.
  31. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Renews War With Teachers Union in State of the City SpeechThe mayor knows that his time is running out.
  32. the third terminator
    People Are Not Happy With How Bloomberg Has Handled SchoolsSchools, snow … This administration is not brought to you by the letter ‘S.’
  33. Quote of the Day
    Osteria’s Jeff Michaud Thinks Philly’s School’s Priorities AreThe James Beard award-winning chef thinks children’s nutrition should come first.
  34. Mediavore
    Nutter Proposes Soda Tax to Close City Schools’ Budget Gap; Was Bin LadenPlus: Kids in California spend 24 hours in a Denny’s to set a Guinness World Record; and fast food jobs become desirable in the tough economy, all in our morning news roundup.
  35. the donald
    ‘I Thought That Trump University Was a Real Institution’Trump’s for-profit schools are probed.
  36. school daze
    Cathie Black Is Totally Cool With Losing Her JobShe spent her post-firing shoe shopping.
  37. the third terminator
    Black Out: Bloomberg’s Third-Term RebootCathie Black couldn’t be salvaged, but Bloomberg’s third term still might be.
  38. school daze
    Cathie Black Is Out As Schools ChancellorAfter less than five months!!
  39. drugs
    Fourth Grader Sickens Schoolmates With CocaineResult: sore throats, furious parents.
  40. school daze
    City Unveils List of 4,600 Teachers to Be Cut If Albany Doesn’t Change ‘Last In, First Out’Naturally, the cuts would affect poor neighborhoods first.
  41. school daze
    Sexy ‘Naked’ Lady Teachers Sue City for $2 MillionThey may be sexy, but they were NOT having sex when that janitor walked in on them.
  42. good deeds
    Bobby McFerrin’s Son Teaches Blind Students to BeatboxAt the Lavelle School for the Blind in the north Bronx, students are learning to beatbox from Taylor McFerrin, a teacher with percussive pedigree.
  43. newark
    Newark Asks Citizens How to Spend Zuckerberg GrantEveryone’s opinions are being sought out.
  44. nursery school
    Parents Form Task Force to Save Children’s Aid Society SchoolThe Greenwich Village institution’s imminent closure is being met with outrage.
  45. early and awkward
    Guy Who Might Actually Serve in Congress Wants to Abolish Public SchoolsThat’s how they did it in the 1800s!
  46. schools
    A Short History of the New York Test-Score BubbleThe ‘Times’ recaps in detail how student achievement scores ran way ahead of reality, peaking during Bloomberg’s reelection.
  47. people who can't hack it in new york
    4-Year-Old Destined to Become Miserable Failure“The assessment concluded that the child ‘appeared to enjoy the game of “Simon Says,” but other skills were ‘more challenging, such as balancing on one foot.’” FAIL.
  48. money woes
    Bloomberg to Avoid Teacher Layoffs by Canceling RaisesA total of 4,400 teacher jobs are saved.
  49. justice
    Judge Okays Use of Term ‘Furburger’ in Classroom“If the Board of Education wants its teachers to instruct adolescents about HIV using Latinism of the academy, excluding vulgarism of the street, it should tell them so, plainly.”
  50. sad things
    Jaime Escalante, Inspiration for Stand and Deliver, Dies at 79The East Los Angeles math teacher was one of the most famous educators in America.
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