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  1. science of us
    What’s the Point of Winning?To assert dominance, make money, feel good, crush enemies, and then?
  2. science of us
    Can Novels Help Us Care More About Climate Change?Even though it’s already impacting our lives, climate change is scarcely mentioned in fiction.
  3. i want to believe
    Can This Jade Roller Make Me Smile Again?Ah, a few moments’ peace.
  4. science of us
    Is There Such Thing As an Addictive Personality?It depends how you define addiction.
  5. science of us
    How and Why to Cultivate an Evil LaughIt needs to be helpless, robust, and appropriately timed.
  6. science of us
    The Irreversible Horror of Being ForgottenIt hurts more than we’d like to admit.
  7. science of us
    A Stubborn Person’s Guide to Improving Your MoodI will be cheered up over my dead body.
  8. science of us
    Does CBD in Coffee Really Do Anything?Maybe. Or maybe not.
  9. science of us
    Have Most Men Been in Bar Fights?The sociology of male aggression and exaggeration.
  10. science of us
    Climate Change Is Bad for Our Mental HealthAs temperatures rise, so does the prevalence of mental-health issues.
  11. sealed with a kiss
    The Complicated Psychology Behind Bee-Stung LipsIt has its roots in psychology, history, sociology, and evolutionary biology.
  12. it's complicated
    It’s Complicated: Dating Without Texting Is the Absolute BestIt’s exhausting. So why do it at all?
  13. science of us
    Well-Timed Study Shows the Lasting Consequences of Sexual AssaultAssault and harassment have significant effects on both mental and physical health.
  14. science of us
    Shockingly, Free HPV Vaccines Vastly Reduce Cervical CancerAustralia could eliminate the disease within 20 years.
  15. am i dying
    I’ve Been Putting Off a Root Canal for Years, Is That Bad?Uhhh, yeah. You might want to get on that.
  16. science of us
    Why Is Everybody Freaking Out About Sperm Counts?The new penis panic says a lot more about male anxiety than fertility.
  17. science of us
    People With Psychopathic Personalities Have Pretty Psychopathic DreamsIf dreams are “rehearsal,” what might it mean to frequently dream of violence?
  18. science of us
    Most Introverts Would Like to Be More ExtrovertedAnd almost everyone thinks extroverts are more valued.
  19. science of us
    How to Seem More Generous Than You Really AreHave your cake and eat it too.
  20. the kavanaugh hearings
    Can’t You Take a Joke?On the laughter Dr. Christine Blasey Ford can’t forget.
  21. recommendations
    Earplugs Make Me Feel Like a Corpse (in a Good Way)An appreciation of the cheapest sleep aid there is.
  22. the kavanaugh hearings
    The Meaning of Christine Blasey Ford’s Second Front DoorA psychologist explains.
  23. science of us
    If You Have One of These Dark Personality Traits, You Have Them AllIntroducing … the D-Factor.
  24. science of us
    Can This Hormone Really Predict Your Fertility?Lots of new clinics are offering AMH tests — here’s what they do and don’t tell you.
  25. science of us
    Why Can’t I Stop Watching These Soap-Cutting Videos?And does this count as ASMR?
  26. am i dying
    Is Staring at My Phone Before Bed Making Me Go Blind?On that dreaded blue light.
  27. science of us
    Millennials Are Ruining DivorceTypical.
  28. science of us
    Your Fear of Confrontation Is Probably UnfoundedIt’ll go better than you expect.
  29. science of us
    Now Weight Watchers Wants You to Meditate, TooAnd it’s got a new name.
  30. science of us
    Every Adult Should Have a BedtimeWhat’s more pressing than sleep?
  31. science of us
    People Like Meeting You More Than You ThinkWhat a relief.
  32. science of us
    How to Make Everyone Think You’re an Amazing ListenerIt sounds simple, but it’s easy to forget.
  33. science of us
    My Life As a Suicide Text Line VolunteerAs told by a 20-something graduate student.
  34. it's complicated
    It’s Complicated: The Time I Scheduled a Heartbreak 3 Months in AdvanceI knew he was moving. We stayed together anyway.
  35. science of us
    What Kind of Person Proposes in Public?Almost nobody wants this.
  36. am i dying
    Please Tell Me I Won’t Get Black Hairy Tongue From Taking AntibioticsIt’s possible.
  37. science of us
    The Lingering Psychological Scars of Teen Sexual AssaultHigh-school trauma can last a lifetime.
  38. science of us
    5 Books You Should Read If You Have Social AnxietyFrom serious cultural history to fun, relatable YA.
  39. science of us
    Air Pollution Can Travel Into Pregnant Women’s PlacentasNew research confirms what was previously a hypothesized link.
  40. science of us
    Introverted Doesn’t Mean What You Think It MeansMaybe alone time isn’t so great after all!
  41. science of us
    Teenagers Do Too Know What Real Love IsTeen brains are still developing, but that doesn’t mean they can’t FEEL.
  42. wellness
    Vampire Facials May Have Exposed Customers to HIVA New Mexico spa is under inspection for putting customers at risk.
  43. science of us
    What It’s Like Dating a PsychopathAn interview with a man who knows.
  44. it's complicated
    Giving Up Alcohol Made Me Date Like a Teenager AgainMy newfound sobriety came with a return to the awkward flirting, wholesome booze-free activities, and intense emotions of adolescence.
  45. am i dying
    Is My Incessant Phone Use Giving Me Carpal Tunnel?How to avoid needing to sleep in a wrist brace.
  46. science of us
    There’s So Much to Worry About I Forgot to Worry About Plastic PoisoningNow you’re telling me my yogurt tub is trying to kill me?
  47. science of us
    Proof That Using Brain Teasers in a Job Interview Is SadisticAnd narcissistic to boot!
  48. science of us
    Can You Be Blissfully Unaware of Your Own Stress?Sometimes it’s better not to know.
  49. it's complicated
    A Fight About Tea Almost Destroyed My RelationshipDating across cultures can turn small instances of ignorance into something more.
  50. it's complicated
    Testing High Standards After a Lifetime of SettlingMoving to a new city with a bigger dating pool taught me that it’s deceptively easy to overcorrect into being too picky.
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