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  1. scientology
    The Most Miraculous Things Scientology Has DoneFrom curing dyslexia to solving drug addiction.
  2. trailer mix
    Scientology Documentary Going Clear Gets Its First Brutal Trailer“They sell it all in the beginning as something quite logical.”
  3. tv
    HBO and Alex Gibney Are Making a Scientology DocumentarySomebody is definitely going to end up getting sued.
  4. school daze
    Scientology Sneaking Its Anti-Drug Programs Into NYC SchoolsAnd peddling unscientific scare tactics.
  5. deep reads
    After Earth Is Will Smith’s Love Letter to ScientologyWe lay out the reasons why.
  6. scandal-stained wretches
    The Atlantic President’s Memo on Scientology“We most certainly should not speak to the press.”
  7. blog-stained wretches
    The Atlantic Pulls Sponsored Scientology StoryThe ad has since been pulled.
  8. quotables
    Agyness Deyn Would Do Anything for Love, But She Won’t Do ThatThat being a conversion to Scientology, apparently.
  9. tom cruise
    Watch Comedienne Livia Scott List Ten Reasons Why Tom Cruise Should Marry HerIf things don’t work out with Rosie O’Donnell …
  10. tomkat
    Will Scientology’s Golden Boy Be Its Downfall?The TomKat divorce has brought negative scrutiny to the formerly rock solid organization.
  11. the most important people in the world
    Mayor Bloomberg Is Staying Out of the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Divorce“I shouldn’t be involved in religion or however you want to phrase it.”
  12. stuck in the mittle
    Rupert Murdoch Has Some Advice for Mitt Romney, Thinks Tom Cruise Might Be EvilThank God for Twitter.
  13. chat room
    Danny Masterson Doesn’t Really Like Paul Haggis“I met Paul twice. He was never nice to me.”
  14. tom cruise
    Watch Tom Cruise Dance Like a Maniac at (Where Else?) a Scientology RetreatTom Cruise has officially morphed into your embarrassing uncle.
  15. Scientologists Targeted Matt Stone and Trey Parker for Ripping on Xenu I don’t even want to write this, I’m so afraid of being targeted by Scientology (Haha, no I’m not! Bleep blorp! Thetans!). Newly leaked […]
  16. clickables
    Sing Along With This Uncomfortable Old-school Scientology VideoAnother bizarre propaganda video from the Church of Scientology!
  17. please don't hurt us
    Observer: Vanity Fair Scribe Was Paid Scientology ‘Spy’Ooh la la!
  18. controversy
    Paul Haggis Has Heard From Some Angry ScientologistsYou knew there’d be some fallout.
  19. ink-stained wretches
    The New Yorker Sent Scientologists 971 Fact-Checking QuestionsWe hazard a guess as to one of the queries.
  20. controversy
    What You Need to Know About The New Yorker’s Paul Haggis–Scientology ArticleIncluding the most terrifying game of musical chairs ever.
  21. ceo correspondence
    Scientologist Infomercial King Has Some Strange Ideas About Fruit Juice, Dictionaries“I am not going to order you to drink juice but you should consider drinking juice.”
  22. the future is coming
    Hey, Tech Community, Maybe You’re Overdoing It a Little With Minority Report?It’s time for a new metaphor.
  23. xenu hotness
    Who’ll play the Daughter in PST’s Scientology Film?Which of the three do you think could most believably have sprung from Philip Seymour Hoffman’s loins?
  24. religion
    Tom Cruise Doesn’t Need the Church of Scientology to Help Him Pick Out MaidsCruise’s lawyer is already denying allegations made in an upcoming book from a former Scientology insider.
  25. money
    P.T. Anderson’s Scientology Movie Gets A PassWhy does this thing need to cost $35 million, anyway?
  26. xenu hotness
    Paul Thomas Anderson’s Scientology Script ReviewedYep, still sounds awesome.
  27. xenu hotness
    So This New Paul Thomas Anderson Movie Is Definitely About Scientology, Right?Almost certainly.
  28. scientology
    Scientology Spokesman Showed Up at ABC Headquarters Demanding Re-CutLittle Mr. Demanding wanted to stop the TV presses.
  29. scientology
    Paul Haggis Ditches Scientology“I hereby resign my membership in the Church of Scientology.”
  30. scientology
    Scientology Spokesman Storms Out of Nightline InterviewMartin Bashir forgets you have to PAY MONEY to learn about Scientology.
  31. gossipmonger
    Jesus Luz Does Not Mind Being Called a ‘Boy Toy’Madonna’s boyfriend doesn’t mind his nickname. That, and the rest of today’s gossip.
  32. sad things
    Hey Gawker, Leave the Travoltas AloneCan we lay off the mean-spirited speculation, please? A kid died.
  33. gossipmonger
    Neither Anti-Scientologists Nor Ben Brantley Exactly Boo Katie HolmesBut they WERE shouting her name at the opening last night, and Ben DID say she “italicizes” all her lines. Just sayin’. And also, of course, Madonna and Peter Cook, in the gossip round-up.
  34. gossipmonger
    Anti-Scientology People Are Going to Boo Katie Holmes Outside the Theater Next WeekAnd also Sarah Palin’s going to be on ‘SNL’ two weeks from Saturday. In the gossip roundup.
  35. party lines
    Danny Masterson Sells Us on ScientologyMasterson — in town to buy stuff for his soon-to-open East Hollywood boutique Confederacy — amiably fielded our questions about his hot-button religion.
  36. apropos of nothing
    The Music on TomCruise.com Is Awesome!Say what you will about Tom Cruise, but he knows how to give an official Website a bangin’ soundtrack.
  37. in other news
    Welcome Suri! Did You Have to Bring Mumsy and Dada?The Cruise family is in town! And they’re counting down to a very big day!
  38. gossipmonger
    ‘Post’: Barbara Bush Attends Hockey Game, Therefore Must Be Dating PlayerPlus, what’s going on with celebrities like Woody Allen, Heather Mills, Lindsay Lohan, and Lauren Hutton in today’s gossip roundup.
  39. gossipmonger
    Crikey! Are We Getting Madonna Back? Madonna and Guy Richie may or may not be breaking up because Madonna “lost respect” for Richie when she found out he embellished his working-class roots. The upside: She may be moving to NYC! Matt Lauer has foolishly agreed to be roasted by the Friar’s Club. Donatella Versace is appearing at Barneys today to tout her menswear line. Foxy Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin and Representative Anthony Weiner totally acted like a couple during David Paterson’s swearing-in ceremony in Albany yesterday. Mary-Louise Parker is bad at giving directions to people in the West Village, even though she lives there. Cindy Adams thinks both Andrew Cuomo and Michael Bloomberg will make runs for governor.
  40. intel
    Enough With the Effing Osmonds!A brief rant: All morning today Good Morning America has been shrieking about how all the original members of the Von Trapp Osmond Family Singers are all performing together for the first time since Iwo Jima or something. Does anybody care? Is there any one person in this country who wakes up in the morning and thinks, Maybe today is the day the Osmonds will reunite? We didn’t understand all the hullabaloo when Oprah had all 2,500 of them onstage in November, and we still don’t understand it now. If they had all the Jacksons onstage together, that would be one thing. But the Osmonds? There isn’t even one named Jermajesty! And why are they always smiling? They’re Mormons, not Scientologists. It’s just creepy.
  41. gossipmonger
    Atoosa to Spawn!Rush Limbaugh is catching flak for using the phrase “anal poisoning” in conjunction with John McCain and his potential running mate, Senator Lindsey Graham. Heather Mills will represent herself in divorce court next week. Nicky Hilton couldn’t get into a Fashion Week party at the Gramercy Park Hotel’s Rose Bar, perhaps because owner Ian Schrager doesn’t like her or her sister. Woody Allen wants Scarlett Johansson to be like Meryl Streep and not go the “‘Page Six’–party route.” Also, he calls her “sexy,” which is gross. Former Seventeen editor Atoosa Rubenstein is expecting a baby in July.
  42. gossipmonger
    Bloomie and McCain: A Ticket Made in Independent Heaven?John McCain may or may not ask Mike Bloomberg to be his running mate. Harvey Weinstein belted out “New York, New York” at his daughter’s 10th-birthday party at Spotlight Live. Recently married Vogue editor and socialite Lauren Davis wants to find a “gestational carrier” for her baby. First daughter Barbara Bush watched the Giants win at the Village Pourhouse with 40 friends. Josh Hartnett went to Freemans and the Beatrice Inn on Thursday, while Helena Christensen just went to Freemans. Andy Samberg went to BAM to watch harpist girlfriend Joanna Newsome perform.
  43. company town
    Being Filthy Rich Means Never Having to Say You’re SorryFINANCE • Fortune searches Davos for financiers to express contrition over the current credit crisis but comes up empty. The closest anyone has come, the magazine notes, is the chairman and chief executive of Moody’s Corp, who said, “We and others have to retool our processes … In hindsight, it’s clear to us that there were fundamental failures in key assumptions supporting our analytical models.” Quoth Fortune: “That’s probably a little too mealy-mouthed and much too late to console people who bought the mortgage-backed commercial paper to which Moody’s and its rival Standard & Poor’s gave a top-notch AAA rating — only to discover it was actually junk.” Snap! [Fortune] • Just how big a fraud did Jérôme Kerviel, the rogue French trader, pull off? Before the bank caught him, he had taken out positions worth 50 billion euros. But some argue that he was responsible for only 1.5 billion euros in losses, and the bank’s board lost the other 3.4 billion euros unwinding his positions way too fast. Meanwhile, top executive Jean-Pierre Mustier told the Times: “I was speaking to a competitor, this competitor called me and said, ‘You are living what is a banker’s worst nightmare.’” Imagine how dramatic that must have sounded in French. [FT, NYT] • Bonuses now in the bank, Goldman rewarded bankers for a record-setting year with a special surprise: layoffs! [Deal Journal/WSJ]
  44. gossipmonger
    Philippe Starck Pans the New Royalton LobbyPhilippe Starck doesn’t like the $17.5 million redesign to the Royalton Hotel, which he once designed. Heatherette isn’t having a show this Fashion Week, and Richie Rich may be out for good! Russian model Natalia Vodianova had what may be her last catwalk during the final Valentino show in Paris and plans to take the designer to Moscow for a week and then to Brazil for Carnivale. Contrary to rumors, Puff “Diddy” Daddy says he is not considering changing his name back to Sean Combs. Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos hung out at the Beatrice Inn. Michael Richards and a blonde girl ate at a vegan restaurant at Columbus Circle. Cindy Adams claims that the writers’ strike will be over in two weeks and that Mayor Bloomberg is 50-50 about whether to run for president. Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner and boyfriend Matt Nye just had twins via surrogate parent. New York Times writer Alex Kuczynski will have a baby via surrogate mother in April.
  45. new york fugging city
    Tom Cruise: Crazy Like a Fugging Fox?This week a new Tom Cruise video hit the Web, believed to be an internal Scientology indoctrination reel (which we can’t confirm; although Tom’s words are definitely English, they make no sense in the unique order he’s chosen). Cruise stars as himself, a fervent believer who practically vibrates with devotion and punctuates his preaching with disturbingly enthusiastic cackles. It’s so weird that you can’t look away, and the timing couldn’t be better: Ol’ Couchjumper’s recent canon of cracky behavior has inspired such massive piles of intrigue and gossip that he’s become the subject of a book by professional-unauthorized-biographer Andrew Morton. The book attempts to unveil all the dark secrets of Cruise’s mysterious private life, including his not-so-casual involvement with Scientology — and now that this creepy video has hit the Web, Morton’s no doubt thanking the gods for their impeccable timing. But Morton’s reported inability to penetrate Cruise’s closed ranks has turned a hotly anticipated tell-all into a loosely sourced kitchen sink of a book that may, amazingly, do the Cruise camp more good than harm.
  46. tube junkie
    ‘Tom Cruise, Scientologist’: Tom Cruise Finally Plays an Evil MastermindTom Cruise has introduced the Scientology message to over one billion “people of Earth.”
  47. gossipmonger
    Zang Toi Incorrectly Assumes That Sharon Stone Wants to Meet More Gay DudesSomeone hacked into designer Zang Toi’s computer and sent out an invitation to clients like Sharon Stone and Ivana Trump asking them to join Gayguyschat.com. Julian Schhabel wore pajamas under his jacket to the Critics Choice Awards. Duh. West Village neighbors of Tom Brady and Gisele are not happy that paparazzi now roam the blocks. Joey Buttafuoco is annoyed that a “friend” of his secretly filmed him having sex with his second wife and is now selling the footage. Lizzie Grubman is unable to lend support to any of the candidates because she is a convicted felon and thus can’t vote. Barbara Corcoran is now nicknamed “The Usher of the Flusher” after appearing on a Today show segment on luxurious bathrooms.
  48. party lines
    Tom Cruise Nearly Wins Us Back at Museum of the Moving Image TributeFor the past couple of years, Tom Cruise has been cultivating a scary, Scientology-spewing, Matt Lauer–fighting, possibly baby-faking persona. But as we worked the red carpet at last night’s tribute to the actor by the Museum of the Moving Image, we found ourselves quickly experiencing backlash to the backlash. He really is, as they say, a megawatt star. He can still spin liquor bottles like in Cocktail, he told us, laughing heartily to signal how clever he thought we were for asking. “I [recently] went to Croatia or somewhere and a guy asked me to get behind the bar and I was spinning with him,” he said. “I broke a bottle or two. I tried!” With the fans, he’s a tireless hand shaker and picture taker. “I just think it’s manners,” he told us, after being taken away to pose with small children for the fifth time in our conversation. We’ll admit it. He had us at “hello” (well, in his case, “HELLO!”).
  49. gossipmonger
    Si to Shutter ‘Teen Vogue’?Teen Vogue may be the next Condé Nast magazine to fold. Some 370 girls auditioned to be Rockettes recently; two were hired. Reggie Jackson took issue with the scene in The Bronx Is Burning in which he loses his temper. Usher and Tameka Foster may be married in the Hamptons this week. Kelly Clarkson apologized to Clive Davis after realizing that her album was as bad as he claimed it was. Diddy wrote a song and shot a video about ex-girlfriend Kim Porter. A 9-year-old girl cried after being rebuffed for an autograph by Hilary Duff. Flava Flav got the celebrity-roast treatment. Elle is throwing a party for August cover girl Sarah Jessica Parker in the Hamptons. John Legend shopped for BBQ fixings at the Houston Street Whole Foods.
  50. gossipmonger
    Anonygossip Terrifies Hamptons!The society column in The Southampton Press is now anonymously written, and some East Enders are worried. Danielle Steel plans to write a novel based on her ex-husband’s boating incident in France, which left a French doctor dead. Sharon Stone is scheduled to emcee an AIDS benefit at the Dubai International Film Festival, despite the fact that the city has a bad track record on dealing with homosexuals and AIDS victims. Vanessa Minnillo may star in a reality show, though the Lohan knife pictures may be an issue. Peter Beard likes to take Polaroids of topless models. The Olsen twins sold pictures from their 21st-birthday party for $300,000. Paul McCartney performed a surprise show at the HighLine Ballroom with his “almost boy band.” Eli Manning dumped beer on teammate Shaun O’Hara at his 30th-birthday party.
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