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Ramona Flowers Revealed!

'Scott Pilgrim' director Edgar Wright has posted pictures of his female leads.

By Lane Brown

Michael Cera Is Scott Pilgrim!

Cera will play Bryan Lee O'Malley's lovable comic-book slacker; Geena Davis returns to TV; and Suzan Lori-Parks will direct Fences on Broadway.

‘Top Chef’ Winner Hung Shows Off His Knife Skills

Hung Huynh
Do you grip a knife like a baton? Do your tomato wedges fall apart in seedy clumps? Recent Top Chef winner Hung Huynh visited with Grub Street at Dani yesterday to demonstrate his famous knife skills. The quicksilver cook showed how to julienne squash and a speedy way to slice meat. Definitely try this at home. But first, watch the video. How to Chop Like a Top Chef [Video]