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  1. Scott Stringer Is Positioning Himself to Run Against Mayor de BlasioThere’s a growing body of evidence the comptroller might launch a primary challenge.
  2. Wage Concerns
    New Report Says a $15 Minimum Wage Would Raise NYC Food Workers’ Pay byCity Comptroller Scott Stringer finds the average weekly pay increase would be $139 per person.
  3. New Yorkers Working More Than 49 Hours a Week Thanks to Long CommutesIf New York City is going to symbolize the American Dream, we can’t be a nightmare when it comes to long work hours and commuting. Our residents deserve better.”
  4. City Comptroller Wants to Settle Eric Garner Civil ClaimScott Stringer hopes to avoid an expensive legal battle and bring “closure” to the family.
  5. City Settles Lawsuit Over Rikers Inmate Who ‘Baked to Death’ for $2.25 MillionJerome Murdough, a mentally ill veteran, died last February.
  6. Who Else Won Elections in New York City Last Night?Scott Stringer, Letitia James, and more!
  7. Eliot Spitzer Couldn’t Squeak Past Stringer for ComptrollerStringer picks up the nomination.
  8. The Hot Voting Accessory of 2013 Is Small ChildrenAnthony Weiner and Scott Stringer carried their kids into the voting booth while cameras snapped away. 
  9. The Most Brutal Burns in the Spitzer-Stringer Twitter WarSpokesperson vs. spokesperson.
  10. Could the Polls Be Underestimating Eliot Spitzer’s Support?What if voters just don’t want to admit that they’re voting for the hooker guy?
  11. Comptroller Race Really Coming Down to the WireA new poll shows Scott Stringer barely leading Eliot Spitzer.
  12. Scott Stringer Once Voted to Keep NAMBLA Tax-ExemptYes, NAMBLA. But it was for constitutional reasons. 
  13. Well, This Poll Shows Eliot Spitzer Up by 15 PointsPolls are crazy!
  14. Eliot Spitzer’s Huge Lead in the Polls Has VanishedHis nineteen-point lead two weeks ago is down to … zero.
  15. Third Spitzer-Stringer Debate Features More Personal Attacks, SingingIf you can call it that.
  16. David Paterson Endorses Scott Stringer, But He Won’t Tell You WhyAwkward.
  17. Spitzer Is Guilty of Many Sins, But Not Money LaunderingDespite what Scott Stringer says.
  18. The Times and the Post Both Endorse Stringer And Stringer will make a “fine” comptroller anyway.
  19. Stringer Spokesperson Mocks Eliot Spitzer for His Crappy Book SalesSpitzer has only sold 70 copies. 
  20. Eliot Spitzer’s Comeback Is Going Far Better Than Anthony Weiner’sHe leads the comptroller race by 19 points in a new poll.
  21. Issues
    Scott Stringer Ate a Cronut This MorningThe race for city comptroller heats up with a pastry that has absolutely nothing to do with the position of city comptroller.
  22. Spitzer and Stringer Woo Liberal Drinkers in Hell’s KitchenThe boozy event was actually less combative than the debates.
  23. Serious Question
    Eliot Spitzer and Scott Stringer Have Not Eaten CronutsThey seem suspiciously proud of this, too.
  24. Round Two of Spitzer vs. Stringer Was Just As NastyYou don’t know right from wrong,” snapped Stringer.
  25. Eliot Spitzer’s Comeback Hasn’t Been CheapHe has already spent $2.6 million of his own money on his comptroller campaign.
  26. The 13 Nastiest Attacks in the Nasty Spitzer-Stringer Comptroller DebateThis was a heated hour. 
  27. parties
    The NYC Municipal Election With a Surprisingly Fashionable FollowingSpare us the knee-jerk cynicism.
  28. Lena Dunham Learns to Love Scott StringerThe hippest event ever for a comptroller candidate was held last night.
  29. Anti-Spitzer Sentiment Spawns Two Super-PACsThanks again, Citizens United.
  30. Eliot Spitzer Will Not Vote for Anthony WeinerHe’s distancing himself.
  31. 12 Totally Thrilling Things to Know About Sex-Scandal-less Scott StringerA mostly superficial, vaguely amusing cheat sheet!
  32. Eliot Spitzer Is Mitt Romney–ing His Tax ReturnsHe won’t release all of them.
  33. Scandal-Tinged Races Are Raking in the CashFor Weiner as well as Scott Stringer.
  34. Weiner, Spitzer Still Winning the ‘Devil You Know’ VoteNew Yorkers: Shrug.
  35. Lena Dunham Is Just Not That Into Eliot Spitzer or Anthony WeinerShe endorsed Scott Stringer and Christine Quinn on Twitter.
  36. New Yorkers Prefer Disgraced Hooker Patron to Guy They’ve Never Heard OfSpitzer is beating Stringer by nine points. 
  37. Spitzer’s Old Running Mate Is Still Going With the Other GuyDavid Paterson is standing by Scott Stringer.
  38. Scott Stringer Goes Aggressive Against Eliot SpitzerThe other candidate for comptroller was here first.
  39. Who Benefits From Scott Stringer’s Withdrawal From the Mayoral Race?Everyone, a little. But some more than others.
  40. Scott Stringer Swaps Mayoral Bid for a Race He Can WinHe’s a lot more competitive for comptroller.
  41. loose threads
    Julianne Moore Is New Face of L’Oréal Paris; Mall of America Turns TwentyPlus, Carolyn Murphy and Sui He star in the holiday ads for Printemps.
  42. Lady Gaga Wades Into Local Political Beef Over Lady Gaga’s SluttinessLittle Monsters, meet Scott Stringer.
  43. Scott Stringer Stands Up for Lady GagaAgainst that slut-shamer James Molinaro.
  44. Crusades
    Stringer Wants Inwood Restaurant Put on Ice“I’m a little mystified why intervention hasn’t happened,” the borough president says.
  45. Justin Bieber Day Declared by Scott Stringer in ManhattanThe pop star and the “Hipster Cop” were both on hand.
  46. Scott Stringer Backs Bloomberg’s Taxi Plan in Outerborough OutreachDirectly in opposition to Bill de Blasio.
  47. Racial Politics Likely to Reemerge As a Major Theme of the 2013 Mayoral CampaignSix mayoral hopefuls got the ball rolling at an NYU conference today.
  48. NYU Taking Over a Little Less of Lower ManhattanThe university president announced a compromise yesterday.
  49. cover girls
    Scarlett Johansson Discusses Her Nude Photo Scandal in VogueOf all places.
  50. Which Would-Be Mayor Has the Best Theme Song?No data was available for Jack Donaghy.
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