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  1. Debra Messing’s Doctor Told Her to Stop Using Her Phone“I wasn’t sleeping.”
  2. Searchers Detect Possible Flight 370 ‘Ping’A Chinese ship discovered a signal that could be coming from the plane’s black box. 
  3. There Is a Reason Your Google Search Results Aren’t Filled Entirely With PornThanks, Porn Cookie Lady! Or no thanks?
  4. Google’s New Algorithm Cuts Off Content Farmers at the KneesYour search results, now with 12 percent less spam.
  5. Google Makes Your Search Results Look More Like Facebook [Update]Social search, whether you like it or not.
  6. Google: Now With Less Spam!Go Google yourself and see!
  7. For Larry Page, a How-to-Fix-Google ListNo. 4: Consider a Personality Transplant
  8. Google Promises It Won’t Infect Your Start-up With Its SuckinessStart-ups, come back! We promise we’re not contagious!