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  1. elon musk
    Elon Musk to Resign as Tesla Chairman, Pay SEC $20 Million Over TweetThe embattled entrepreneur will stay on as CEO, and may finally learn to stay off Twitter.
  2. courts
    Jay-Z Ordered to Testify Next Week in SEC Investigation Involving RocawearHe’s been avoiding subpoenas for months.
  3. No, Alibaba Is Not Going to Create 1 Million U.S. Jobs Because of TrumpThe Chinese e-commerce company gifted the president-elect with fodder for flattering — but wholly misleading — headlines.
  4. Deliverance
    That GrubHub IPO Is Now Valued at $1.7 BillionThe revised prospectus bumps up the delivery company’s value a lot.
  5. Deliverance
    GrubHub Files for $100 Million IPOThe delivery company juggernaut says it has 3.4 million users.
  6. SEC Message Trove Examined for Questionable E-Mail MannersSuch as addressing law briefs to your “overworked friends at the commission.”
  7. Wall Street Snitch Gets $50,000 RewardBut doesn’t even get to be famous.
  8. Goldman Dodges Another Bullet, SEC Drops Subprime Securities Fraud AllegationsCan Wall Street really run out the clock?
  9. The SEC Is Looking Into Private EquityLike, the whole industry.
  10. SEC Altering Its Guilt-Evasion RulesCompanies will be held to account a little bit more in future settlements.
  11. SEC Sues Former Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae CEOsThis action arises out of series of materially false and misleading public disclosures.”
  12. The SEC Is Looking Into Possible Insider Trading on the Credit DowngradeUh-oh.
  13. High-Frequency Traders Have a Low Opinion of SEC EmployeesBasically, they think they’re a bunch of thieves.
  14. Ex-Goldman and SEC Guy Changed His Name Before Going to Work for the Government Again [Update]The revolving door is lined with money.
  15. Matt Taibbi: SEC Has ‘Terminal Brain Damage’ for Deleting FilesMetaphors and corruption are everywhere!
  16. SEC Looking Into Insider Trading at S&P, Just in CaseAmerica collectively rubs its hands together eagerly.
  17. You Know, If You Wanted to, SEC, You Could Probe S&P and Threaten Its Rating LicenseJust sayin’.
  18. Danielle Chiesi Settles for $540,000 With SECBet that was one exchange that didn’t feel like an orgasm.
  19. Goldman and Libya: Did the Firm Break Bribery Laws?The SEC is looking into it.
  20. SAC Capital Eyed in SEC Probe of Biotech DealThe circling sharks get closer to their prey.
  21. Former Managing Director of the NASDAQ Charged With Insider TradingIt’s raining insider-trading allegations!
  22. Jamie Dimon Thinks the SEC Should Slow Its Roll Before It ‘Damages America’Actually they’re doing just fine.
  23. SEC Enforcer Robert Khuzami Would Like to Treat Successful Hedge Funds Like the CriminalsWe’re now doing things like canvassing all hedge funds.”
  24. Rajat Gupta Will Not Settle for Anything Less Than His Very Own Trial By JuryAdministrative hearings are not baller.
  25. SEC Probes Bank of America, Citigroup, UBS for Manipulating Banking RatesThe SEC is very probe-happy these days, no?
  26. What Gets a Potential Juror Kicked Off the Raj Rajaratnam Trial?Friends of Al Sharpton? Dismissed.
  27. A Tough Judge, Curious Accusations, and Jurors Who Love Wall Street: Let the Raj Rajaratnam Trial BeginThe judge has come down hard in insider-trading cases in the past.
  28. Raj Rajaratnam Wants to Testify at His Insider-Trading TrialThis has backfired on bigger alleged criminals before.
  29. Lloyd Blankfein ‘Agrees’ to Testify at Raj Rajaratnam’s Insider-Trading TrialNot because he did anything wrong.
  30. SEC’s Insider Trading Charges Against Rajat Gupta Are a Sign of Its Newfound PowerOn the other hand, Gupta won’t face a jury and is subject to smaller fines.
  31. The War on Wall Street Bonuses Gets PersonalLloyd is not going to like this.
  32. SEC Decides It Might Be a Good Idea to Investigate How Facebook and Twitter Are Trading SharesThis marketplace is like the early days of the ‘junk’-bond market.”
  33. Dick Fuld Won’t Let an SEC Investigation Keep Him From Giving Investment AdviceThe S-E-C you say? Nope. Doesn’t sound familiar.
  34. SEC Director Offended by Obviousness of Galleon Accomplices’ SchemeAt least TRY to hid your insider trading.
  35. How the ‘Smart Guys’ at Merrill Lynch Got Things DoneTraders who bought and sold securities with the firm’s own money for two years were close enough to see the computer screens of traders taking orders from clients and overhear their phone calls.”
  36. Goldman Sachs to Reveal Magical Formula for Making MoneyA report from Goldman Sachs will reveal details about the secretive firm.
  37. SEC Charges Four More in Galleon Insider-Trading CaseSEC director Robert Khuzami expresses fresh outrage.
  38. Goldman’s Leaked Memo to Rich Investors Exposes Facebook’s Actual EarningsAnd the SEC’s investigation.
  39. With Facebook Deal, Goldman Sachs Now Able to Get Clients to ‘Shaft Themselves’It was very pesky when they had to convince clients they wanted to be shafted.
  40. Goldman Sachs Investment in Facebook Makes That $50 Billion Valuation Look More LegitWinning at life.
  41. Apple’s Face-Melting Revenues Come With a Note of Caution(Lots) mo’ money, (a few) mo’ problems.
  42. Public Will Be Deprived of Seeing Angelo Mozilo Tried in the ‘Flesh’ (Updated)The question is: Will the SEC allow themselves to be placated with a boatload of Angelo’s dirty cash? Oh, kidding, that’s not the question.
  43. Rattner Expected to Settle With SECThe former Obama car czar will agree to be banned from the securities industry.
  44. Citigroup Settles Subprime ChargesThe SEC’s Enforcer scores again.
  45. Dell Pays $100 Million to Make Accounting-Fraud Charges Go AwayIn a statement, the CEO sounded humbled.
  46. Goldman Settles SEC Fraud Charges for John Paulson’s Pocket Change$550 million, and “no admission of guilt.”
  47. Why the SEC Decided to Sue Goldman SachsWith high-school reunion season on the horizon, the agency had to do something.
  48. Feds Launch Criminal Probe Into Goldman TradingInvestigation triggered by SEC referral.
  49. Goldman Execs: ‘We Didn’t Do Anything Wrong’Was the financial crisis Goldman’s fault? No, but they are sad about it.
  50. Goldman Sachs: Basically a Sorority That Makes Money on Things Other Than Car WashesAt the Squid, conformist behavior leads to group eating disorders.
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