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Second Chances

  1. second chances
    Ryan Seacrest and Jenny McCarthy Are Glad Mariah Carey’s BackThe New Year’s Rockin’ Eve hosts say giving Mariah Carey a second chance to perform was in line with this year’s telecast theme of “Unity.”
  2. second chances
    Harvey Weinstein to Resurrect the House of Charles James“The label deserves to be a household name in the same ranks as Chanel, Dior, and Oscar de la Renta.”
  3. second chances
    The Butler Is Getting a RereleaseFor awards season.
  4. second chances
    Watch Lindsay Lohan’s Bizarre Cameo on Eastbound & DownShe played Kenny’s daughter … sort of.
  5. politics
    On Spitzer and Weiner: Let’s Not Make It About ‘Women Voters’Rivals seem determined to frame the disgraced pols’ campaigns as a bid for the forgiveness of women.
  6. Second Chances
    Moving Forward With Plans for a New Tavern on the GreenCB8 met last night to discuss a “casual” outdoor café.
  7. For Your Reconsideration: Blades of GloryThe Will Ferrell Sports Movie craze spanned just four features, although it seems like there were so many more of them. Between 2005 and 2008, […]
  8. second chances
    Chris Medina’s New Music Video Jerks More of Your TearsThe ‘American Idol’ alum isn’t going anywhere.
  9. illegitimi non carborundum
    John Thain Is Determined Not to Let an ‘Interior Decorating Mistake’ Be His LegacyThe former Merrill Lynch CEO, known for his taste in commodes, mulls a job offer.
  10. second chances
    Consignment and Resale Shops Are Doing Just Fine, ThanksRetail may be down, but consignment is up — way up.
  11. second chances
    VH1 Denies Report That Megan Hauserman Is Getting a New Reality ShowGuess they weren’t trying to “buy her silence,” after all!