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Secretary Of Awesome

  1. Can John Kerry Be a Secretary of Awesome?We examine the photographic evidence.
  2. Hillary Clinton Writing Another Memoir About SomethingSo. Running.
  3. Clinton and Obama: We ‘Can’t Predict’ 2016 RaceThe former rivals-turned-BFFs talk with 60 Minutes.
  4. Hillary Clinton Wearing Special Glasses Following ConcussionBut she sees “just fine” with them on.
  5. Seven Things Hillary Clinton Was Saying When She Adjusted Her GlassesShe did this a lot today.
  6. Clinton Will Testify on Benghazi on January 22Exciting.
  7. Why New York Doesn’t Want Mayor Hillary ClintonKind of odd.
  8. Hillary Clinton Deployed to Middle East to End Gaza ConflictJust wrapping up some loose ends during her final days in office.
  9. Clinton Definitely Leaving Politics, Or May StayI will always want to be in service to my country,” says Clinton.
  10. secretary of awesome
    Hillary Clinton on Oscar de la Renta: ‘He Is a True American Original’USA!
  11. Hillary Clinton Aide Apologizes for Using F-WordSpokesman Philippe Reines may or may not have contributed to the swear jar, too.
  12. Hillary Clinton Aide to Reporter: ‘F*ck Off’Clinton spokesman Phillippe Reines gets testy over CNN’s Libya coverage.
  13. Clinton: Burma Learned Democracy From West WingNobody send them any Breaking Bad DVDs.
  14. Now We Know What Kind of Dancer Hillary Clinton IsA pretty decent one!
  15. Maybe Hillary Clinton Was Not Chased Out of Malawi by Killer BeesThe writer Ayelet Waldman, who was there, has the real story.
  16. Hillary Clinton Chased Out of Malawi by BeesBees everywhere!
  17. Hillary Clinton Hasn’t Seen Her Romney Campaign Ads, But Isn’t a FanClinton is “out of politics,” so don’t try to drag her back in.
  18. Hillary Clinton Spices Up Swearing-in Ceremony With Funky EyewearSomebody has a bad case of senioritis.
  19. North Korea Calls Clinton’s Advice ‘Reckless’The Foreign Minister suggests some priorities to her.
  20. Hillary Open to 2016, According to Her ShouldersHow she responded at Wellesley today.
  21. Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Really Care in the Least What You Think of Her HairShe’s kinda busy with other stuff.
  22. Hillary Clinton Announces Bid to Eat, Pray, LoveWhat presidency?
  23. Hillary Clinton Will Only Work With Jason Segel If There Are Muppets InvolvedObviously.
  24. secretary of awesome
    Hillary Clinton Couldn’t Wait to Meet Spanx LadyShe summoned Sara Blakely to her table.
  25. It Looks Like Hillary Clinton Had a Pretty Good Time in ColombiaThere are photos to prove it. 
  26. Hillary Clinton Meets ‘Texts From Hillary’ GuysThanks for the many LOLZ
  27. What Did Hillary Clinton and Meryl Streep Talk About at Dinner Last Weekend?We have a guess.
  28. Hillary Clinton Would Never Say ‘Thank You’ to the Secret ServiceFormer agent tells all. 
  29. Hillary Clinton Has Some Influential SupportersIce-T has confidence in Hillary 2016.
  30. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Seems Skeptical of Hillary Clinton’s Hoops PotentialWhat does he know?
  31. The Secret to Hillary Clinton’s Diplomatic SuccessEveryone loves a doppelgänger.
  32. Filipino Protesters Paint Hillary Clinton’s ConvoyNot everyone was happy to see her.
  33. Hillary Clinton Would Crush Mitt Romney, Rick PerryShe would beat Perry by 26 points.
  34. secretary of awesome
    Hillary Clinton Is Not Going to Comment on Republican CandidatesAt least not directly.
  35. This Is How Hillary Clinton Reacted to News of Muammar Qaddafi’s DeathIt’s kind of awesome.
  36. Hillary Clinton Has ‘Absolutely Nothing Invested’ in Syrian President Assad [Update][He] is not indispensable.”
  37. Hillary Clinton May Be ‘Evolving’ Toward Gay Marriage Quicker Than Her BossAt an event this week she seemed to cheer New York’s legislative ruling.
  38. Hillary Clinton’s Secret WhispersApparently Hillary Clinton whispers to people a lot, and this Tumblr, which we kind of wish we’d thought of, imagines what she’s saying.
  39. Hillary Clinton Wants to Be President ... of the World Bank?The White House reportedly supports her.
  40. Hillary Clinton Visits Japan As Tokyo Electric Sets Nine-Month Timetable for Crippled PlantThe U.S. has lowered its warning for travel to Japan.
  41. Clinton Friend Ed Rendell Is Ignoring Everything Hillary Has Said About 2016He thinks she might run for president.
  42. Hillary Clinton Arrives in YemenShe’ll be there for a few hours.
  43. Admittedly, Hugo Chavez Admires Hillary Clinton’s ‘Spontaneous Smile’Awww, who doesn’t?
  44. Hillary Clinton Hosting a Summit to Discuss North KoreaSome people weren’t invited.
  45. Hillary Clinton Still Incapable of Giving Shermanesque AnswerI think I’ll serve as secretary of State as my last public position” is not “I will definitely serve as secretary of State as my last public position.”
  46. Hillary Clinton Asked What Designers She Wears Good job, Kyrgyzstani moderator.
  47. Once Again, Hillary Clinton Unconvincingly Rules Out Running for PresidentThe woman can’t give a Shermanesque answer.
  48. This Is How Bill and Hillary Discuss Dinner OptionsWow.
  49. secretary of awesome
    Hillary Clinton Mostly Rules Out 2016 Presidential RunBut she keeps dropping hints like it’s not entirely certain.
  50. Every Time This Happens, Hillary Clinton Dies a Little InsidePresident Clinton.”
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