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  1. secrets
    What Secret Items Do You Keep in the Underwear Drawer?The Cut asked and you answered: baby teeth. Letters from an ex. Boxes of macaroni and cheese.
  2. marriage: an investigation
    Secrets I Keep From My Spouse“I stalk my wife’s emails, texts, and bank account. On some days I follow her every move.”
  3. secrets
    John Mulaney’s Mom Knows Who the Mean SNL Hosts AreAfter every show, she would ask, “Were they nice?”
  4. encounter
    Daniel Ellsberg Is Still Thinking About the Papers He Didn’t Get to LeakThe man who released the Pentagon Papers is back with a new book, The Doomsday Machine.
  5. un-secret love
    Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes Were Finally Photographed Holding Hands on the BeachGuess they’re no longer secretly dating.
  6. politics
    Frank Rich: Nixon, Trump, and How a Presidency EndsJust wait. Watergate didn’t become Watergate overnight, either.
  7. videology
    The Weeknd Chases Love Through a Sad Kubrick Sex Dream in New ‘Secrets’ VideoWhose origami bed are you levitating over tonight, my love?
  8. Keeping Secrets Isn’t So Bad for You After All — With One ExceptionPast research has suggested that keeping a secret can hurt your mental and physical well-being. A new study says it’s more nuanced than that.
  9. secrets
    Edward James Olmos Is Talking About Not Talking About Blade Runner 2049The first rule of Blade Runner 2049 is you don’t talk about Blade Runner 2049.
  10. secrets
    Hill Aides Helped Craft Travel Ban, Weren’t Allowed to Tell Their Bosses: ReportGOP lawmakers had no idea because the Trump team had their staffers sign nondisclosure agreements.
  11. Party Chat
    Bryan Cranston on Learning to Think Like a SpyThe cast of The Infiltrator talks about how they researched the undercover life.
  12. The Real Reason Keeping Secrets Is So Hard, According to a PsychologistIt’s a lot like multitasking.
  13. secrets
    5 Secrets That Still Need to Be Revealed on Game of ThronesSpill secrets, not blood!
  14. harry potter
    Harry Potter American House Names RevealedStudents at Ilvermorny can join Horned Serpent, Wampus, Thunderbird, or Pukwudgie, according to Pottermore source code.
  15. How Do Spies Keep Their Double Lives Secret?A former undercover CIA agent took to Reddit to explain how he pulled off the biggest lie of his life.
  16. secrets
    J.J. Abrams Knows Quite a Bit About Rey’s Origin“Obviously, it’s not for me to talk about in this moment.”
  17. secrets
    Emma Stone Has a Secret Pinterest BoardInspirational and confidential.
  18. international intrigue
    The United States Secretly Set Up a ‘Cuban Twitter’Aimed at undermining the government. 
  19. nobody has to know
    Matthew Williamson and Gwyneth Paltrow Are Secret Best FriendsTheir friendship is so special, she doesn’t want to make the world jealous.
  20. secrets
    Matthew Perry and Lizzy Caplan Broke Up a Year AgoIn other news, they were dating each other! For like six years! 
  21. secrets
    The Government Finally Admitted That Area 51 ExistsIt was used to test spy planes, or so they claim.
  22. secrets for sale
    Policeman Jailed for Peddling Kate Middleton Info to TabloidsMore information about Scotland Yard constable Paul Flattley comes to light.
  23. secrets
    What Are the Best Places to Hide Stuff From Live-in Boyfriends?And what are we hiding from each other?
  24. secrets
    The Messy Jil Sander/Raf Simons Swap, Explained at Long LastIt’s complicated.
  25. secrets
    Amy Poehler Reveals the Six Bizarre Habits of Adam ScottWell, he moonlights as a prostitute, for one.
  26. the aisle
    Are You Guilty of Financial Infidelity?When mother’s little helper is a stash of cold, hard cash.
  27. tv
    Did Steve Carell Secretly Cameo on The Office Last Week?Sure looks like it.
  28. secrets
    Jesse Eisenberg Reveals Early Professional Inspiration: Ween“It’s the only band whose albums I buy.”
  29. secrets
    Mark Halperin Wins the Race to Ruin O Author’s AnonymityHe figured out it was McCain speechwriter Mark Salter.
  30. secrets
    Guess What Apps Damon Albarn Used to Make His iPad AlbumSecrets, revealed!
  31. secrets
    Is Detox Secretly Being Produced by Justin Bieber?See footage of Bieber and Dre in the studio together.
  32. cries for help
    Jake Gyllenhaal Comes Clean: Gwyneth Paltrow Is Not a HumanWe knew it!
  33. secrets
    Secret Formula for Cinemax ‘After Dark’ Success RevealedThe soft-core porn people really have this figured out.
  34. Openings
    Kesté Plans ‘Secret’ Upper West Side Spinoff?A long-underserved neighborhood might get some good pizza this summer.
  35. Nightlife
    Hey NYC, We Have an Insane, Secret, Private Loft Party Space, Too!The Monster Loft is “one big-ass Chicago party room.”
  36. secrets
    Guns N’ Roses Played New York Last NightSeriously!
  37. neighborhood news
    What’s Behind the Wall?Check out this ongoing documentary project in Brooklyn, which involves the world’s oldest subway tunnel, a secret hidden steam locomotive, and maybe even the assassination of President Lincoln.