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  1. cybersecurity
    Cops’ Favorite Phone Hacking Tool Is Being Sold on eBayThe Cellebrite UFED promises to help law enforcement crack into suspects’ phones. If you have $100 and an eBay account, you can now do the same.
  2. government shutdown
    Pelosi Strongly Suggests That Trump Postpone State of the UnionThere’s no reason the House should have to host Trump’s televised speech, particularly when he’s shut down the government.
  3. holiday hacking
    Hackers Celebrate Holidays With Fake Amazon, Apple Receipt AttacksThe cyberwar on Christmas.
  4. strat investigates
    How Did a Smart Doorbell Scare Off Home Intruders?“Get away from the door!”
  5. hacking
    Good News! The Enormous Facebook Data Breach Only Has 30 Million Victims!The company is working with the FBI to investigate.
  6. select all
    Should You Spy on Your House With a Smart-Home Camera?We never thought we would need a camera in our home — our cat would be fine without us — but found the Yi Dome to be surprisingly comforting.
  7. this thing's incredible
    The Only Sports Lock I’ve Never Forgotten the Combination ToI’ve had it for three years — which is a new personal record.
  8. select all
    Amazon Now Offering Home Security Starter PacksFor less than $1,000, Amazon will set up a security system for you.
  9. this thing's incredible
    The Jewelry Safe I Learned About From My AccountantIn the event of a natural (or even not so natural) disaster.
  10. Nearly Every Computer Made Since 1995 Is Dangerously Flawed. This Is Why.For more than two decades, computer chips have been built with this shockingly dangerous vulnerability — and it’s going to take years to fix.
  11. select all
    Google Offers ‘Advanced Protection’ for the Most at-Risk UsersJust because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not trying to hack you.
  12. politics
    Here’s How Much Betsy DeVos’s ‘Extremely Unusual’ Security Detail Could CostShe has an around-the-clock team of U.S. marshals.
  13. select all
    If You’re an Immigrant, Homeland Security Is Going to Need Your Twitter HandleAll immigrants will be required to turn over their social-media handles to the Department of Homeland Security, per a new policy.
  14. NGO Director Convicted on Terrorism Charges for Refusing to Give Up PasswordsA British court ruling sets a concerning precedent.
  15. meanwhile in the hamptons
    Hamptons Summer Parties Are Now Reportedly Enlisting Counterterrorism PoliceExtra protection for the posh getaway.
  16. Update Your iOS Now to Fix a Major Security FlawThis exploit allows anyone within Wi-Fi range to take complete control of your phone.
  17. A Former NSA Lawyer Explains Why Border Phone Searches Are a Waste of TimeIt’s inefficient and yields bad intelligence.
  18. security
    The Campus Security Director Who Fears a Mass Shooting“That is the kind of disaster that keeps us up at night. We have an open campus. There’s no fencing because it’s a welcoming environment.”
  19. select all
    Your 2-Step, 14-Word Guide to Comprehensive Digital SecurityIt’s a scary time out there for computer security — but the tools to protect your privacy are easier to implement than you might expect.
  20. D.C. Prosecutors to Pull Data From 100 Phones Taken Amid Inauguration ArrestsOver 200 people were arrested and charged with felony rioting in January.
  21. select all
    Enormous Corporate Database Leaks Info of 33 Million PeopleA Dun & Bradstreet database has been leaked to the web, filled with incredibly detailed information.
  22. Just How Safe Does That HTTPS Green Padlock Keep You?Just because you see that green padlock at the top of your browser, don’t assume you’re completely safe.
  23. How a Plush Toy Exposed Millions of Voice Messages Between Kids and ParentsA message you can hug, but probably shouldn’t.
  24. At $25 Million, Trump’s NYC Security Bill Is Cheaper Than First EstimatedThe NYPD Commissioner updated lawmakers on the revised number — about $10 million less than first requested.
  25. How to Keep Your Smartphone Safe While Entering the United StatesDon’t want a customs agent looking through your Twitter DMs? Here’s how.
  26. select all
    How to Build Donald Trump a Trump-Proof PhoneHow to protect the commander-in-chief from himself.
  27. Why It Matters That Trump Is Still Using an Insecure PhoneThe Secret Service would prefer that he use a phone with military-grade encryption and almost none of the standard features.
  28. Is WhatsApp Safe to Use? (Yes, But Use Signal Anyway)There’s no back door into the system.
  29. How to Safely Enjoy All That Free Subway Wi-FiNearly every underground subway station is now wired for free Wi-Fi. Here’s how to use it without worry.
  30. Yahoo Reveals It Was the Victim of the Largest Data Breach in History — AgainTime to ditch Yahoo once and for all.
  31. Former Employee Says It’s Still Insanely Easy for Anyone at Uber to Track YouThe former forensic investigator is suing the company after he repeatedly spoke out against the company’s privacy policies.
  32. The NYPD Is Going to Deploy ‘the Largest Election Detail’ Ever on TuesdayAnd not to read too much into things, but the Clinton campaign canceled its fireworks display.
  33. Use Windows? Disable Flash Right NowA massive vulnerability in Windows was revealed by Google, of all companies.
  34. Security Warning: Update Your iPhone’s iOS Now. Like, Right Now.A security hole could let someone do serious damage to your iPhone.
  35. Can You Be Online Without Leaving Any Digital Fingerprints?We talked to a security expert about whether true anonymity is possible in 2016.
  36. The Most Important Thing You’ll Read Today: How to Use a Password ManagerEven if you’ve got the strongest password in the world, it’s no good if you reuse it across multiple sites. Here’s how to stop.
  37. vidcon
    VidCon Tightens Security After Grimmie’s DeathFans can no longer meet YouTube stars after panels.
  38. Two Very Good Reasons to Upgrade to iOS 9.3 As Soon As PossibleApple fixed two major security bugs in its latest iOS upgrade.
  39. Security Ramps Up As New Year’s Gets CloserThere will be around 6,000 police officers in Times Square on Thursday night.
  40. look of the day
    Kim Kardashian Wore a Bedazzled Bra Through Airport Security Also, got to keep her Balmain boots on.
  41. Crime Scenes
    Airport Security Busts Culinary StudentLooks like one culinary student wont’ be showing off her knife skills to the folks over the semester break.
  42. Jet Skier Enjoys Peaceful Walk Across JFK RunwaysIn the battle of man vs. security system, man wins.
  43. Visa, Mastercard Warn of Major Security BreachYikes.
  44. The Government Is Helping to Protect Banks From HackersLest we all experience financial mayhem.
  45. The Security Firms Protecting Wall Street Love the ProtestsTrickle-down economics!
  46. White House to Cut Anti-Terror Funding for NYCSchumer: “[It] shows they just don’t get it and are not doing right by New York City.”
  47. Bloomberg Wants His Very Own ‘Ring of Steel’Somebody will soon be watching you.
  48. spielberg
    Spielberg Rep Denies Report of Totally Reasonable-Sounding Spielberg Security Plan“This description is so far from the real world of Steven that it doesn’t deserve a comment.”
  49. the internet runs our lives
    Everybody Hates New Facebook Privacy SettingsIn a month they’ll love them.
  50. Is the NYPD ‘Ring of Steel’ Effective? And Is It Worth the Cost to Privacy?We take a peek at the newest security initiative in New York: a network of cameras in midtown watching your every move.
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