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  1. let's get civical
    Bloomberg Wants His Very Own ‘Ring of Steel’Somebody will soon be watching you.
  2. spielberg
    Spielberg Rep Denies Report of Totally Reasonable-Sounding Spielberg Security Plan“This description is so far from the real world of Steven that it doesn’t deserve a comment.”
  3. the internet runs our lives
    Everybody Hates New Facebook Privacy SettingsIn a month they’ll love them.
  4. let's get civical
    Is the NYPD ‘Ring of Steel’ Effective? And Is It Worth the Cost to Privacy?We take a peek at the newest security initiative in New York: a network of cameras in midtown watching your every move.
  5. neighborhood news
    Ray Kelly Wants to Put the Whole City in a SnuggiePolice Commissioner Ray Kelly wants to wrap Manhattan up in a giant security system.
  6. NewsFeed
    How to Dine With Your BodyguardsIf you’re a wealthy foreigner, don’t think showing up with bodyguards will get you into the club.