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  1. anthropaulogy
    Logan Paul Isn’t a Flat Earther, But He’s Cool With Taking Their Money“My name is Logan Paul, and I think I’m coming out of the Flat Earth closet.”
  2. hacks
    I Truly Did Not Know My iPhone Could Do This and If You Did CongratsAn incredibly easy and useful hack for the typo prone.
  3. what the zuck?
    Facebook Is at War and Mark Zuckerberg Is Its GeneralThings at Facebook seem totally calm and normal.
  4. GoFundMe Scam Saga Ends in Three ArrestsA New Jersey couple raised over $400,000 for a homeless man they claimed had helped them in an emergency. The trio made the whole thing up.
  5. artphone
    In Memoriam: Instagram Trends We Loved and LostPour one out for the Kelvin filter.
  6. google
    Google Changed Its Sexual Harassment Policies, But It Could Have Gone FurtherGoogle CEO Sundar Pichai’s policy update is a move in the right direction, but it ignores some key demands from last week’s walkout.
  7. intelligencer
    Introducing the New IntelligencerNow with business and tech coverage, more politics, a podcast, an experimental new homepage, and even more great writers.
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    Taylor Swift Is Glad Her Tumblr Stans Liked Her PostShe also likes kicking Republicans, figuratively.
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    Talking With the Man Whose Techno-Thriller Is Based on a China Supply-Chain HackAugust Cole and P.W. Singer’s 2015 book Ghost Fleet: A Novel of the Next World War just got a whole lot scarier.
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    The Facebookification of Instagram Has BegunThe newest features from the platform feel out of touch for Instagram but old hat for Facebook.
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    Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Desperately Wants to Be a Zelda GameThe newest game in the series offers a lot of meaningless choices.
  12. select all
    Hoo Boy, China May Have Hacked Apple, Amazon, and Dozens MoreTiny microchips implanted on motherboards used in servers by Apple, Amazon, and over 30 other companies are now under intense scrutiny.
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    I Wanted to Understand This Fareed Zakaria Meme. So I Talked to Waluigi.Twitter’s favorite new meme format for today goofs on Fareed Zakaria talking to Bono about populism.
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    ‘Wow Queen’: The Story Behind the Internet’s Most Famous Goofy ArtA self-taught artist created the iconic image that’s taken on a life of its own.
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    44 Percent of Young Americans Deleted Facebook From Their PhoneBetween the ages of 18 and 29? There are decent odds that you deleted the Facebook app in the past 12 months, per new numbers from Pew.
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    The New Meme Is HandshakesHands in.
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    If You Don’t Already Own a Kindle, Now Is the Best Time to Buy OneAmazon has some excellent deals right now.
  18. select all
    Why You Should Get an Echo DotIf you don’t already own one, now is the time to buy.
  19. Facebook Announces a Bunch of Fox News ProgrammingAs part of Facebook Watch, the company is paying Fox News for hours of content.
  20. I Can Feel Dark Energy Emanating From This YouTube Video About Coke LifehacksWARNING: This video will kill you.
  21. R.L. Stine Explains That Shakira TweetThe Goosebumps author tweeted “Shakira, Shakira!” over the weekend with no explanation … so we asked for one.
  22. Insane Clown Posse Calls Out Shoddy Online Fur-Suit Retailer“Online sellers, how do they work?”
  23. This Week’s Best Twitter Is Weird, on-Brand Childhood-Stories TwitterA lovely Twitter game to ease you into the week.
  24. Old Friends’ Leo Passes to the Rainbow BridgeHe was an iconic dog beloved by millions online.
  25. How Facebook and Google Manipulate Users Into Sacrificing PrivacyA new report shows how interfaces can be designed to influence user decisions.
  26. I Saw Jake Paul Live and All I Got Was a Creeping Sense of Existential DreadHere’s everything you probably didn’t miss at Jake Paul’s Team 10 Live show in New York City.
  27. Apple Closes Security Loophole, Sets Up Another Fight With Law EnforcementApple narrowly avoided the Supreme Court in 2016. Will it do so again?
  28. You Can Look Now, the Raccoon Is FineAfter two days of climbing a skyscraper in Minnesota, the raccoon is finally safe.
  29. Stop-and-Frisk and Broken Windows Haven’t Gone Away— They’ve Moved OnlineAs the number of in-person stop-and-frisk arrests decline, young men of color in urban areas find themselves lumped into police gang databases.
  30. Teacher Writes Diss Track Dissing Jake Paul’s Diss Track Dissing Teachers“I make about 35k a year, son!”
  31. Google, Facebook Already Facing Lawsuits Under New European Privacy LawThe E.U.’s new data-privacy law went into effect today — and Google and Facebook are already facing legal complaints.
  32. Twitter Was Better in 2008, So Let’s All Just Live ThereTen years ago, barely anybody used Twitter, and those who did didn’t know what it was for. It was great!
  33. Amazon Alexa Reportedly Secretly Recorded Conversation and Sent It to a RandoA family in Portland was horrified when a man in Seattle called and said he’d heard their private conversations.
  34. Pete ‘Shade Master’ Souza Is Writing a Book About, Well, ShadeThe former Obama White House photographer has spent months shading Trump on Instagram.
  35. How Smart Homes Make Living With ALS EasierTechnology has helped Josh Gentry maintain a level of independence that’s unusual for people who have lived with ALS as long as he has.
  36. The Men Running Mugshots.com Have Been Charged With ExtortionThe site took advantage of public records to allegedly extort people — including those never charged or convicted.
  37. How Storyful Kept a Very Close Eye on What Journalists Looked AtA social-media aggregator monitored what journalists were looking at, hoping to gain an edge on what content was about to go viral.
  38. Is This Voice Saying ‘Yanny’ or ‘Laurel’?It’s “The Dress” but for your ears.
  39. The Pigeon Meme Is Here to Bring Order to the InternetWhat does the pigeon meme tell us about the internet — and ourselves?
  40. If You Use PGP, You Should Probably StopSwitch to a different encryption scheme for the time being.
  41. What Does Smart-Home Tech Look Like in New York City?Trying to figure out what smart-home tech looks like in a very expensive, very weird housing market.
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    Does Alexa Know I’m Gay?Why does Amazon keep suggesting I buy gardening products and granola?
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    SpongeBob’s Most Bootleg Meme Finds Power in Stoicism“*breath in* boi”
  44. Kanye West’s Bizarre Bookmark Tweet: ExplainedOur best attempt to make sense of Kanye West’s latest tweet.
  45. 3 Smart-Home Obsessives Talk About Their Unbelievably Teched-Out Homes“Most people are just trying to turn on kitchen lights from their iPad. Yawn.”
  46. Twitter Says You Should Change Your Password After Bug Exposed ThemInternal logs stored the passwords, exposing them to employees.
  47. The Spoiler-y Avengers Meme Taking Over Your FeedIt’s about the end of the movie.
  48. 15 Arrested for Suspected PUBG Cheating, Fined $5 MillionMore like Hacker Known’s Battlegrounds.
  49. I Had to Teach My Alexa That Eggplants Were FruitEgg-plant, egg-plahnt. Let’s call the whole thing off.
  50. Logan Paul Says He’s Done Vlogging DailyHe’d also really like you to buy a sweatshirt, thank you!
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