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    The Case for Setting Your GPS to Your Own VoiceIn their ability to predict and react to our needs, voice assistants are fundamentally extensions of ourselves. Should they also sound like us?
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    My Smart TV Made Entertainment a ChoreOur smart TV seemed to amplify a sense of urgency. The simple, daily question, “What should we watch?” suddenly had stakes.
  3. 6 Things to Know Before Buying the Galaxy Note 9Samsung’s newest phone boasts a great camera, but it doesn’t come cheap.
  4. If You Own One of These Phones, You Can Start Playing Fortnite on Android TodayGood news, Galaxy owners.
  5. The Magic Leap, the World’s Most-Hyped Gadget, Makes Its Underwhelming DebutThe Magic Leap is here, I guess.
  6. Targeted ‘Attack’ on FCC Was Just John Oliver FansThe FCC inspector general disputes a previous claim about a DDoS attack.
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    Smart-Home Robots Are Using Their Cuteness to Spy on You BetterIf self-driving cars need a good sense of physics, social robots need the tools of a confidence artist.
  8. Elon Musk Made a Weed Joke and Plunged Tesla Into ChaosA weed joke that moves markets.
  9. Even Porn Sites Want Nothing to Do With Alex JonesPinterest and MailChimp also banned the Infowars host this week.
  10. The Only Pressure Facebook Understands Is From Its Megaplatform RivalsNobody can force Facebook to do anything, unless they’re the competition.
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    MoviePass Now Limited to 3 Movies Per MonthThe restrictions come after last week’s temporary price hike.
  12. Facebook, Apple, and Spotify Remove Infowars ContentAll three platforms cited “hate speech” as the reason.
  13. Doctors Warn About ‘Snapchat Dysmorphia’Plastic surgeons say Snapchat-inspired procedures are on the rise.
  14. Why Are Thousands of People Watching a Livestream of This Man Sleeping?“I thought, What would happen if I turned on Periscope and just let people watch me sleep — for laughs?
  15. Yodel Kid’s ‘Famous’ Is Actually Really GoodGive it a shot.
  16. The Internet Is Lying to YouThe modern practice of redirecting links runs counter to the original vision of the internet.
  17. Should You Spy on Your House With a Smart-Home Camera?We never thought we would need a camera in our home — our cat would be fine without us — but found the Yi Dome to be surprisingly comforting.
  18. Apple Is a Trillion-Dollar CompanyThat could buy a lot of iPhones.
  19. Once You Understand ‘Gang weed,’ You’ll Understand EverythingGamers Rise Up.
  20. Google Is Planning to Bring Its Search Engine to ChinaA custom app could breach the Great Firewall.
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    The Downloadable Gun Is Dead — for NowA federal judge issued a temporary nationwide ban on blueprints for untraceable 3-D-printed firearms just hours before they posted online.
  22. Just a Few Questions About This Microwave DungeonFirst of all, why? And second of all, what?
  23. The Company That Invented the iPhone in 1990How a group of ex-Apple employees went from insanely great to greatly insane, accidentally inspiring a generation in the process.
  24. Smart Homes Will Pollute the World, and Then We’ll DieAll the gadgets I love are falling apart and going to waste. And there’s no way to fix them.
  25. Facebook Says ‘Bad Actors’ Are Running an Influence Campaign on the PlatformThe social network won’t say who it thinks is behind the account though.
  26. Do Not Be Fooled by Twitter’s Excellent Elon Musk Impersonators“If you are rude to me i will put you in ze Hyperloop and send you into ze sun!”
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    Amazon’s Facial-Recognition Software Mistakes 28 Congressmen for CriminalsThe software misidentified a disproportionate amount of representatives of color, including six members of the Congressional Black Caucus.
  28. It’s Not a BugThe effects of algorithms are unpredictable, but not unintended.
  29. Once More for the Republicans in the Back: Twitter Doesn’t ‘Shadow Ban’Earlier this week, reports claimed Republican Twitter accounts were being secretly suppressed.
  30. Alex Jones Has Been Suspended From FacebookThe conspiracy theorist suffers some consequences.
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    Review: Netflix’s Tau Is Not a Good Movie, But It Takes Place in a Nice HouseThere are a few moments when the horror gives way to almost hominess — when it’s a little less Saw and a little more Better Homes and Gardens.
  32. ‘Vomit Fraud’: Uber Drivers’ Fake Puke Claims Cost Riders Up to $150Passengers are filing lawsuits against Uber after being charged a fee for allegedly vomiting during late-night rides.
  33. Facebook Is Running Out of HumansFacebook stock fell 24 percent overnight not because of political scandal but because there just aren’t enough people for it to grow.
  34. Parents of Sandy Hook Victim Pen Open Letter to FacebookLeonard Pozner and Veronique De La Rosa’s son Noah was the youngest victim of the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012.
  35. Twitter Is Not ‘Shadow Banning’ RepublicansA roughly implemented measure to improve the experience is not the same as suppressing ideas.
  36. Facebook Banned From Providing Free Lunch to EmployeesThe ban impacts the company’s new office in Mountain View.
  37. Facebook Establishes Chinese Subsidiary Focused on ‘Innovation’It’s still looking for a way to break into the market.
  38. Homeland Security Says Russian Hackers Could Have Caused BlackoutsHackers working for Russia breached hundreds of U.S. targets, including power companies.
  39. Uber Driver Streamed Unwitting Passengers on TwitchHis accounts have since been terminated.
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    Egyptian ‘Fake News’ Law Could Censor Social-Media UsersWhile Facebook remains muted on how to handle fake news, Egypt has issued its own legislation, which critics fear will censor social media.
  41. This Is Truly the Most Ambitious Crossover Event in HistoryPlease just watch this video.
  42. Can Tech Help You Sleep Better?Plug in, drift off. The world of hyperconnected sleep monitors claims to make you snooze smarter. But most of the solutions don’t address the problem.
  43. How to Turn Off Instagram’s New Feature That Shows People You’re Using the AppThe feature turns on by default, so you’re going to want to read this.
  44. WhatsApp Limits Message Forwarding in Hopes of Preventing KillingsViral videos and misinformation have led to multiple instances of mob violence.
  45. Elon Musk Asks Sierra Club for Help Fixing His Public ImageMusk was recently revealed to have donated seven times more money to Republicans than Democrats.
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    The Messy Future of Connected BathroomsDo we really want tech everywhere with us? Even when we’re nude? Even when we’re taking a poo?
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    Does Facebook Need a Constitution?Facebook’s gestures toward “free speech” make it sound like a liberal democracy. But where are its checks and balances?
  48. Google Hit With $5 Billion Fine From E.U. Over Android BundlingIt hearkens back to the old Microsoft antitrust case.
  49. Elon Musk Apologizes-ish to Rescue Diver He Called a ‘Pedo’Vern Unsworth called Musk’s rescue submarine a “PR stunt,” so Musk called him a pedophile on Twitter.
  50. The Complete, No-Nonsense Guide to Smart LightingI just wanted to control the lights with my voice. Why is that so hard?
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