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  1. the political climate
    Kid Rock Confirmed He’s Not Running for Senate in an Extremely Kid Rock Way“Are you fucking kidding me?”
  2. candidacies
    Kid Rock Confirms He’s Not Running for Senate in an Extremely Kid Rock WayMichigan will not be officially bawitdaba anytime soon.
  3. Feinstein Announces Reelection Bid, Likely to Face PrimaryThere may be a crowded field on her left.
  4. House Budget Vote Necessary, But Not Enough, in the GOP’s Tax Cut PlansThe GOP dissenters in the House’s vote on a budget resolution setting up tax cuts indicate some potential problems ahead for the GOP.
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    Facebook’s Russian Ad Buys Aren’t the Real Problem, Senators SayThe problem is the sheer size of the network.
  6. Tennessee Senator Bob Corker to Retire After 2018In a statement, Corker said that “the most important public service I have to offer our country could well occur over the next 15 months.”
  7. Senate to Hold Phony Graham-Cassidy Hearings So They Can Pretend to DeliberateJohn McCain is troubled by the Senate’s rushed consideration of health-care legislation. So the GOP is cooking up some bogus hearings for him.
  8. Senators From Parties That Don’t Control White House Do Very Well in MidtermsHistory shows the party in the White House struggles to knock off incumbent senators in midterms. It’s one of many cross-cutting factors for 2018.
  9. Scheme to Get Republicans a 53rd Senate Seat Collapses As Manchin Stays PutA rumored game of musical chairs had Perry going to DHS, Manchin to Energy, and a West Virginia Republican to the Senate. But in the end nobody moved.
  10. Trump Cheers on Primary Challenge to Stalwart Supporter of His AgendaTrump’s endorsement of a primary challenge to Jeff Flake demonstrates, once again, that the mogul cares more about his ego than his agenda.
  11. Alabama GOP Senate Primary Getting Strange-er After Trump InterventionAlabama GOP voters likely to vault the wheezing campaign of Trump’s endorsee Luther Strange into a runoff with the grim celebrity theocrat Roy Moore.
  12. House Conservatives Will Try to Force Another Vote on Obamacare RepealIn an entirely symbolic — and divisive — gesture, the House Freedom Caucus is apparently hell-bent on one more vote to simply repeal Obamacare.
  13. Why Nuking the Filibuster Could Be Part of a Debt-Limit DealWith conservatives now threatening to take must-pass legislation hostage, they could get together with Trump and permanently end Democratic leverage.
  14. Republicans Are Playing With a Stacked Deck in the SenateThe GOP’s advantage in dominating small states is giving it a permanent advantage in controlling the U.S. Senate, even in “bad” years for the party.
  15. russia investigation
    How Senators Are Trying to Block Trump From Firing MuellerThey unveiled two bipartisan bills that would require judicial review of any effort to oust the special counsel.
  16. Senate Democrats Let a Big Bunch of Trump Nominations Go Through TodayDemocrats had slowed down confirmations of Trump nominees to protest the Senate’s handling of health care legislation. Today they gave it a rest.
  17. Senate Republicans Have a Plan to Lower Legal ImmigrationTwo senators, alongside Trump, will propose halving the rate over the next ten years.
  18. In Alabama Senate Race, There’s Stiff Competition to Be the Most Pro-TrumpAll three major candidates profess to love the president. But they’re really fighting about Mitch McConnell.
  19. GOP Health-Care Drive Ends Not With a Bang But a WhimperRepublicans couldn’t come up with a workable health-care plan, so they kept kicking the can down the road. The road finally ended in the Senate today.
  20. Trump Threatens Alaska’s Economy Over Senator’s Health-Care VoteEconomy-boosting projects in Alaska are at risk because of Lisa Murkowski’s opposition to the Senate’s health-care bill.
  21. First GOP Health Bill Fails, But the Senate Push to Destroy Obamacare ContinuesNine Republicans voted against the bill McConnell crafted in secret, but they may wind up supporting whatever he comes up with next.
  22. A Look at the Procedural Madness of the Senate Health-Care DebateThe process is arcane; the outcome, unpredictable.
  23. Six Questions About the Senate Health-Care Bill As the Endgame ApproachesThe GOP is still struggling for votes to bring up health-care legislation. If that succeeds, the deal-making and rules-breaking will get serious.
  24. keeping up with kongress
    Caitlyn Jenner Is the Latest Celebrity Talking About Running for SenateThanks to Trump, many will follow.
  25. keeping up with kongress
    Caitlyn Jenner Is the Latest Celebrity Talking About Running for SenateThanks to Trump, many will follow.
  26. Things Are Looking Up for Democratic Senators in Trump CountrySix Senate Democrats running for reelection in states easily carried by Trump last year are benefitting from strong popularity and GOP fecklessness.
  27. McConnell Scrubs Half the Senate’s August Recess As GOP Scrambles to Save AgendaWill the extra time enable Republicans to come up with a health-care bill 50 senators support? Or deals on taxes and the budget?
  28. Why the GOP’s Senate Health-Care Bill Won’t Be Getting Much NicerWhile McConnell might make some accommodations to moderates, these key areas are non-negotiable.
  29. GOP ‘Moderates’ Worry Gutting Medicaid During Opioid Crisis Might Have DownsidesSome Senate Republicans are realizing that there’s a tension between solving the opioid epidemic and throwing millions of people off health insurance.
  30. Pretty Much Everyone Hates the American Health Care ActThe trick Republicans must pull off is to convince people the Senate bill is much less “mean” than the House bill, without losing House members.
  31. Senate Reaches Bipartisan Agreement on Trump-Proof Russia SanctionsThe legislation would further sanction Russia and allow Congress to review potential White House efforts to ease the penalties.
  32. Attorney General Jeff Sessions Will Testify Before the Senate in an Open HearingThe public can tune in at 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday.
  33. Trump Offers to Testify That Comey Committed PerjuryThe president says he never encouraged Comey to drop the FBI’s investigation into Michael Flynn — and would be happy to say so under oath.
  34. Senate GOP Moderates Won’t Save Medicaid As We Know ItThey don’t seem interested in preventing a change that would forever eliminate the program as a federal entitlement.
  35. early and often
    Senators Approach House Republicans’ Health Bill With ‘Suspicion’As House members celebrate passage of a bill even they don’t really like, senators begin crafting their own legislation.
  36. Zombie Trumpcare Getting a Chilly Reception From Senate RepublicansIf the House succeeds in passing a revised version of the American Health Care Act, it faces many trials in the Senate that could unravel it all.
  37. bob casey
    Maybe Senate Democrats Aren’t in Such Bad Shape for 2018With a horrific electoral landscape, it was thought Democrats would lose Senate seats even if they did well in the House. But things are looking up.
  38. Mitt Romney Could Become Oldest Popularly Elected Freshman SenatorMost over-70 senators join the upper chamber a bit earlier, so Mitt would be the oldest freshman to be popularly elected if he runs and wins in 2018.
  39. The Filibuster Deserves to DieIf the Democrats’ attempt to block Gorsuch leads to the abolition of the filibuster, that would be a good thing.
  40. Red-State Democratic Senators Don’t Seem Scared to Act Like DemocratsA potential Gorsuch filibuster will be a key test. But early indications are that few are breaking party ranks.
  41. Senate Republicans Hope House Health-Care Bill Dies AlreadyAs Paul Ryan struggles to get his star-crossed health-care bill across the line in the House, Senate Republicans are increasingly praying he fails.
  42. Senate Intelligence Committee Says ‘No Indications’ of Trump Tower WiretapBacks up the conclusion the House Intelligence Committee made Wednesday.
  43. Can Democrats Move Left — and to the Suburbs?Liberal activists want economic populism. But Democrats’ path to a House majority cuts through affluent suburbs that shunned Bernie Sanders.
  44. Senate Confirms Leading Opponent of Environmental Regulation As Head of the EPAScott Pruitt will spearhead the Trump administration’s efforts to increase water pollution and accelerate man-made climate change.
  45. confirmation battles
    The Battle Over Judge Neil Gorsuch’s Nomination Begins Next MonthThe first hearings for Scalia’s seat — now vacant for more than a year — will begin March 20.
  46. Red-State Democrats Not Rushing to Help Republicans Just YetThe GOP assumed that Dems from pro-Trump states might be of help in the Senate. It’s not looking that way.
  47. Mini-Filibusters Show New Mood of Democratic Resistance to TrumpThanks in no small part to grassroots anger, the party is adopting some aggressive tactics — including pulling an all-nighter in the Senate.
  48. Mike Pence Will Likely Break Senate Tie on DeVos. He’d Better Get Used to It.With GOP holding a narrow margin in the Senate, and with the declining use of filibusters, ties could become commonplace.
  49. Senate Democrats Boycott Votes on Two of Trump’s Key Cabinet NomineesAfter misleading statements from Trump’s picks — and mass protests in blue America — Democrats are in the mood for obstruction.
  50. More Trouble for Tom Price on His Biomedical InvestmentsOn the eve of a committee vote on his confirmation, new evidence shows Price may have gotten a sweet deal on a dubious stock purchase.
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