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Ed Koch Is Still Alive

The former mayor is the new poster child for Life Alert. And he didn't even fall without being able to get up!


• Crime is drastically down so far this year, with the city on track to set a record in 2007: the fewest murders since the police began keeping track in the sixties. An NYU prof credits an NYPD program that sends crowds of rookie cops to bad neighborhoods — and those rookie cops would be the ones they're now paying $25k. [NYDN] • Is Joe Bruno the Alan Hevesi of the sky? The state's top Republican is under investigation for allegedly steering state contracts to associates; now Spitzer is threatening to look into Bruno's use of state aircraft — and police escorts — to fly to fund-raisers in New York City. [NYP] • Those new New York City condoms hit 100 of New York's 325 senior centers last week. The remaining 225 centers — save for seven apparently run by prudes — will get their rubbers this week, along with pamphlets on HIV prevention. [NYP] • Bloomberg's new noise code went into effect yesterday. See, isn't the city nice and quiet now? [NYT] • And A-Rod's wife wore a tank top to yesterday's game bearing the words "Fuck You" on the back. Perhaps it would have been better to convey this message at home? [NYP]

N.J. Nets to Debut Alter Kocker Cheerleaders

A press release put out this afternoon by the New Jersey Nets brings word that the NETSational Seniors Dance Team will have its debut at Wednesday night's game against the Detroit Pistons. And what exactly is the NETSational Seniors Dance Team? How soon your forget. It's the basketball team's troupe of senior-citizen cheerleaders, selected at open-call auditions about two months ago. New York's Arianne Cohen was at the tryouts, where she checked in with four aspiring NETSations, who varied in age between 61 and 82. They didn't sound so enthusiastic back then. Big Pimpin' Grandmas [NYM]