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  1. 2018 midterms
    2014’s Electorate Showed Up to the 2018 Election. But It Voted Differently.Exit polls from the pro-Republican 2014 and pro-Democratic 2018 elections show similarly shaped electorates, but a change in public opinion.
  2. Seniors Are More Conservative Because the Poor Die OffSometimes older voters aren’t just naturally more conservative. It’s just that wealthier and whiter people tend to live longer and healthier lives.
  3. California Property Tax Initiative Could Be Another Boon to GOP TurnoutA Realtor-backed ballot initiative expanding property tax loopholes for homeowners over 55 could drive turnout among Republican-leaning voters.
  4. America’s Views on Abortion Are Undergoing a Generational ShiftFor the first time in many years, it looks like a new generation of Americans is significantly more inclined toward pro-choice views.
  5. Is That a Democratic Tsunami Taking Shape for 2018?More and more signs are cropping up suggesting a historic beatdown of the GOP in the next midterm election.
  6. A New Campaign Will Address the Elderly Isolation EpidemicFinally.
  7. A Big Part of Trump’s Movement Will Soon Literally Die OffWhile Trump’s base includes plenty of working-class voters, a large number are senior citizens well into retirement.
  8. Health-Care Reform Will Increase Health-Care CostsOnly by $311 billion, though. We’re serious, it’s not that much.
  9. Known Health-Care Expert Sarah Palin Invited to Testify in Albany New YorkDespite the fact that …
  10. For Seniors, Lunchtime Trumps Health CareRepresentative Weiner discovers that chicken marsala is the real priority.
  11. Ruthless Bubbes in Dreidel SmackdownCutie-pies from four senior homes compete today in the Dreidel Championship.