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Hillary Calmly Plays Her Last Hand

Hillary Clinton's final Iowa ad is on YouTube. It will be broadcast tonight at 6 p.m. in every media market in the state. It's two minutes long, it's calm, and it's reasonable. It also promises that the last image of Hillary is one of her rested and in control (as opposed to John Edwards, who is right now nearing the end of his grueling 36-hour bus-tour marathon). We wonder how long ago the video was filmed (either that, or how much video airbrushing went on. The gal looks ten years younger!). It's a funny contrast, to see the image that Hillary wants you to have of her, after weeks of fatigue, sniping, and near-desperation. Is the Clinton in this video the one who would run the country every day? Or the snappy, haggard, calculated one we've come to see on the trail? You decide. Hahahahah. Just kidding. Iowa decides. You have nothing to do with it. Click here to view.