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The 82 Best Comedies Currently Streaming on Netflix

As Netflix becomes a spot for television binge-watching, ventures into the world of original content with House of Cards, and prepares to make a lot of people really, really happy by finally bringing back Arrested Development, it can be hard to [...]

By Jenny Nelson

SNL’s Ticket Lottery For the Upcoming Season Is Happening Right Now

Want to go see SNL in person this season? The only way to get tickets is via a lottery, and you have to enter right now in order to get tickets for any show in the upcoming season. So if you're in NYC or are planning to go to NYC, do this now [...]

By Adam Frucci

A Seriously Comprehensive Guide to Comedy Podcasts

It’s official: there are now more essential comedy podcasts than there are hours in the day. We’re fully outnumbered, people. It would be an impossible, Icarus-like ambition to listen to them all and still function as a human adult person. [...]

By Joe Berkowitz

How to Watch Location-Restricted Streaming TV Shows In Any Country

Streaming sites like Hulu and Netflix are excellent, but many of them only work here in the States. Here's an excellent guide on how to get around those pesky location restrictions to watch your favorite shows no matter what country you happen [...]

By Adam Frucci

A Fairly Comprehensive Guide to Comedy Podcasts

UPDATE: Come check out the newer, much-expanded version of this guide: A Seriously Comprehensive Guide to Comedy Podcasts. It's this guide, plus tens more podcasts with in-depth reviews!

By Joe Berkowitz

VLC for iPad Will Play Pretty Much Any Video

Attention, iPad owners: if you're into watching videos on your fancy toy, go grab VLC from the App Store. It's a media player that can handle pretty much any video format you download from any source online, be it savory or unsavory. Apple's [...]

By Adam Frucci

Dead Frog’s ‘The Comedy Week’

If you're looking for a comedy show to go to, this is a pretty sweet resource. Todd over at Dead-Frog.com has set up "The Comedy Week," which is a nationwide calendar of comedy shows connected to his extensive comedian database. It is almost [...]

By Adam Frucci

Howard Schultz Wants to Buy You a Drink

We're told Starbucks is giving away free iced coffee today. We're told this is happening all across the city. We're told it only goes till noon. So: Get moving! Quick! (Psst, there's no line at Madison and 49th.)