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Plum Sykes, Bob Morris to Bring Style Back to HBO

HBO wants a series to fill Sex and the City's Manolos and they're looking for the next Candace Bushnell to give it to 'em. According to WWD, they've tapped Vogue contributor Plum Sykes and former New York Times Styles columnist Bob Morris for scripts.


Stars Reveal ‘Sex and the City’ Movie Might Be Kind of a Downer

In case you didn't get enough spoilers from the trailer for the Sex and the City movie — which suggests that Steve cheats on Miranda, Samantha cheats on Smith Jared, and Big leaves Carrie at the altar — the four stars sat down with Logo recently and elaborated a little more on the plotlines. For instance, Cynthia Nixon says Steve's cheating is about "even more than unfaithfulness" and lets us know that we're going to see a lot more of crazy-eyed Anne Meara swooping around with her Alzheimer's. "Samantha is older," Kim Cattrall says, "And that in itself is huge." And something really bad goes down with Big and Carrie. "Something major happens that fundamentally changes who Carrie is," says Sarah Jessica Parker, adding carefully that, "basically, it's about the despair you feel when you’re 20 versus the despair you feel or the loss you feel when you’re 40." Wow! This sure sounds like it's going to be a fun night out with the girls! Then again, everyone knows SATC isn't about the plot. It's about the clothes. Only 88 more days! We can't wait! Sex and the City Movie: Interviews with Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis--And Yes! Sarah Jessica Parker! [Logo]


The ‘Sex and the City’ Trailer Spoils Itself

A new trailer for the Sex and the City movie has hit the Web, and it confirmed some of our greatest fears (no, not that all of the clothes would look like they were designed by Audrey Two). Click above to view. It seems like Carrie may, in fact, get dumped at the altar by Big, and that Steve does end up cheating on Miranda. Samantha has retained her roving eye, despite still being hooked up with the hot elf Smith Jared. And Charlotte gets pregnant on her own after adopting a Chinese baby in desperation, which isn't so much disappointing as completely something that would awkwardly happen in real life. But the women and the clothes look good (even in HD!), and Mario Cantone makes an appearance, so we're pleased. And India.Arie singing "The Heart of the Matter" in the background kind of helps. We're excited! Not completely "Carried Away," but certainly looking forward to it in a "Big Way." Okay, sorry. We'll stop, we promise. Full-Length 'Sex and the City' Trailer [Towleroad] Earlier: This Spring, Find Out Who Got Into Stanford! Update: Oh, for the love of Aiden! The studio took the trailer off the internets. But we promise, it was good! Update 2: Ah. Jezebel still has it.


Let's Take a Moment to Talk About Patricia Field

For the edification of Cosmo sippers everywhere, Glamour's style blogger, executive fashion editor Suze Yalof Schwartz, compiled a list of what Sex and the City costume stylist Patricia Field loves and hates. Schwartz writes, "There is nothing better than a stylist who is not only passionate but has a distinct point of view. A great stylist either loves it or hates it and there is nothing in between."