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Overheard at the Midnight Screening of ‘Sex and the City’

Is 'Sex and the City' of interest only to a certain kind of woman and the gay man who shops with her? Pretty much! Three intrepid reporters went out to movie theaters across Manhattan last night to see just who was waiting in line for a midnight showing.

‘SATC’ Style at Work Not Always Wise

'Sex and the City' has influenced a legion of women to wear more fashion-forward and revealing clothes to work. This is not always a good thing.

Bloomberg's Secret Pain

The mayor was supposed to have a part in the 'Sex and the City' movie, but then "something came up." OR SO THEY SAID.

Tears of Fashion

A poetic moment, observed at last night's 'Sex and the City' premiere.

Ella Disenchanted

A Singapore woman got scammed to the tune of $19,000 for 'Sex and the City' tickets that didn't exist. Thankfully, the 'Post''s lax ethical standards enabled them to step in and save her from total ruin.