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Sexy Time

  1. How Onscreen Sex Sounds Are Made, From Kissing to Hand JobsWe talk to the Foley artists behind some of the most intimate big-screen moments.
  2. sexy time
    Outlander Moves to Warmer Location, Requiring Fewer Cumbersome ClothesThe move to South Africa kicks off an extended vacation from the show’s familiar Scottish environs.
  3. unwifeable
    50 Things Women Think About When MasturbatingFrom frozen peas to Gilbert Gottfried.
  4. sexy time
    Weeping Child Learns About the Birds and the Bees at a Local TargetA fun surprise!
  5. sexy time
    Calvin Klein’s Fall Denim Ads Redefine the Meaning of ‘Sex Sells’They finally figured out where people are having sex these days: Tinder.
  6. scotland
    The Many Sex Faces of Outlander’s JamieSurprise! Delight! Other things!
  7. get it?
    HBO to Remake French Porn-Industry ComedyEntitled Hard.
  8. sexy time
    Hot Men in Warm SweatersFrom Marlon Brando in a turtleneck to Kanye in a cardigan.
  9. sexy time
    The Wolverine Writer Takes a Pass at 50 Shades ScriptEven after the love scene in Wolverine, apparently.
  10. best bet
    Best Bet: Sarah Potempa’s BeachwaverBeach waves for dummies.
  11. Sexytime
    There’s an Erotic Supper Club in San FranciscoParties sometimes smell like “chicken grease and sex.”
  12. sexy time
    A Plea for More Male Nudity on Game of ThronesThe show’s “gaze” is undeniably heterosexual and male. That should change.
  13. sexy time
    Ten Beauty Products That Look Like Sex ToysYou’ve noticed. We’ve noticed. Let’s not actually try these at home.
  14. vulture investigates
    Who Is The Master’s Master Masturbator?Were we the only ones wondering this?
  15. crushing disappointments
    The Great New York City Vibrator Giveaway of 2012 Was a Big Bust [Updated]“You can’t have a giant soda. You can’t have a vibrator.”
  16. stunts
    Trojan to Hand Out Free Vibrators From Hot-Dog CartsBuzz-worthy.
  17. sexy time
    NYC Summer Hookup Spots: The Gansevoort Pool or Outside of Ikea?Both are apparently getting a lot of action.
  18. sexy time
    The Client List’s Weirdly Wholesome Hand JobsWhen did sex get so unsexy?
  19. Sexy Time
    Now Even Our Smut Has Gone VegivoreSome people think titillation is the key to expanding the vegetarian ranks.
  20. sexy time
    BryanBoy Tweeted a ThreesomeGood for him.