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  1. 2008
    Sheila Bair on What Hasn’t Changed Since the Great Recession“The financial system we have is basically the financial system we had in 2008.”
  2. Vikram Pandit Will Continue to Make $1 Per YearThe Citigroup CEO continues his reign of austerity.
  3. Sheila Bair Rains on Vikram Pandit’s ParadeThe FDIC chairwoman thinks the A+ grade the Citigroup CEO got for his performance sounds a little too good to be true.
  4. Sheila Bair Would Rather Eat Worms Than Ask Tim Geithner for HelpAnd that’s the least of what she’s willing to do.
  5. Vikram Pandit: Rearranging Executives in Order to Hide Behind Them?Are the management changes at Citi about “positioning the company for the future,” or saving Vikram Pandit’s job?
  6. Sheila Bair Is Like ‘The Skunk at the Picnic’It’s meant in a nice way, though!
  7. Sheila Bair Threatens Vikram PanditAnd our claws come out.
  8. Are We Solving the Financial Crisis the Same Way We Got Into It?There’s a lot of fake money floating around again.
  9. Dodd Asks for $500 Billion Credit Line for FDICSo it can bail out the banks who are also receiving Treasury funds.
  10. Leave Sheila Bair Alone!The anonymous quotes about the FDIC chair are working our nerves.
  11. Tim Geithner Has It in for Sheila BairHe doesn’t think the FDIC chairman is a ‘team player,’ according to reports.