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Shithole Countries

  1. the national interest
    Trump Homeland Security Secretary Not Sure If Most Norwegians Are WhiteKirstjen Nielsen has a very novel way to avoid questions about her boss’s racism.
  2. The GOP’s Not-So-Cunning Plan to Blame a Shutdown on DemocratsIt involves insisting they’re at the mercy of the Democratic minority, and Trump is, as he put it, “the least racist person.”
  3. late night tv
    Despite Trump’s ‘Very Negative Yelp Review,’ Conan Is Headed to HaitiThe late-night host announced the trip Sunday on Twitter.
  4. How Trump’s ‘Sh*thole’ Remark Could Help Provoke a Government ShutdownIt gives Democrats a perfect excuse to draw a hard line on immigration.
  5. Trump’s ‘Sh*thole Country’ Comment Is Right-wing Political Correctness Run AmokThe right doesn’t want to face the inconvenient truths of history. So it blames the poverty of ex-slave colonies on the character of their residents.