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Fashion Week’s Greatest Moments

A lot can happen in a week — but the past few years have been particularly spectacular. Here are our favorite moments.

By Sharon Clott

Video Store Tour: Inside John Varvatos

Menswear designer John Varvatos describes his new store at 315 Bowery as a "cultural space" — a generous term for what was once the dirtiest, punkest club in the East Village.

Rachel Zoe Throws a Tantrum at Marc Jacobs

A spy at Marc Jacobs reports the following:

Rachel Zoe was seen screaming and cursing because she couldn’t get into the Marc Jacobs show. She tried to fight her way in through the bouncers, but they pushed her back. She ran off to her Town Car while the other celebs enjoyed mini-bottles of Moët and an on-time show inside.

Special Moments Backstage at Sean John

We had a lot of downtime backstage at the Sean John show, which gave us a good chance to hang out with the male models and drink Bellinis (we know, life is hard). Nearby was a makeshift "stage": bright lights and a backdrop, evidently where Diddy had been doing his interviews earlier.

Slightly Different Universe at Custo Barcelona

Having spent most of our week clustered amongst French folk, we welcomed the change to hang with their fun southern neighbors from Spain at yesterday's Custo Barcelona show. As we don't speak Spanish, we were sadly unable to understand any of the conversations happening around us, but actions speak louder than foreign languages.

Bright Colors, Cool Necklaces, and Happy Vibes at Zero Maria Cornejo

There was something really special about Zero Maria Cornejo's show yesterday afternoon, held in the designer's new, unfinished store on Bleecker Street. We were far away from the tents, it was balmy outside, and inside, the white-box space was simple and lovely, with daylight streaming in the windows. We were already feeling fuzzy, and that was before the clothes even appeared — though once they did, we were a little mesmerized.

Ladies Who Lunch at Dennis Basso

To furrier Dennis Basso's credit, his show this afternoon started only 40 minutes late. Considering the PETA Flyer Patrol outside the tents, the beefed-up security, and an unconfirmed medical emergency that delayed check-in, we found the expediency with which we were seated to be quite impressive.

Chris Benz Injects Parisian Ladies With Youth

At the Upper East Side’s Lotus Club, designer wunderkind Chris Benz’s presentation was a refreshing distance from Bryant Park and its fustercluck of photographers and actresses. And though we do love some glitz and front-row drama, four days in we start to appreciate the relaxed and easy presentations that start on time and allow us to take our time and examine the clothes for as long as we please. It's almost too relaxed and easy to be a part of Fashion Week.

Super Bowl Reduces Tuleh to a Ghost Town

When we saw Nigel Barker Saturday after Sass & Bide, he was cheerfully fielding questions from reporters from Us Weekly and Life & Style and posing for nearly a dozen pictures. You know, the usual Nigel Barker scene.

It's Kid Nation at the Tents!

We love seeing children at the tents. Their youth reminds us that all human life is innocent and special and deserving of love, even those lives whose job it is to hold clipboards and scream all day. But today there were a lot of kids running about, and we couldn't help but think there were a few business opportunities just waiting for a struggling young model looking to make an extra buck or two in New York's thriving childcare industry.

The Very Special Section C at Sass & Bide

Sass & Bide seated The Cut in Section C, Row 3 for their 7 p.m. show in the tents. Which really shouldn't matter much to you, but we make note of it because every seat in the first three rows of Section C were reserved for the show's sponsor: Make Me a Supermodel. That's a total of 48 seats. For Make Me a Supermodel.

Hooded Looks Rule at Mara Hoffman

An hour after it ended, everyone was still buzzing over the Mara Hoffman show, and not because of its connection to any MTV reality shows. First of all, the models looked really hot, even for models. Second, Hoffman's collection was totally accessible. She showed long hooded dresses with figure-flattering prints and hooded coats that we had to resist snatching straight from the runway. Luckily, we exercised a little restraint.