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Jeffrey Sebelia: Tim, Stop Wearing Banana Republic!

Jeffrey Sebelia
As the Fug Girls pointed out, Project Runway winner Jeffrey Sebelia was the first on his feet at the end of Vera Wang's fashion show. Jada Yuan caught him as he headed out the door. Are you in town seeing other shows? This is it. Why just Vera? Because I love what she does. It was a beautiful show. It was just deliciously soft. It was so sort of edgy and dark. I like her direction. What have you been up to since the end of Project Runway? Selling my Cosa Nostra men’s and women’s lines and doing really well.

Video: Backstage at Doo.Ri, Rushing to Conform

Backstage at Doo.Ri, Jada Yuan finds stylists who must make the latecomers look like the other models, even when there's no time to curl hair. "I am pushed by the wind!" one exclaimed. Designer Doori Chung's collection picks up where she left off last spring, she said: "the idea of a dress enveloping over oneself." Watch more videos from fall 2007 Fashion Week. Video: Backstage at Doo.Ri

Eye of the Storm: Backstage at Heatherette

From the outside, Heatherette may have been a total fiasco, but our Jada Yuan found that inside was nothing but love. Backstage, Richie Rich's aromatherapist was dressed like Dorothy but didn't seem to know why. A misty Lydia Hearst remembered the boys from back in the day ("I really consider them part of my family") while Omahyra favored Heatherette for the bloodlust: "This is the shit. Everybody's fighting to get in here." Watch the video.

Heatherette Sponsors Up the Class Factor

An army of writers, reporters, and bloggers is chronicling Fashion Week. Here are a few things we learned from them: • Of course K-Y chose the Heatherette after-party to introduce its new lubricant, "Intrigue." [Heard on the Runway/WSJ] • For the rest of this week, the Payless on Fifth and 39th has the Abaeté for Payless shoes that showed on Monday. [Fashionista] • If Ashley Olsen is in New York this week, so far she's skipping Fashion Week. [PopSugar] • Can't find Proenza Schouler on Target's Website? You can bet it's on eBay. [FlyPaper] • Who are the Top Ten New Faces at Fashion Week? So far, we know three. [Of the Minute] • Could Diane von Furstenberg have scuttled out of that CFDA panel on models' health any faster? [Off the Runway]

Derek Lam Won't Judge ‘Project Runway’

Derek Lam
Derek Lam (the proud new designer for Tod's) showed at the Tunnel in Chelsea on Tuesday and kept with the season: belted silhouettes, high-waisted pants, and to-die-for double-breasted coats. Jocelyn Guest caught up with him for a quick chat on Project Runway and the rise of Asian designers at Fashion Week.

Paris and Kimora to Form Two-Woman Wrecking Crew

Could anyone be more excited for tonight's Heatherette show than Paris Hilton and Kimora Lee Simmons? Apparently not. We're hearing the pair has demanded that the W Lounge — the area behind the Bryant Park tents where everyone goes to decompress — be completely cleared out for an hour before showtime, in order to allow them the space and privacy they need to change into their outfits. Will they be partying together at Roseland later? If so, we recommend you run for cover — and take pictures. And send them to us. Update: Britney Spears is confirmed for Heatherette. If only Lindsay Lohan wasn't in rehab…

Coco Rocha Is Cold, So Cold

Coco Rocha
We're freezing. And so are the models, who we've seen jumping up and down and rubbing their arms vigorously backstage. Jada Yuan caught up with one of our faves, Coco Rocha, at Max Azria. How are you? I'm so cold. Soooo cold.

André Leon Talley Sees American Elegance This Fashion Week

Jada Yuan caught André Leon Talley for a hot moment at Oscar de la Renta. These are his picks so far: "This show, I liked Jessica Stam with the white ermine bolero. Oh, and I loved so much with Carolina Herrera. Carolina's beautiful opening black dress and the plaid skirts with a muscle shirt, like a sweater and a sleeveless thing. And those big black culottes pajamas with the blouse and a sweater over it. This season I'm seeing American elegance, evening elegance, fireside chic. Sweaters with your ball gown."

A Volcano Resides Inside De la Renta

Oscar de la Renta
Is Oscar de la Renta as debonair and collected as he looks? As late models rushed through the doors shouting, "Hair? Anyone?" he sat in a chair fielding questions before his Monday-afternoon show but admitted to Jada Yuan he was starting to feel the nerves. How do you feel? Always the volcano is inside. Do you have last-minute details to finish? It will be finished when the show starts. There are always adjustments till the last minute. We're showing, I don't know, 58, 59 pieces, but we had, like, 125. So the most difficult thing is always to edit.

Don't Blame the Naturally Skinny Models

Backstage at Rock & Republic on Saturday, model May Andersen talked with New York's Jada Yuan about anger management, annoying stewardesses, and, of course, skinny models. Thin models, says May, are getting lumped together with anorexic models — a completely different breed: "You're always going to have girls that are starving themselves, and that's not naturally skinny girls' faults." Of course not. Watch the video.

Vionnet's New Designer Says Modern Women Want an Amazing Bust

At Barneys this weekend, we met Sophia Kokosalaki, the 33-year-old Londoner who has taken on the daunting task of resurrecting the legendary French fashion house Vionnet, which invented the bias cut and was favored by Marlene Dietrich, Katharine Hepburn, and Greta Garbo in the twenties. Vionnet shuttered its doors at the beginning of WWII in 1939, which means Kokosalaki's collection is the first to emerge from the house in 68 years.

The Rumor Mill: Fashion Blogs We Like

Fashion bloggers are typing away, bringing us the latest rumors and info that makes the Internet worthwhile. Here are just a handful of our favorites.

  • Fashionista is reporting up-to-the minute rumors on the Marc Jacobs show. Dita Von Teese is expected to open the show, and the models will be sporting pink, red, or blue hair. So punk rock!

The Late Late Show: Why Marc Jacobs Is Never on Time

Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs famously makes the fashion world wait for his New York shows to start. And he gets away with it every time because, well, he's Marc Jacobs. But what causes the delays? Season: Spring 2007. Delay: Almost 70 minutes. Cause: The clothes didn't arrive until fifteen minutes after the 8 p.m. start time. Highlights: This was Posh Spice's first show.

Jay McCarroll and Tim Gunn Still Have Beef

Jay McCarroll is lying low this Fashion Week. His first collection, which debuted in the fall, will be released next month by Urban Outfitters. What's next? Certainly not a reunion with Tim Gunn. We talked to McCarroll at the Gen Art fashion showcase, where he took the opportunity to get his feelings about the Project Runway host off his chest. Your spring 2007 show was great. Yeah. I thought it was good. No one fucking said anything.

Francisco Costa: Don’t Call Him ‘Metal Mouth’

Francisco Costa
If Calvin Klein's normally boisterous Brazilian designer, Francisco Costa, looks a little dour this week, it's not because he's in a bad mood. He's gone Ugly Betty on us. About six months ago, Costa got fitted for braces on his bottom teeth. "I grind too much in my sleep," he told us. "I was chipping them." No one could see the mouth hardware during the shows in the fall, but since then, he's added a lovely set up top designed to blend in with his teeth. (We would have preferred a full-on metal mouth, with colored rubber bands to match his outfits.) "I can't smile for six months!" he says, smiling. It looks rather cute. —Jada Yuan

Gemma Ward Has Done Her Share of Fashion Weeks

Gemma Ward
Gemma Ward, the most fawnlike of supermodels, is skipping New York's Fashion Week to film The Black Balloon in Australia. Before she left, Gemma talked to New York's Jada Yuan at the Cinema Society screening of the Edie Sedgwick biopic Factory Girl.

As the Tents Turn: Isaac's Back, Marc by Marc's Gone, Look Out for Agyness Dean

With the collections hitting Bryant Park for the last time (please, Mayor Bloomberg, don't make us hoof it to the Javits Center), we're armed and ready for the season's big changes. London calling: One of Fashion Week's hottest invites will be missing this season. Marc by Marc Jacobs is now showing across the pond, coinciding with the opening of the designer's new flagship store. Model down! Runway favorite Gemma Ward is skipping the season to shoot The Black Balloon with Toni Collette. We're not saying Ward was typecast or anything, but she is playing a pretty young thing. Couldn't she work in a coal mine? Target hawker Isaac Mizrahi makes his grand comeback with a new collection and show on Monday, February 5, at 475 Tenth Avenue, near 36th Street. Jeremy Scott is moving his often ridiculous, always outrageous show back to Paris, where he debuted in '97. We'll miss the strip-club after-party. After first canceling his show (his "goods" didn't arrive on time), Stephen Burrows is now hosting a fall press preview. Tara Subkoff and Trovata shows, however, aren't rising from the dead. Trovata split earlier this year citing "creative differences."