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Sick Burns

  1. zing!
    Democratic Senator Delivers Totally Sick Burn to EPA Administrator Scott PruittHe went with a classic.
  2. sick burns
    Queen Elizabeth Finally Makes a Trump JokeShe compared him to a noisy helicopter.
  3. zing!
    Jeb Bush Delivers Totally Sick Burn to Donald TrumpThe former governor wants to fight.
  4. sick burns
    Record-Breaking Teen Trolls Her Trolls From the South PoleJade Hameister has a sandwich for you.
  5. sick burns
    The Best Burns From USA Today’s Brutal Trump Op-edThey said he’s unfit to clean Obama’s toilets.
  6. The Best Trump Jokes at the 2017 Emmys“I suppose I should say at long last, Mr. President, here is your Emmy.”
  7. sick burns
    Hillary Clinton’s New Book Has a Great Jason Chaffetz Burn“To be honest, I thought you were Reince.”
  8. sick burns
    The All-Time Best Burns of New York Times Book Reviewer Michiko KakutaniThe legendary New York Times book critic made a lot of enemies during her 38-year tenure.
  9. politics
    8 of Hillary Clinton’s Best Trump Burns From Last Night’s Charity DinnerTrump managed to get one or two good jabs in there, too.
  10. sick burns
    John Legend Has Best Burn for Kaepernick HatersThe tweet to end all tweets.
  11. Obama Condemns Cruz’s ‘Muslim Patrol’ ProposalObama notes that Cruz’s father came to America to flee the kind of repressive surveillance Cruz just proposed for America’s Muslims.
  12. creative ruses
    Was It All Just a Lie, Hilary Duff? Was It Ever Real?She made a music video and fools of us all.
  13. sick burns
    Good Riddance, Congressman Robert AndrewsLove, the Washington Post.