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Sick Days

  1. Paid Family Leave Is Good for Everyone, Including EmployersStop saying paid family leave is a “job-killer.”
  2. motherhood
    Welcome to a New Rock Bottom: Stomach Flu With Your KidMakes your worst hangover seem like child’s play.
  3. sick days
    Legionnaires’ Disease–Causing Bacteria Has Been Found in the Bronx’s Co-Op CityThe borough has seen an uptick in cases during the past month.
  4. arbitrary guidelines
    The Rules for Calling in Sick When You’re Actually Hung-overThree guiding principles for drunk job-shirking.
  5. sick days
    New York’s Supply of Flu Shots Is Dwindling Don’t freak out.
  6. sick days
    Awful Flu Season Also Features Gross Norovirus, Whooping CoughWash your hands.
  7. get well soon
    George H.W. Bush Bantering With Nurses, Missing Dim Sum in Intensive CareThe former president spent a frustrating Christmas in the hospital.
  8. sick days
    Tonight Show Canceled As Jay Leno Checks Himself Into the HospitalDrat, we know someone who would’ve made a perfect guest host.