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Sidney Harman

  1. Newsweek and Jane Harman: It’s Complicated!Sidney Harman’s widow is sending Tina Brown mixed messages.
  2. Newsweek No Longer Has Sidney Harman’s BillionsIAC has taken over a controlling stake.
  3. Former U.S. Rep Jane Harman Appointed to Newsweek/Daily Beast BoardAfter the death of her husband, someone in the family was bound to take the role.
  4. Newsweek Publishes Owner’s Manifesto on How He’ll Beat Cancer, the Week After He Dies From CancerInteresting choice.
  5. Newsweek’s Future: Sidney’s Gone, What About Barry?Is the Harman half of the Newsbeast company the only one worried employees should be looking at?
  6. Newsweek Owner Sidney Harman Dies After ‘Brief Battle With Leukemia’The stereo magnate learned he was ill only a month ago.
  7. Tina Brown’s Extravagant Party Days Are OverIt’s a new, austere era.
  8. Jane Harman Leaving Congress for Think TankShe’ll be the president of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.
  9. ‘It May Be Possible to Accommodate the Combined Newsweek and the Daily Beast Operations at the World-Class 18th Street IAC Building’Sidney Harman is teasing his new employees.
  10. So Who Said No to the Newsweek Job Before Tina Brown Said Yes?Pretty much everybody.
  11. Passive-Aggressive Notes From the Online Staff at NewsweekIt’s always nice to wake up and find out in the ‘Times’ that your job is doomed.”
  12. What a Difference a Day Makes for Newsweek Owner Sidney HarmanThe 92-year-old stereo mogul and media newbie was more perceptive about his own limits than it first appeared.
  13. Tina Brown to Run Merged Daily Beast and NewsweekTina Brown returns to the world of print.
  14. Sigh: The Daily Beast/Newsweek Talks Appear to Be Back OnHere we go again.
  15. How Newsweek Lost ZakariaBefore the flirtation with Tina, there was Fareed.
  16. Tina Brown on Failed Newsweek–Daily Beast Merger: ‘The Engagement Was Fun But the Pre-Nup Got Too Complex’The merger talks just got to be too tough.
  17. Journal: The Problem With a Daily Beast/Newsweek Merger Is ‘Three Outsize Personalities’Namely: Barry Diller, Tina Brown, and Sidney Harman.
  18. Sidney Harman Teaches His Son It’s Never the Wrong Time for NepotismHarman’s son gets an internship at Newsweek just in time for the lay-offs expected on Friday.
  19. What If Newsweek and the Daily Beast Became One and the Same?That might be an intriguing solution.
  20. Another Top Editor Quits Newsweek As Meacham Finishes Final WeekIt’s the end of an era for the magazine.
  21. Sidney Harman on Seeing Newsweek’s Financials for the First Time: ‘Good God!’But the stereo magnate sees himself now as an institution builder.
  22. Report: Jon Meacham Leaving NewsweekAccording to Politico, the longtime editor will leave after the sale of his baby.
  23. Report: Sidney Harman Agrees to Buy NewsweekThe staff of the beleaguered magazine is heaving a sigh of relief today.
  24. Politico: Six or Seven ‘Serious Contenders’ for NewsweekOne of them may be “an overseas investor — perhaps Carlos Slim.”
  25. Fred Drasner Leading Remaining Newsweek BiddersToday is your last day to make an offer on a faltering (but legendary!) newsmagazine.
  26. What Will Happen If Newsmax Gets Newsweek?Improbably, maybe some good things.