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  1. Ted Cruz Wishes His Signature on the Iran Letter Had Been Way Bigger“And, as John Hancock said, I would sign it in large print. So that the ayatollah wouldn’t need his reading glasses to read the signature.”
  2. jack lew
    Jack Lew’s Terrible Signature Has Gotten a Little BetterWhat a travesty.
  3. Stroll Along the Comedy Cellar’s Back WallNew York Times’ Jason Zinoman writes beautifully about the wall of signed photos at the back of New York’s famed Comedy Cellar. Some comedians […]
  4. photo op
    The Hidden Meaning Behind President Obama’s SignatureHint: Dinosaurs.
  5. times square bomb scare
    Faisal Shahzad Signs His Name Like a TerroristAnother red flag overlooked by the authorities.