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Simon And Garfunkel

  1. retirement
    Soon, You Can Call Paul Simon ‘Retired’“It’s an act of courage to let go.”
  2. Bernie Sanders’s New Ad Is a Music VideoA simple desultory philippic.
  3. covers
    Natalie Prass Covers ‘Sound of Silence’From her upcoming EP.
  4. J. Blake Put Together a Simon & Garfunkel CoverThe new “Sound of Silence.”
  5. hand farts
    ‘The Sound of Silence’ Is the Sound of Hand FartsWelcome to the Internet.
  6. Black Simon and Garfunkel Cover Taylor Swift on Fallon Black Simon and Garfunkel returned to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to debut another new song from their box set, a soothing, autumnal cover […]