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Inside Season 3 of ‘Man Seeking Woman’ with Creator Simon Rich

In the third season of FXX’s surreal romantic comedy, Man Seeking Woman, show creator Simon Rich decided to settle down and explore the complexities of a long-term relationship. MSW protagonist Josh (Jay Baruchel) finally meets his match in [...]

By Sydney Parker

Simon Rich Is Writing a ‘Willy Wonka’ Movie for Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. has a new Willy Wonka movie in the works with SNL alum Simon Rich attached to write. According to Variety, Warner Bros. has acquired the rights to Willy Wonka from the Roald Dahl Estate, and Rich is working on a script for a new [...]

By Megh Wright

Simon Rich Reads Some Math Problems from His Book ‘Ant Farm’

Here's the second installment of IFC's web series Funny People Reading Books, this time featuring former SNL writer and creator of the upcoming FXX series Man Seeking Woman Simon Rich, who reads an excerpt from his 2007 book Ant Farm: And Other [...]

By Megh Wright

Simon Rich Reimagines a Classic Joke for ‘The New Yorker’

Author, former SNL writer, and creator of the upcoming FXX show Man Seeking Woman Simon Rich wrote a humor piece in The New Yorker called "Guy Walks Into a Bar" that's a dark yet sweetly hilarious take on the classic 12-inch pianist joke. Just [...]

By Megh Wright

Simon Rich Gives God a Girlfriend in The New Yorker

This week's New Yorker Shouts & Murmurs is a very funny piece by SNL's Simon Rich about how Genesis might've gone if God was dating someone. Women be stoppin' omniscient entities from creatin' majestic universes, and all that.

By Hallie Cantor

Simon Rich Gets Romantic With ‘Trade’

From within her ice palace beneath the frozen Antarctic tundra, Drew Barrymore telepathically optioned the film rights to SNL writer Simon Rich's "Trade" the millisecond The New Yorker hit newsstands. Enjoy Rich's story now before it is infused [...]

By Halle Kiefer