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  1. artphone
    Here’s How You Can Easily Make Music on Your PhoneFor like zero dollars!
  2. the internet is for porn
    How Smartphones Got a Conservative Nation Hooked on PornIn 2012, three Indian politicians were forced to step down after they were caught watching porn during a session of Parliament.
  3. tech boot camp
    How to Use Your Phone to Use Your Phone LessThe “hair of the dog” method for screen addiction.
  4. smartphones
    Steph Curry Has Resurrected the PalmPilotThe new Palm is a phone for your other phone.
  5. select all
    Your iPhone Is Just Another Household Appliance NowWhy a newer, slightly faster smartphone really isn’t news anymore.
  6. Will These Glasses Save Me From a Lifetime of Staring Into Screens?Blue light–blocking computer glasses claim to help out screen-addled eyes. Do they?
  7. Spam Robocalls Aren’t Slowing Down. Here’s the Tech That Could Stop Them.In the not-too-distant future, endless robocalls may be eradicated, thanks to something called STIR/SHAKEN.
  8. Should You Buy the Samsung Galaxy S9?The questions to ask yourself before laying out for Samsung’s newest flagship phone.
  9. All the Ways to Make Using Your Phone Slightly InconvenientYou don’t have to go cold turkey. Maybe just lukewarm turkey.
  10. Investors Push Apple to Study the Effects of Smartphones on ChildrenThey want to head off a growing panic.
  11. Personal Phones Are Now Banned From the White HouseThe network is overloaded, and it’ll probably stop some leaks, too.
  12. One of 2017’s Best Phones Is Under $600 TodayGrab the Samsung Galaxy S8 unlocked for just $575.
  13. The Best Touchscreen GlovesYour guide to gloves that’ll keep your hands toasty, fashionable, and smartphone-friendly.
  14. Can Razer Sell a Phone Made for Gamers?Razer is making a ridiculously overpowered phone for gamers.
  15. The Best Cases for Your Shiny New iPhone XIf you just dropped $1,000 on a new iPhone X, you’re gonna need a case.
  16. Pixel 2 Review: The Best Smartphone Camera Got Even BetterIf you really care about getting great photos with your phone, the Pixel 2’s camera deserves a spot in your pocket.
  17. Everything You Need to Know About Google’s Pixel 2The new phone starts at $650.
  18. Pics of the Google Pixel 2 Have LeakedA look at Google’s second attempt at making a flagship phone.
  19. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review: The Best Phone Around — for NowSamsung made a really, really nice phone. And it doesn’t blow up!
  20. Nobody Wants a Windows Phone — Not Even the NYPDThe force will be tossing 36,000 Nokia Windows phones after less than a year.
  21. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Preview: After the Smoke ClearsAfter last year’s disastrous Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the company attempts to right the ship.
  22. select all
    What Reviewers Are Saying About the New Essential PhoneIs the $699 Essential Phone essential?
  23. How to Nurse Your Phone’s Battery When It’s About to DieHow to eke a few more minutes out of your battery before everything goes dark.
  24. A Colorado Dad Wants to Make It Illegal to Sell Smartphones to PreteensThe initiative would make Colorado the first state to regulate smartphone sales to kids.
  25. Dear Select All: How Do I Speed Up a Slow Smartphone?Teaching an old phone new tricks.
  26. Why Do I Hate Talking to My Phone?What’s the reason I loathe talking to Siri, but chatter away happily to Alexa?
  27. The Samsung Galaxy S8: Beauty Comes at a PriceThe most gorgeous smartphone available — but get ready to pay.
  28. select all
    The Samsung Galaxy S8 Looks Like the Best Phone You Can Buy (for Now)Samsung’s stunning new phone is enough to make you forget that whole exploding-battery thing. Almost.
  29. BlackBerry’s Global Market Share Is Now 0.0 PercentThe CrackBerry is dead. Real dead.
  30. These 6 Visionaries Predicted the SmartphoneWireless prophets from Tesla to Asimov, plus the guy who created Quantum Leap.
  31. Google Has Made a Phone People Will Want — But Can It Topple the iPhone?Google makes a triumphant entry into hardware with its Pixel smartphones.
  32. You Were a Great Phone, Samsung Note 7, Except for All the FiresThe brief, sulfurous life of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, dead at 53 days old.
  33. The Smartphone Game You Should Be Playing on the SubwayReigns is like Tinder for ruling a kingdom, but with more executions and fewer awkward meet-ups for drinks.
  34. Why You Should Charge Your Phone When It Hits 50 PercentIf you want your phone battery to stay healthy, don’t let it hit zero percent.
  35. 11 Dumb Things You May Be Doing to Your SmartphoneSome common things you may be doing with your smartphone that are actually kinda stupid.
  36. This Shell That Turns Your Phone Into a Laptop Has Raised Over $1 MillionStill trying to make the laptop happen.
  37. Everything We Know So Far About the Next iPhoneNo headphone jack?
  38. Senate Staffers Were Still Using BlackberriesIt’s probably a good time to shut down their MySpace pages, too.
  39. This Mildly Ridiculous Furniture Is Designed to Support Your Smartphone MarriageMeet the Slumpie.
  40. Don’t Just Blame Phones for Car Crashes; Blame Your Loudmouth Friends and FamilyYour metacognition is going to shrink.
  41. select all
    3 Secrets to Buying a Smartphone Battery-PackSmartphone battery-packs are as important as the smartphone itself. Here’s how to buy one.
  42. parenthood
    My Child Has a Pacifier. I Have an iPhone.In praise of parental self-soothing.
  43. studies
    You Can Now Measure Your Level of Smartphone CodependenceIt’s a newly designed 20-item questionnaire. 
  44. Good Lord, College Women Spend 10 Hours a Day on Their Phones[Shocked emoji.]
  45. How Smartphones Could Help Treat Mental IllnessTaking better care of mentally-ill people by tracking them more closely.
  46. emoji expression
    Life Won’t Be Complete Until We Get These Emojis33 ideas for emojis we’d use regularly.
  47. No Reception
    Washington, D.C., Restaurant Says ‘at Least Half’ of Its CustomersNo one wants to hear about your specials of the day.
  48. The Future
    Grocery-Aisle-Synched Apps May Soon Influence the Way You Make Spaghetti40,000 “tracking beacons” will be in Safeway grocery stores by next year.