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  1. the cut on tuesdays
    How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Became a Political SuperstarThis week’s episode of The Cut on Tuesdays podcast.
  2. profiles
    Red Scare Leans Into NothingA podcast that offers a critique of feminism, and capitalism, from deep inside the culture they’ve spawned.
  3. the national interest
    Two Cheers for Socialism: Why Liberals Need Enemies on the LeftI, for one, welcome our new left-wing overlords.
  4. Are Democratic Voters Abandoning Capitalism for Socialism?Many Democrats find positive feelings toward socialism compatible with fondness toward small business and free enterprise. So do many millennials.
  5. Maryland Democrat Deploys Logic, F-Bomb in Parrying ‘Socialism’ AttacksBen Jealous gave a calm, reasonable answer to the first “socialism” question, but then understandably lost it after the second.
  6. Jeremy Corbyn, 1970s Revanchist, Is Suddenly the Face of the New New LeftHe epitomizes the rebirth of socialism from the failures of capitalism after the 2008 crash.
  7. Why America’s Version of Capitalism Is Incompatible With DemocracyTo restore our democracy after Trump, we will need to reduce the material inequalities that were eroding popular sovereignty long before his rise.
  8. Why Trump’s Assault on Democracy Doesn’t Bother the Illiberal LeftTrump and his party aren’t the only force in American life opposed to liberal democracy.
  9. gallery
    The Pool Photos Behind a New York Fashion ShowMária Švarbová photographs Soviet-era swimming pools in Slovakia.
  10. Could a Democratic Socialist Actually Win a Spot on City Council?Probably not, but Jabari Brisport’s campaign is still a sign of the post-Bernie new-left revival.
  11. economic theory
    Donald Trump Jr. Uses Daughter’s Halloween Candy to Insult Socialism, FailsHe joked that he’d give away half of his daughter’s candy.
  12. Goldman Sachs Accused of Giving ‘Lifeline’ to Venezuela’s Socialist DictatorAs Nicolás Maduro’s forces kill protesters and poor Venezuelans starve, the bank’s bond deal put $865 million into the ruling regime’s coffers.
  13. The Socialist Takeover of the Democratic Party Is Proceeding NicelyCentrist Democrats used to distance themselves from the left ahead of their presidential runs. Now, Booker and Cuomo are doing the opposite.
  14. Venezuela’s Latest Terrible Economic Idea Is Forced LaborVenezuela’s collapse is killing a lot of people, and there’s little sign of improvement.
  15. Bernie Sanders Is the Future of the Democratic Party, Right? Not So Fast.Let’s not welcome our socialist overlords just yet.
  16. Republicans Are Really Hoping to Red-Bait BernieInsiders say they’ve been nice to him in primary season in hopes of getting to run hammer-and-sickle spots this fall.
  17. Mazel Tov to Bernie Sanders, the First Jew to Win a Presidential PrimarySanders’s triumph in New Hampshire is a landmark in the history of Jewish-American socialism.
  18. Entitled Millennial Workers of the World, Unite!Generation Y’s sense of entitlement is a political force worth nurturing.
  19. The Democrats Effectively Tied in Iowa, But Sanders Won the FutureIn 2008, Obama won voters under 30 by 43 points. In 2016, Sanders won them by 70.
  20. Bernie Sanders Tells Americans They Shouldn’t Be Afraid of SocialistsHe’s reclaiming the term.
  21. Bernie Sanders and the Brazen Return of SocialismFrom scariest epithet imaginable to the center of the Democratic debate.
  22. Socialists Excited to Share Meaning of SocialismWe’ll still have a lot more people who know what [the word socialism] means. That’s a positive.”
  23. 4 Mind-bogglingly Un-Self-Aware Opinions From Bernie MadoffThe Ponzi-schemer still has feelings about de Blasio, Obama, and Chinese food.
  24. French Millionaires Get Their Very Own Dubious Tax Migration StoryIn which Gérard Depardieu speaks for a nation.
  25. Socialism
    The Greatest Threat Facing America Today: AsparagusWhen the Socialist agenda arrives, it will do so in the form of veggies.
  26. Government Spent Billions to Update the Résumés of Thousands of PeopleThe federal government has allocated $4.3 billion for training programs that a freakishly small amount of people are enrolled in.
  27. ‘Socialism’ Isn’t a Dirty Word for DemocratsIn fact, it’s about as good as capitalism.
  28. White House Backtracks on Brainwashing SchoolchildrenBecause everything Obama does is a socialist plot of some kind, obviously.
  29. John the Desperate Candidate Warns of Barack the RedistributorOf course, there are some logical flaws to the socialist-redistributor argument as it applies to Obama.