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Sony Hack

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    HBO Hack Reportedly Exposed 7 Times As Much Data As Was Released in Sony HackHackers have leaked scripts of Game of Thrones as well as episodes of other HBO shows.
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    Seth Rogen Thinks Journalists Bungled Sony HackRogen’s not pleased about what happened to Amy Pascal.
  3. The Sony Hackers Are Probably Still Out There and Still HackingThey’re known as “the Interviewers.”
  4. Officials: The U.S. Hacked North Korea FirstBut officials failed to warn Sony that the attack was coming.
  5. North Korea Is Not Happy About the Release of The InterviewIn a statement, Kim Jong-un’s government called President Obama a “monkey.”
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    Obama Says Sony Hack Wasn’t an ‘Act of War’“I think it was an act of cybervandalism.”
  7. North Korea Wants to Help U.S. Investigate HackKim Jong-un’s government proposes a joint investigation into the hack. 
  8. What If North Korea Didn’t Hack Sony?: 4 Alternate TheoriesMany don’t buy the U.S. government’s explanation.
  9. Sony’s Very, Very Expensive HackIf Sony is forced to pull The Interview, expect costs in the hundreds of millions.